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  1. I agree. At least someone still thinks about safety. In Poland for example there are rules where spectators can sit but nobody seems to care about it. We opened stadiums two weeks ago (25% of capacity).
  2. Maybe with natural medicine xD
  3. So ending this games at 5th place in medal table with 60 medals! Best result in history. 11 golds, 15 silvers and 34 bronzes (+3 in Tennis). Only once our team had more golds (13 in 2011).
  4. @TomJa Sunday, October 27th Athletics: - Gold medal of our men's marathon team! - Indyvidual Henryk Szost (2:13:00) was 5th, Arkadiusz Gardzielewski (2:13:31) 6th, Marcin Chabowski (2:16:43) 7th, and Mariusz Giżyński (2:17:21) 11th. - Silver medal of our women's marathon team! - Indyvidual Izabela Paszkiewicz (2:31:39) was 5th, Aleksandra Lisowska (2:31:40) 6th, Monika Andrzejczak (2:31:56) 7th, and Olha Kalendarowa-Ochal (2:37:02) 11th. (coincidence? I think not ) Triathlon: - Michał Oliwa was 18th in men's individual elite. Tomasz Brembor was 22nd, and Kacper Stępniak 26th. - In team Poles were 5th. - Agnieszka Jerzyk was 5th in women's individual elite. Roksana Słupek was 17th, Marta Łagownik 18th, Paulina Klimas 22nd, Hanna Kaźmierczak 25th, and Paulina Kotfica 26th. - In team they were 4th. - Agnieszka Jerzyk, Michał Oliwa, Tomasz Brembor i Kacper Stępniak were 5th in mixed relay.
  5. @TomJa Saturday, October 26th Athletics: - Gold medal of Michał Rozmys in 1500m! His time was 3:46,33. Marcin Lewandowski get bronze with time 3:46,61. - Wojciech Nowicki with gold medal in hammer throw! His result - 77,38. - Women's relay 4x400m with gold! Our girls started in squad: Anna Kiełbasińska, Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik, Joanna Linkiewicz and Justyna Święty-Ersetic. Their time was 3:27,84. - Men's relay 4x400m with silver! Poles started in squad: Łukasz Krawczuk, Jakub Krzewina, Przemysław Waściński and Tymoteusz Zimny. Their time was 3:06,36. They lost gold in difference of 0,16 second with Badminton: - Olga Miksza and Magdalena Świerczyńska lost in bronze medal match against Gao and Chen 0:2 (13, 7). - Joanna Rudna lost in bronze medal match against Li Yun 0:2 (7, 12). Modern pentathlon: - 8th place of our mixed relay Oktawia Nowacka and Szymon Staśkiewicz. Poles started well in swimming pool (2:01,52), where it was 5th time. In fencing they won 23 of 48 combats (8th result), in jumping they lost 7 pts (5th result) and made 8th time in combination. Naval Pentathlon: - Katarzyna Truszczyńska-Gzyl and Edyta Korczak was 6th in obstacle relay. - Mateusz Szurmiej, Mateusz Kierzkowski and Karol Morek was 5th in obstacle relay. Parachuting: - Tomasz Podstawka, Piotr Błażewicz, Rafał Zgierski, Rafał Filus and Piotr Kut was 10th in team accuracy. Tennis: - Bronze medal of Mateusz Kowalczyk and Karol Duś in doubles! Poles didn't have to play cause the opponents from DNS - Marta Leśniak with bronze in single! She won against Ye 6:0 7:6. - Marta Leśniak and Zuzanna Wilk lost in bronze medal match with Sharipova and Karimjanova 0:6 2:6.
  6. @TomJa you want it, you got it Friday, Oct 25th: Athletics: - Marcin Lewandowski (3:52,21) and Michał Rozmys (3:55,92) advanced to final of 1500m. - Przemysław Waściński, Tymoteusz Zimny, Jakub Krzewina i Łukasz Krawczuk (3:10,33) advanced to final of 4x400m. Badminton: - Adam Cwalina and Magdalena Świerczyńska their third group match against Thongnuam and Aroonkesorn 0:2 (23, 16) and fourth against Wang and Huang. Poles had 3rd place in group and didn't advance to next stage. - Olga Miksza lost against Li Yun 0:2 (8, 9) in her second group match. She was 3rd on group and didn't advance. - Joanna Myszor won with Rai 2:0 (2, 2) in her second group match and with Knafel 2:0 (6, 9) in third. She was 2nd in her group and tomorrow will play for bronze. - Olga Miksza and Magdalena Świerczyńska lost against Huang i Zheng 0:2 (10, 13). They was 2nd in group and tomorrow will play for bronze. - Adam Cwalina and Mateusz Dubowski with Kim and Park 0:2 (16, 13) quarterfinal. Modern Pentathlon: - Bronze medal of men's team! They competed in squad: Szymon Staśkiewicz, Łukasz Gutkowski, Sebastian Stasiak and Daniel Ławrynowicz. They got 4196 pts. - Szymon Staśkiewicz was 9th individual. He started good with 20 victories in fencing, but had bad time in swimming (2:13,85) and lost 7 pts in equestrian. In combination he had 12th time. Łukasz Gutkowski was 14th, Sebastian Stasiak 17th and Daniel Ławrynowicz 33rd. Naval Pentathlon: - Mateusz Kierzkowski was 5th at the end of the competition. Mateusz Szurmiej was 11th, Mateusz Rak 25th, and Karol Morek 27th. - Polish team was 4th. - Katarzyna Truszczyńska-Gzyl ended competition at 7th place. Edyta Korczak was 16th. - Polish team was 6th. Open Water Swimming: - Krzysztof Pielowski was 8th at 5km. Shooting: - Joanna Tomala (572 pts) was 23rd in military rapid pistol. Agnieszka Korejwo (571) was 26th, Sławomira Szpek (570) 29th, and Agata Nowak (567) 33rd. - Robert Kraskowski (561 pts) was 21st rapid rifle 300m. Tomasz Bartnik (560) was 22nd. - Natalia Szamrej (110 pts) was 14th in skeet. Tennis: - Bronze medal for Mateusz Kowalczyk i Marta Leśniak in mixed! A pair from didn't participate in bronze medal match. - Marta Leśniak lost with Sharipova 6:3 3:6 3:6 in semifinal. Tomorrow she'll play for bronze.
  7. Don't know anything about text, judging melody only: 1) 2) 3)
  8. It's (or at least it should be) same important as any other event. It's not more dangerous than javelin. Maybe you remember how Pitkamaeki hit long jumper during Golden League meeting in Rome? So what, we should make every throws outside the competition now? Maybe let's organize them without audience, coaches, referees and more than one competitor. Than it'll be 100% safe. And remind me please, at what meeting warm up is in the center of the stadium? Or maybe you assumed that hammer can fly to place where 100m start is (or to warm up arena)? Safe is very important but it also not very hard to ensure. Get very good net and make sure that no one will be in throw area, that's it. And you don't have move this event hours before any other.
  9. Second medal for And very close to big suprise in elimination race and elimination Wild at third sprint lap from the finish but that didn't happened.
  10. @TomJa last day, last report - Beach Volleyball 4x4 - our guys lost against 1:2 (13, -19, 11) in bronze medal match - Kitefoil - Maksymilian Zakowski was 4th in his semifinal and didn't advance - Beach Handball - our girls won against 2:0 (15:14, 20:10) and they finished tournament at 5th position So we are finishing the games with one silver medal and five more places in top 8: 2nd - Julia Damasiewicz (Kitefoil) 4th - Men's Beach Volleyball 4x4 Team 5th - Women's Beach Handball Team 6th - Krzysztof Pielowski (5km Open Water Swimming) 7th - Alicja Ulatowska (Aquathlon Individual) 7th - Alicja Ulatowska/Kamil Damentka (Aquathlon Mixed Relay) Not bad for two teams and six individual athletes. @TomJa if you want I can always do the same in military games (if results site will work properly)
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