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  1. Propably by loosing with Pogacar in TdF But I don't know what exacly that has to do with WCh. That is a race of national teams and membership to their "clubs" shouldn't have any influance at all.
  2. I'm watching Brooklyn 9-9 now. Few years ago I watched first two seasons but then I stopped. Now I rewatched them and today I finished season 3. Man, this series is one of the best comedy I ever seen.
  3. Three clubs in third qualifing round is best results from 2017/2018 season when we had two clubs in this round (Lech Poznań and Arka Gdynia - both eliminated) and one in third qualifing round of Champions League (Legia Warszawa - also eliminated and played in EL play-offs later).
  4. As in any other country in the world. Ignorance of history is not unique for Americans, I'm affraid.
  5. He should get this number, he really should. But as @heywooduwrote: Alaphilippe it is
  6. If it is French didn't make very good job. Five wins in last ten years, eight in twenty years
  7. According the article from insidethegames the only kind of ahtletics present in Krakow will be mountain running and the only kind of swimming will be synchronized. Of course it's not official but I stopped counting on anything.
  8. That is disappoiting. I'm glad that program is expanding, that we have modern pentathlon, rugby 7 or climbing but without athletics and swimming this event will never get enough attention.
  9. Was it ambulance with Higuita? Because that would explain everything.
  10. I was just joking with this shopping thing But surely I'm not a fan of changing citezenship only to could compete for another country. Any other reason is perfectly fine for me but sometimes it's hard to recognize is this reason a true or only a trick (I'm not saying that in Israel it is a trick). I hope you understand True that. But still it's very hard for a country outside of the top to fight for medals. Sure France can have Heinrich, Czechs Dvorak but there're still not candidates for medals. And we're talking about countries with some traditions. It's way more difficult
  11. After such introduction you could share his name as well cause it's not a big secret now Very ambitious plans for a nation that never participated even in World Cup. With qualification for Beijing there shouldn't be a problem I believe. They traditional competing in North America Cup and it's easier there to get points than in Europe Cup. But medal? Even if Edelman (or someone else) turn out to be a very talented driver what with rest of the team? Does Israel have some talented sprinters to join them into bobsleigh program? Or maybe they are planning "shopping" in another coun
  12. Not for free but for subscriptions. And there is another small difference because none of this platform released movies in the same time as cinemas and this movies are not necessarily available for ever. Besides I think comparing with another platforms is not accurate because Disney is making something new here. First time ever they give people a choice. Do you want go to the cinema or you prefer watch a movie at home? It's really a big thing. One step (probably) forward in movies distribution. I'm really curious what will be results of this move. Shall it be a new trend or will we forget abou
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