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  1. Spoko, ma spory zapas. Teraz ważne, żeby awansował w rankingu Race to Dubai, żeby nie martwić się prawem gry w European Tour w kolejnym sezonie.
  2. Believe me, sometimes even the MA is not enough.
  3. I meet János a few times a year, helping him with talking here in Poland, but I wouldn't have recognized the 20-year-younger him without the subtitle. :P
  4. She would need a heck of a coincidence in other athletes' results, including Sunwoo Kim finishing not higher than 34th... And I still haven't checked the reserve list, so even that might not be enough.
  5. She needs to medal at World Champs now - which shall be enough points for ranking quota, but there's still a direct quota to get there.
  6. As you may have noticed, I've been out of forum for a few days (39 notifications when I came here today!), so had not seen the news by now. Yes, indeed, I was aiming for the medal here in a special way and I'm really happy to get one, especially in such strange, may say, surrealistic times. Thanks for all for the play, especially to Prediction Contests Head @Wumo and, naturally, big congrats to @juliosilva and @Agger .
  7. That would be the great plot twist after Stremler-2016-scandal and with that idiotic qualifications in C group.
  8. I know there are two Tripartite Commission places available but... among the eligible countries only Sri Lanka had their representatives at Continental Championships within this cycle. I mean, it's not a sine qua non condition, but still says there is 99,9% of possibility of reallocation of these places for ranking.
  9. [hide] Knockout Round April 10th, 2021 4 Nations, the Winners of the Semifinals will qualify for the Final, and the Losers will play the Third Place Match Semifinals Date & Time (GMT -6) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 April 10th 2021, h. TBA Sweden 3 Scotland April 10th 2021, h. TBA RCF 2 United States/ Switzerland
  10. I'm afraid it was Adam Małysz in Red Bull helmet, not Sikora.
  11. Nearly had a heart attack when I saw her in fifth on the final lap. Maliszewska in 3rd - our first podium since Świderski/Kobecka gold in mixed in... Sofia 2019.
  12. Batashova out - that's a surprise. Group C was so much easier than the other two, but with Maliszewska in the final, can't be sad from that.
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