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  1. You can't offend something that doesn't exist.
  2. Not so Olympic, but surely collection
  3. What is the point of kneeling during the Austrian anthem? I mean, I would understand it about 80 years ago, but now? Charles says the way of common sense. Like heywoodu is against Hamilton for some time and this all just increases it, that's exactly why I'm supporting Charles, even if he's driving for that whores... I mean, horse.
  4. Bronze and gold medal matches of Polish Superleague (Field Hockey), SEC (9 heats, later the hockey final started), Investec Oaks + Epsom Derby, Virtual TdF and F1 Q to be watched.
  5. Sure, since now I'll change to steel.
  6. Instead of our discord :
  7. Still, I think much more people do give a damn about Polish Muslim Church than about your opinion on Polish Muslim Church.
  8. Personally, I care more for a concrete bicycle track around the lake in my city than for example whether the head of Polish Muslim Church resides in Vilnius or Białystok (especially that the change of this rule was made 75 years after Vilnius stopped being Polish, so there was not a big problem with that it seems for quite a long time).
  9. OK, so let's count it the other way. Out of 2475 mayors (whatever we call them in Poland - prezydent, burmistrz, wójt) - 2007 are non-party ones. More to say - PSL has much more mayors than PO, which includes 3 times more of "burmistrz" than PO (while "wójt" is obviously their strongest part of the statistics).
  10. While in my city (Swarzędz) none of the mayors for last 12 years has been a member of any party, while the deputy, who was interim mayor in 2007-2008 was from another party than the two leading ones.
  11. Well, that's not hard for either of the sites as some Polish citizens abroad were stripped of their electoral rights. As that's hard to argue, I will with the first part: Comparing to they May polls which predicted easy victory of Duda in the first round, they surely are not out of ideas. Neither is Duda - he simply doesn't appear at the debates when he is not given the questions before (of course, questions prepared in favour of himself). Also, quite an interesting dualism in his thoughts - one day he is a big friend with the 'Murica, the next day he calls the station governed by Discovery "the private station" of his opponent...
  12. Second round of elections coming up in Poland next Sunday. PM says that COVID is not dangerous anymore for the elder people (aka the electorate of the "ruling"... oh, that's too much said, I mean "current" president, who, according to polls, had quite a poor frequency in the first round, which might be the reason why we have the second round). PS. Did I mention that emigrants voted mostly for his opponent and there appeared to be "technical" problem with registration for voting abroad in the second round?
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