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  1. Lack of opposition is a basic symptom of autocracy. Adding also the personal cult show made during the last IOC Session, it seems we can start talking about the Olympic Reich instead of Committee.
  2. Good that van der Merwe is paid for parking instead of racing. If someone doesn't know the story - that's what Lauda said asked why he hadn't helped Williamson in Zandvoort. Three years later... well, that's a story you probably know.
  3. In fact that should be 2 in climbing and 1 in sailing for Russia.
  4. They have. They just closed the ranking a week before time and before the Games were postponed.
  5. For those, who don't follow me on Twitter or are too lazy to put into Google Translate (in both case - shame on you ) - that's the best result since 1980s and Tlałka sisters.
  6. [hide] Nation Captains Hanna Öberg Johannes Thingnes Boe Nation Women Marte Olsbu Roeiseland Lena Häcki Monika Hojnisz-Staręga Marketa Davidová Nation Men Antoine Guiggonat Andrejs Rastorgujevs Sebastian Samuelsson Simon Schempp [/hide]
  7. Meronk jest faktycznie nierówny, ale na razie starczy. Byle by grał często i ciułał punkciki, nawet nie musi awansować, byle utrzymał się w TOP 60 (tak naprawdę, to on jest gdzieś w trzeciej setce, ale po drodze pełno Amerykanów i Wyspiarzy). A o Sasinie to się już wypowiadał Mój Wybitny Imiennik:
  8. In my case plans and reality almost never go together:
  10. One step for a postman, one giant leap for a journalist.
  11. @call me matt - can you confirm that the next week's Rhytmic Gymnastics Europeans in Kiev are the qualification or are there going to be another European Champs in 2021 to serve as the qualifier?
  12. So, this week we come back to direct qualification tournaments with Sport Climbing Europeans in Moscow and RS:X Europeans in Vilamoura.
  13. PS. Did you know that they used the (in)famous Dutch Drop (greetings, @brunamoura ) for the part starting at 2:17?
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