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  1. The coronavirus pandemic forces more and more multi-sport games to be postponed. This includes also European Youth Olympic Winter Festival in Vuokatti, which was to take place next February. The organizing committee decided to move the event to December. The competition for athletes between 14 and 18 years of age will take place on 11-18 December 2021. With keeping it in an original year of organizing the Festival, it gives the chances to participate for the same athletes, as the February date, despite some of them might be aiming for the competition of a higher age category in the
  2. So, they used the abnormal mph to present the results instead of a the one and only correct kph?
  3. I'd like to see some element connected with what's most characteristical for 2020 - corona.
  4. Disability of reading with understaning is what makes simple things complicated, but it doesn't mean these things cannot be done better, than they were supposed to be done.
  5. Hello, newcomer, let us show you our world.
  6. PS. I just realized that sunshine and moonlight are both the other way round words. Because the sun is the one that produces the light, while the moon doesn't have its own light, just shines with sunlight reflecting from it. Yes, it's 4:45 AM in here. Yes, I haven't slept this night yet. No, I don't think I am 100% normal person.
  7. Don't blame it on the sunshine Don't blame it on the moonlight Don't blame it on good times Blame it on the boogie
  8. A little bit of lesson: vak - blind vén - old
  9. Two time Olympian, World and European Championships medalist, Chair of the UIPM Athletes Commission Dmytro Kirpulyanskyy has written a book for children about a soldier in whose honor modern pentathlon was created. E-book in English is downloadable for free today and tomorrow.
  10. As we don't have Winter European Games (yet? ) the introduction of ski jumping is quite a nice one (but, of course, there is a totally different reason for that). For modern pentathlon it would serve as the European Championships and the Paris 2024 qualification as it's promised so to Polish MP Association by European Confederation. Exactly ten years after last Senior Europeans in Poland (Drzonków, obviously, my debut as an accredited journalist).
  11. You're in between Poland and Hungary with Ukraine on the eastern border... wish you good luck to keep strong.
  12. But "Niyonsabová" - no consequence with the alternation. EDIT: "Semenyová" here:
  13. That's quite an achievement with Hungary just behind the corner.
  14. BREAKING NEWS: Caster Semenya appealing to CAS as Slovakian media relate to her as "Semenyová". Seems her chances has significantly grown up.
  15. Yes, that's what I meant - have you checked the number 78 on the start list @hckosice linked to? (I mean, I already knew who to expect there from the context given).
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