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  1. never saw a split bronze in slalom event
  2. Media report Russian diving Olympic champion Ilya Zakharov is suspended for 18 months due to three missed tests and retired
  3. Aleksandra Soldatova out of world championships. She was in a squad, but she withdrew from Portimao event due to lost consciousness. Although she insisted she was fine, she's out of the Russian team.
  4. For the second time in history one country makes into finals in all women's team events. In 2001 and in 2019 it was Russia. I hope I checked it correctly...
  5. Is Grigoriy Kiriyenko his coach?
  6. stupid decision of Russian team to change gold medalist Sokolova and silver medalist Starygina with a decathlete who can't jump and throw javelin properly...
  7. Aleksandr Shibaev beat Mattias Falck in table tennis who is current world championships silver medalist
  8. or Selfdo as it actually means Self-defence without weapon
  9. and here's curling page
  10. livescores in short track speed skating are here
  11. Danil Lysenko won't participate because he failed to appear at three doping tests... What a shame, one again and again such stupidity happens
  12. they simply didn't write about any clue that would suggest connection with Russia, just put together two words to make a story. that's what i hate.
  13. It's just not interesting to read about hackers from other countries, I know how the news are made.
  14. evil Russians wanted to break website and disappoint olympic gigs like us? yeah, they also made my cat pee in shoes
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