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  1. Chinese weightlifting team held internal competition, athletes did not lose weight. Live Streaming: Deng Wei snatch 118kg in training, but the competition was not good.
  2. Very well, I think you are already a mature sports fan
  3. The names of many ethnic minorities in China are one, but Paliha is a Uighur.
  4. I always think we know each other on some Chinese social platforms?
  5. Of course not, we respect the names of such minority people. Given name is the first.
  6. TUOHETA ERBIEKE is the given name,in the Chinese national team,we always call him “small BIEKE”
  7. Thanks, for well-known reasons, I can't see any songs here, like this. But fortunately, you can see it.
  8. Thank you. I can't open the YouTube page right now. Can you help me publish a song called "Mang Zhong", The English name may be Grain in Ear. every edition is OK.
  9. I'm sorry, the song Wolf disco was spotted copying the composition of a Finnish musician, so I have to give up this competition
  10. Women's Shot Put +1 Gao Yang 18.50m Joseph Payne Memorial Athletics Classic
  11. CHINA is in. I want to choose Wolf disco .This song is the most popular song in China in 2019.
  12. FREESTYLE SKIING 自由式滑雪 2019-2020 Season International Competition Results 19/20赛季国际比赛成绩单 Perisher (AUS) Australia New Zealand Cup August 27-28, 2019澳新杯佩里舍站 8月27-28日 Men's Moguls 男子雪上技巧(第一次) ZHAO Yang 28th 赵洋 第28名 DONG Mingwei 32nd 董明魏 第32名 YANG Fengyin 38th 杨风吟(音) 第38名 WANG Haoran 42nd 王浩冉 第42名 CHEN Kang DNF 陈康 未完赛 SHI Songhao DNF 石松昊 未完赛 SUN Qian DNF 孙潜 未完赛 Ladies' Moguls 女子雪上技巧(第一次) NING Qin 8th 宁琴 第8名 WANG Jin 19th 王金 第19名 MA Zhuoni 27th 马卓妮 第27名 GUAN Ziyan 28th 关子妍 第28名 XIE Siqi 30th 谢思琪 第30名 ZHANG
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