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  1. A covid relief bill in usa which has 500 billion for Israel.
  2. Total lockdown is the only way, politicians need to understand this.
  3. Total lockdown is needed asap. Hopefully it's not too late yet and the new strain will stay there and not infect the rest of the world.
  4. I trust in our American brothers to do the right thing and ensure that the true winner Donald will stay for four more years.
  5. One would presume the exact same treatment (whichever one it will be) goes for protests that have to do with for example the Palestine situation? Protest is protest, after all. btw stop censoring my post, who know who you are
  6. For the Philippines, majority of those asked in a survey are willing to get vaccinated. Although there's still a sizeable minority that are not decided about it.
  7. Yep while other's dont believe in science and has millions that will die due to covid. (Well death toll already passed the million mark in the west).
  8. A country that believes in Science can easily beat the virus like China. Meanwhile those who prefer conspiracy theories are the ones that suffer the most. No amount of deleting my posts can change this fact. Some countries will just have to suffer more due to the stupidity of their citizens. Good luck to those.
  9. But but tik tok....... Lmao trump needs to hurry up banning tik tok, Beijing Biden is coming.
  10. Looks like western athletes wont be able to practice in the venues. Must be because of the health situation. So sad.
  11. The pfizer ceo is doing some shady stuffs. Looks like the lockdown will last till next year.
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