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  1. Eew, radioactive seafood is going to be the new trend after this.
  2. Weak, if the USA wants their message heard, their athletes should boycott the game too along with their allies. This will make it easier for China to top the medal table again.
  3. Where's freedom in the western world, why are they banning their citizens from enjoying the parks, etc.
  4. Nothing to worry about, he's got lot of Chinese fans. Chinese fans are rich, they are going to drown the stadium with Pooh Jinping plushies and the western media in dsbelief will publish numerous articles stating that it's all cgi.
  5. Btw, another Argentina default is expected again. I guess imf is owned by China too.
  6. There's a giant Disneyland in Shanghai, China with winnie the pooh attraction ride, Comrade Xi is probably flattered by being compared to a very popular icon in america. (more popular than Biden).
  7. There's probably newly discovered oil reserves in Mozambique.
  8. According to the principles of Totallympics: politics should never be mixed with sports. Does totallympics agree or will this post be censored too.
  9. This is not my favorite sport anymore. I prefer figure skating now. Although the now retired Wang Shixian is still one of my most favorite athlete ever.
  10. The only reason why I want the Tokyo olympics to proceed is to see Naomi win the gold. As for Novak, I don't expect much since there's a possibility that a dramatic line judge will once again collapse on her own and pretend that Novak hit her to get Novak disqualified.
  11. Djokovic is the goat of tennis. He's not as popular as Nadal or Federer though and always gets bashed since he has the wrong flag.
  12. When China topped the medal table. Westerners were shook.
  13. Good, I hope that an independent Scotland and united Ireland will be a reality as soon as this year.
  14. IOC did not ban the weak and poor China back in 2008 despite the "Tibetan Genocide" where hundreds of thousands of persecuted Tibetans relocated to USA and Europe. IOC and some random western country like USA has no power now to ban the powerful and growing China now for "Uyghur Genocide" that results to hundreds of thousands of persecuted Uyghurs escaping to USA and Europe. I feel sorry for Uyghur personalities like Dilraba and countless other personalities, those tens of millions of followers in social media, western luxury brand endorsements and millions of yuans in income are
  15. A covid relief bill in usa which has 500 billion for Israel.
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