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  1. A missed opportunity for France, if they joined, the acronym is going to be FAUKUS.
  2. President Vladimir Putin will attend the Beijing Olympics thanks to President Xi Jinping's invitation. It's great to see that a developing nation like China will get a visit from a president of a superpower country.
  3. Great job Raducanu, she needs to celebrate with her supportive grandmother in the beautiful country of the People's Republic of China. Happy for Medvedev too, good to see Russia conquering tennis again. As for Novak, no worries cause he will likely win at least two grand slams next year.
  4. Chile, Brazil and Indonesia's cases have gone down now. Hoping for our cases to go down soon too.
  5. Tbh, only venue I care about is the one for short track because that's my favorite winter sport.
  6. Winter olympics with the best venues is coming. Thank you China.
  7. I might sound like a weirdo but I'm willing to eat lab grown meat (as long as it's healthy and taste just as good) if it becomes available. Going vegetarian is a no for me, I prefer vegetables as side dish lol.
  8. This, at least in the Philippines a lot are willing to get vaccinated and it's free, only problem is supply maybe.
  9. The FBI protected a molester, Simone and the other victims don't deserve this. FBI is a rotten institution.
  10. This needs a Greta How dare you moment, especially because such gruesome thing is occuring yearly in a neighboring country.
  11. 2000+ daily deaths in the USA for weeks now. What is the government even doing there?
  12. Our election is next year, as usual candidates are being drama queens. I won't vote for the incumbent (pro-China) and the opposition (pro-USA). Both don't really care about human rights and are corrupt. While it's stll early, none of the presidential and vice-presidential hopefuls are promising in my opinion.
  13. It's scary how France has daily riots for all kinds of protests and issues. I hope it gets better there soon. Is their next election this year already?
  14. Looks like deaths in USA will reach 700,000 soon. I think they can't afford closing there economy again because of the risk of collapse. Same in my country, our economy is not that strong so we have to open. Kudos to other countries with strong economy and vaccination campaign like China and New Zealand. I hope my country can be like them too in the future.
  15. This post is eye opening. I might not be from a rich western country but it makes me more proud of my upbringing and myself in general for my outrage is not selective. Here in my country, there's no coverage regarding the sick tradition of that side of the world but I'm pretty sure that my countrymen will rightfully be disgusted too.
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