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  1. Some dramactic line judge will collapse on her own in the Medvedev/Rublev match so both Russians can get disqualified.
  2. This is great news for Novak, he can finally leave the covid shithole hosting a shitty tournament asap.
  3. Good, nobody wants to play in a corrupt, failed state like america. Time to replace trump.
  4. If the nba boycott is targeted against China, the democrats will wave their rainbow flags, the republicans will say amen and the totallympics family will totally approve. But anyway boycotts that will tarnish america's image is bad, in such cases mixing sports and politics is wrong.
  5. Reminds me of the Everest picture where there's a long line of climbers on their way to the summit.
  6. EU will impose the Belarus human rights and democracy act.
  7. Finally a non-shitty music from america, well done Taylor Swift.
  8. It would help if pompeo would stop attacking China's government for at least one day. He's been tweeting China bad 24/7 and wishing so badly for the pro-CPC Chinese public to suddenly overthrow the government lmao. I bet the Chinese diplomats are both amused and weirded out by pompeo's behavior.
  9. As expected, China is not like the other countries, it's always ready to retaliate against american privocations.
  10. It's crazy how america only have two parties to choose from, having at least up to five wont hurt. Meanwhile in my country we have so many political parties, every election a new party is being created lol.
  11. Kanye is the only nonracist presidential candidate, i hope he wins.
  12. Does this fun fact magically stops the us government from being complicit in committing war crimes in Yemen by continuously supplying weapons to and and supporting Saudi Arabia. Fun fact: I first learned of the ongoing atrocities in Yemen from... non-western media.
  13. Trump is planning to ban the 91 millions plus member of the communist party in China plus their family members, China will most likely choose to retaliate by banning republicans/democrats and their family members. Such thing happening means that americans will be banned from attending the winter olympics in China. A big win for humanity.
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