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  1. 2 weeks ago, ukraine which shares values with their western allies held a parade honoring nazi soldiers.
  2. Israel is currently stealing land, doing force expulsions on muslims, locking children in detention facilities, using excessive violent force on protesters and enforcing apartheid againts its Muslim citizens while at the same time conducting assasinations against foreign countries like Iran, violating foreign territories by flying warplanes in Lebanon and bombing sovereign states like Syria.
  3. Ap, nyt, npr, cnn, nbc, huffpost, washington post, fox, bbc, etc. Western news are blind to human rights violations by countries with pro-west government like Colombia and Israel.
  4. There's more coverage on the death of Obama's dog over the ongoing violence in Colombia and Jerusalem. I guess there's no need for performative human rights activism since Colombia and Jerusalem is not in China.
  5. 200 injured in Jerusalem thanks to the violent right wing israeli government. International media is silent.
  6. Nadal is over, Serbia's prince of tennis can't relate.
  7. Currently featured prominently on BBC: Covid patent, Myanmar, Hong Kong. Colombia : zzzzz Btw: did HRW tweeted about it already, because they tweeted 200 times about Navalny in a one year period.
  8. US-backed right wing Colombian government is currently conducting a massacre against its own people. It's interesting that there's a noticeable silence among major human rights groups in news and social media like twitter. I wonder why.
  9. Fake news, Olympics will go ahead smoothly with arenas and stadiums filled with spectator. Pandemic will officially end next month.
  10. I would not make fun of vacinnes or the covid situation from a country i dont like because I'm a decent human being, this pandemic is not a joking matter. I'm just gonna hope that the situation in your country improve asap.
  11. This is bad news, i'm already preparing myself for the breaking news about the cancellation of the olympics.
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