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  1. Good job by China for taking care of it's citizens. Below 5k cases a day and no asian games is better than 100k+ cases a day and asian games.
  2. These recent election results are another big win for China! France, Pakistan and Brazil too follow.
  3. I don't watch movies that won this award.
  4. This is tournament is a big joke, although the commentary drama was quite entertaining.
  5. It's like an amateur competition, the real contenders did not even join.
  6. It's covid, China is just being responsible that's why they don't have 100k cases a day. They don't plan to live with covid unlike most countries.
  7. Very low cases in our country, everything is open now. This happens to countries that follows the science and are willing to get vaccinated.
  8. Wonderful and easy games for the sporting superpower that is China, well done!
  9. Facebook is now allowing hate speech not only against that russian leader but also against the common russia people. Very scary development.
  10. Why is ukraine sending drone to croatia?
  11. I hope China wins more golds, the inspiring Chinse paralympians should ignore the insults and accusations coming from the outside and just focus to win more golds. China not just in sports but in general is doing very well compared to the rest of the world especially in light of current worldwide events that's happening.
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