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  1. I didn’t read the book either, though I do feel like I might pick it up at some point now. I’d definitely like to see more content in that universe.
  2. I don’t want to say too much, but Dune is worth at least one viewing in my opinion.
  3. From the WU2021 Games Regulations as of January 2021:
  4. If Soberanis fails to qualify, then she will be removed from the list of candidates.
  5. This clip from ABC’s coverage of Mexico City 1968 has been making the rounds on social media today. It’s interesting to consider this in the context of the ongoing debate about Rule 50, refugee athletes, and the geopolitical role of the Olympic Games.
  6. @OlympicIRL I just remembered that we had to opt into the new multi-jury voting rule, so if that’s still possible, I’d like to opt into that if it’s okay with @dezbee2008
  7. Just comparing the 2020 qualification system principles to the 2024 version released by the IOC EB today. There’s some interesting language or procedural changes to note. The four “big” ones I noticed were: It seems like the IOC is going to overhaul the tripartite invitation system. Along this line, the language used suggests all individuals sports will now have quotas dedicated to universality places. The document stated “a detailed universality places allocation procedure will be published in February 2022.” The IOC wants qualification systems to guarantee the participation of the best athletes based on “Field of Play performances.” I’m not sure how much to read into this, but it could be interpreted as they’d like sports to do away with ranking based qualification. Also, the need for qualification systems to outline “minimum level of performance” to be eligible for quotas comes up in a few different places in the document. This could mean that all sports are expected to have minimum qualification scores/times/marks/criteria now… Lastly, since it’s been a point of contention on here. The IOC was very clear that all sports need to guarantee continental representation
  8. List of candidates for the IOC Athletes Commission election to be held during Beijing 2022:
  9. Livestream for those wanting to watch the flame lighting on Monday.
  10. both beat to qualify for the Olympic Qualification Tournament.
  11. have advanced to the Olympic Qualification Tournament. both came very close, only losing by 1 stone each.
  12. Playoff games begin at the Pre-Olympic Qualification Tournament today. qualified for the playoffs. and will play for the first birth into the qualification tournament, with the loser of that game playing the winner of v. for the second birth.
  13. Playoff rounds begin today at the Pre-Olympic Qualification Tournament. advanced to the playoffs. is definitely the breakout team of the tournament on the men’s side. They might be the 4th best team in Asia right as the best both in pool play.
  14. Here’s an interview one of our editors had with COE President Blanco regarding the 2030 bid.
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