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Everything posted by Olympian1010

  1. Man, Japan just can’t catch a break right now
  2. Never would I dreamed of seeing a NASCAR stand up for equality and defend civil rights publicly just a few years ago.
  3. U.S. is considering in joining India in banning TikTok. TikTok is insanely popular in the U.S., so I doubt it will happen.
  4. Plus there’s nothing substantive about them. It’s just an excuse to for candidates to go on national television and insult each other, while partisan viewers get their opinions more vindicated and biases confirmed.
  5. Rio 2016 film is called “Viva” (I believe), and it is available on the Olympic Channel (I believe). It might only be a documentary about the ceremonies though.
  6. Same, neither Biden or Trump deserve to be President. It’s a dark time for democracy around the world.
  7. Can’t wait for the American debates to look like this too. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t event bother with debates this year. It’s not the debates have any value anyways.
  8. A true legend. He composed this mighty piece:
  9. I was about to comment that there’s been quite a few cases in California within the last decade. There’s always warnings about it when you go into the backcountry.
  10. So what your saying is Mexico just made themselves a target for every hacking group on the planet
  11. A member of Ryan Blaney’s pit crew was injured during a massive pileup on pit lane. He is reportedly fine, and was even joking around when being taken away by ambulance.
  12. One could argue that adding quotas would encourage nations to improve their programs, thus heightening the standard of play in women’s water polo, and increasing the number of nations involved.
  13. There’s currently 10 women’s teams by the way. We could use those quotas actually give Karate it’s full program of 2 Kata events and 10 Kumite events. Each event should only have 8 entries though, as is tradition for Karate at multi-sports games.
  14. I think you’re going to need a bigger room for that
  15. 50m events probably have a good chance of being added, since they don’t technically require additional quotas. It seems my High Diving prediction was right as well. I’m not sure the IOC will bite at this one though. Women finally getting the 12 tournament in Water Polo would be nice too.
  16. It’s definitely hit or miss. Some episodes I find myself laughing a good amount, and some I just want to skip all together. Generally I enjoy the majority of the episodes.
  17. I’ve been hooked on Community lately. It’s an old comedy that originally aired a little over a decade ago. It’s got 5 seasons, and it’s entertaining. It’s definitely not the best comedy series out there though.
  18. That’s exactly what happened to me too. NASCAR, F1, WEC just became uncompetitive over the last 5 years Sounds like it was a fun race today, I might even have to watch it
  19. Chestnut began around 12 hot dogs per minute, but then slowed to 8 hot dogs per minute by the end.
  20. I feel bad for all our veterans with PTSD tonight. People are going apeshit with fireworks where I live.
  21. I’m now socially distancing myself from the other 3 family members I live with. My sister began volleyball practice last week (with 20 players + staff in the venue at least once), and my family decided it was a good idea to attend a party with two other families today
  22. From what I’ve seen today, U.S. is going to get worse before we get better I live in a country of idiots Then again, it seems like a growing number of countries are just giving up at this point.
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