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  1. Uh...some new changes to the World Athletics Technical Rulebook.
  2. Uh oh, someone found the tax returns...
  3. According to the quota allocation, only Sprint will be contested.
  4. So...the age categories vary by sport it seems. Sailing is U23, while Swimming is U22, while Modern Pentathlon is U21, while Fencing is U20, while Taekwondo is 20-17, while Artistic Swimming is 19-15, while Boxing is 18-16, and Rhythmic Gymnastics is 15-14. It seems like Panam Sports really isn’t sure about what they want this event to be.
  5. @intoronto @mrv86 We do have a separate thread for Cali 2021 by the way
  6. Shame, the Island Games are always a fun little side multi-sports games to follow.
  7. The issue is that Panam Sports is trying to use Cali 2021 as a replacement for Dakar 2022 as well. It’s a elite U23 competition that’s also trying to serve as an elite U18 competition. Cali 2021 has an identity crisis
  8. They’re riding a double-edged knife. They need the U.S. for protection from Russia, but they need Russia to finance their wars against Armenia.
  9. The only winner in this conflict is Russia. They’re financing both sides, and I’m sure Putin’s just waiting for the perfect to time to deploy his little green men.
  10. Not really. I haven’t really met anyone who has major issues with Catholics. Generally the only people who hate on Catholicism are people who were Catholic themselves, and are now Atheist or Agnostic. Like @NearPup said, it’s the Evangelicals and Mormons who get labeled as such. Yeah...definitely no. Yes, that is why I posted that article, but you don’t quite have the reasoning correct. The 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees religious freedom, so having a Supreme Court that’s two-thirds one religion seems like an issue to me. I wouldn’t want 6 Muslim
  11. Some interesting drama surrounding the 2023 Pacific Games:
  13. Right, but how do you get to that level without the same opportunities as men? Women’s cycling does have a semi-privileged standing amongst women’s sports as it actually gets some air time like you said. That’s a good start, but there’s a lot more that needs to be done if people want better racing. I think it’s trending in the right direction, but it still needs help.
  14. It’s hard to grow a sport when it isn’t given TV time though. People really just expect women’s sport to get better on it’s own without advertising, television, funding, etc. I’m not saying this wasn’t a boring race, because it was, but let’s calm down with the “women’s sports sucks” comments.
  15. Yep, really glad I woke up two hours early for this one
  16. I’d be inclined to say alpacas. They better make the daily highlights. Race is down to a select group at the front. There goes Van Der Breggen!
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