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  1. Karate quotas from the South American Games: M Kata - M -60kg - M -67kg - and presumably one of M -75kg - and presumably one of M -84kg - M +84kg - and presumably one of W Kata - W -50kg - W -55kg - and presumably one of W -61kg - W -68kg - W +68kg -
  2. had players make it to quarterfinals in two separate events in badminton, but none were able to advance to the semifinals with a terrific showing though.
  3. Some surprising inclusions. Sad to see judo left off the program. It would appear rhythmic gymnastics has also been dropped.
  4. completed their sweep of the gold medals in triathlon. It’s not really shocking they won the mixed relay after their performance in the individual events. Guess they can focus on Santiago 2023 now.
  5. I think they’re underselling it at $195
  6. They generally post replays of the finals, though it can take a few days for them to appear.
  7. Looks like a pretty good turnout for artistic skating
  8. Xavier De Oliveira Pereira won the men’s race, meaning Brazil takes both quotas on offer for Santiago 2023.
  9. Sarmiento beats Rueda Rueda in the 1000m. It’s been a good year for her in terms of multi-sports games results. Gold in Birmingham (though that was on the road), and now gold in Asunción. still likely the strongest program on the continent, but certainly (at least for the sake of good competition, hopefully) not automatic picks for gold in Santiago next year.
  10. I really like the branding they choose for these Games. The venues pop nicely, and the graphics are nice (the few times they’re shown…)
  11. I quite enjoyed the opening ceremony. What a wonderful, vibrant start to these Games.
  12. There are 13(!) entries listed for the women’s free artistic skating event tomorrow. I’m not certain they’ll all compete as the start list hasn’t been posted yet, but that’s easily the highest number of entries I’ve seen for any single event in artistic skating at a multi-sports games (assuming those are actual entries, and not just athletes put into the system by the NOCs.)
  13. I generally don’t get too hyped for the South American Games, but I’m rather looking forward to this edition I caught a glimpse of the new speed skating oval on social media last night, so I’m looking forward to the speed skating tomorrow given the new facility and strength of entries. PanamSports Channel is offering eight channels of livestreams by the way:
  14. None, qualification is based off world ranking as of December 2022. Document:
  15. IWGA has section on their website where you can view replays by sport/session: I think there’s still a few broadcasts missing perhaps, but appreciate they made dedicated page displaying the replays.
  16. I didn’t see anyone post it elsewhere, but Anastasia Davydova Secretary General of the ROC fled Russia. Here’s ATR’s article about it:
  17. While we’re on the topic, the official website has a section with the qualification systems linked:
  18. Dmitry Balandin Statement:
  19. Not too often you see Barbados cracking into the top 12 of an Olympic sport world championships
  20. I wanted to extend a formal Totallympics welcome to @RiderJake Hope to see you around the forum!
  21. I do think the decision will likely give him time to mature a bit more, and that may be the better option in the long run. Personally, I would have chose him over Brown, even though I like watching Brown skate.
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