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  1. Congratulations to Poland, they are Olympic champions. I'll remember it, not so much as a lost opportunity, but now I realize the US coaches did not make the event a priority.
  2. Meanwhile, on main US TV, all we see womens AA final that happened 14 hrs ago. That's why all I could see at the time was a DNF on main site.
  3. Congratulations to you! Question, On US TV, they said a challenge was put in on Andrate's floor score, it was raised, but it did not change the final outcome. I can't find any indication of that. Was this mentioned on Brazillian TV? From what I can see, there was a 0.4 deduction for the OOBs.
  4. If it's a shooter you want, then as of now it should be Kim Rhode. I was glad to see her be the flower presenter last night in tthe women's skeet.
  5. No US network covering Women's foil gold medal match live.
  6. Gammoudi created an upset in 1964, but he was upset by an even greater upset.
  7. Even though the Americans are slightly faster this year in 400IM, I still would not bet against her in that race. For us, I don't look at predictions, but I saw today 1 forecast has US for 96 medals, another, the AP has 137. I think 96 more likely.
  8. Does the 10 gold include Hosszu for 2 or 3?
  9. Is that a surprise to you? It will also be live and free in the USA and Canada.
  10. The way she went from gold to silver in an instant in 2012 is still for me one of the most heartbreaking Olympic finishes ever. I'm happy to see her carrying the flag.
  11. Took me a few minute to figure out the top left corner graphic for baserunners, but, yes, I'm a fan as well.
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