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  1. Alexander Gorshkov 1976 gold medal in Ice Dancing. He was the head of the Russian Figure Skating Federation. The article suggests the stress of Valieva case might have been a factor. Russian Figure Skating Federation President Gorshkov dead at 76 (
  2. His father was once Polish athlete of the year?
  3. I'll take a stab at this. For men, the shortest gold medalist I'm sure is Joseph DePietro WL 1948 gold medal in bantamweight. He was 1.40 metes tall. The tallest is Arvydas Sabonis BB 1988 then bronze 1992 for listed at 2.21 m. For Women, the tallest I'm sure is Uljana Semjonova ( nationality) BB 1976 and 1980 listed between 2.10 and 2.16. The shortest is Mariya Filatova Gymnastics 1976 and 1980, 1.36 meters tall. Filatova is also likely the lightest listed at 30 kg. For men, the heaviest gold medalist is probably Leonid Zhabotynsky 1964 and 1968 WL listed at 163 kg. The heaviest woman is Zhou Lulu 2012 WL at 133 kg. Actually, the shortest and lightest men's gold medalist may be the unknow cox of the 1900 pairs event, thought to be around 11 years old.
  4. Can't explain that. I'm sitting in the middle of the US and watching without any problems.
  5. With a VPN, you can watch on Don't even have to register. And Express VPN offers a one month free trial that you can cancel at anytime.
  6. I watched the replay of the pass it looked in the zone, but close. Hall came close to the Jamaican anchor but didn’t appear to interfere. Anyway, they’re getting the medals now.
  7. Probably close to the same number of athletes. Men’s Football partially offsets the loss of baseball/softball. Hope W hockey will qualify this time.
  8. Garrett Scantling 4th in Tokyo, US Decathlon champion in 2022 with 8867 accepts provisional suspension for whereabouts violation.
  9. Yes, the news wires said he told reporters it was a cramp, but his agent tells the real truth the next day. Slight injury to his quad.
  10. He said it was a cramp, and says he's good for the relay.
  11. Andre De Grasse has withdrawn from the 200. Andre De Grasse withdraws from men's 200m at world championships | CBC Sports
  12. Canada does have two female OG medalists in the high jump.
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