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  1. And don't forget @nojpoparis2024 I prefer to call them anarchists myself. And I think for them their Covid "concerns" are really just a means to an end.
  2. Men’s 1500 Yared Nugusi 3:34.68 The fourth American now.
  3. Opinion | Why is Japan failing so badly on vaccinations? - The Washington Post
  4. IOC's Dick Pound says Tokyo Olympics to move ahead despite pandemic concerns | CBC Sports Echoed by by Richard Pound
  5. The suggested guidelines I saw are arrive 5 days before, depart no more than 2 days after completion of your event.
  6. Which news' source are you seeing this?
  7. I'm giving the time from the US perspective, in just a few minutes at 2000 Eastern US time, and if you look at the preliminary events, its now 77 days exactly until the first pitch of the - women's softball game. And we are going to have quite the 77 days, I'm afraid.
  8. Sure, to add, this whole idea of going from 5 to 4 was the late Mr. Grandi's idea, I've read, so that it would give smaller nations (e.g., Italy) a better chance in the team event against the likes of USA, ROC and CHN. Well, a few weeks after Mr. Grandi passed away, what happens but that Italy wins the bronze in the 2019 World Championships (and that's with a 5 person team, no less). Anyway, the 4 person teams are for this Olympics only, and we will be back to 5 person teams in 2024.
  9. Happy to give it a try. First, this is the FIG rules for OG qualification. Its quite complex and does not take into account that the Artistic all-around World Cup series was cancelled. memo ( Each of the 12 countries that qualified a team at 2018 and 19 WC is allowed to qualify 1 or 2 additional gymnasts who will only compete individually, not in the team event. Its based on results from World Cup series and Continental championships. Countries without a team (e.g., Romania) can qualify 1 or 2 individuals. The field is limited
  10. What happened to this prediction made some 9+ weeks ago?
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