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  1. Juri Tamm Bronze Hammer 1980 and 1988 then 5th Hammer 1992 26th Hammer 1996 First Sedykh, then Tamm 2 of the 3 Hammer medalists in 1980 and 1988 pass away 8 days apart. Orlando Martinez Gold Boxing Bantamweight 1972. also competed 1968 and 1976.
  2. Interesting speculaton yesterday before the votes were counted. Why the election could impact Canadian Olympians | CBC Sports
  3. Over the years, I have thought about Ivan Patzaichn for an interesting fact - He was one of just 6 men, I believe, who won a gold medal in both 1980 and 1984.
  4. I just finished watching the group final (not an event I would normally prioritize to watch live, as I had W Basketball, W Volleyball and W Sprint and Omnium to watch instead). I can't speak for the judging, but boy, the joy and hugging of the Bulgarian women on the victory stand was a sight to behold. Congratulations ! \
  5. I was there in 1984, luckily I had relatives who let me stay with them. If I remember right, the top priced tickets for track and other popular sports were around $95. ,
  6. Athletics W PV Katie Nageotte winning it the hard way. (Because of all the early misses, it offered a good example to explain to my wife the tie-breaker rules for vertical jumps.) Breathtaking women's 4x4 Cycling Track, A great last North American night from Kelsey Mitchell and Jennifer Valente to end things. Basketball 3x3 for the women, and great to see beat for gold. Handball, Volleyball, winning 2 golds 30 minutes apart. Great Overall 6 medals for in team sports. Equestrian, Jessica Springsteen and the team wimnning silver. Rhythmic Gymnastics, Group and Linoy Ashram winning gold. Wrestling: Gable Dan Steveson winning one for the ages. Modern Pentathlon a 2 for 2. Handball, as above a 2 for 2. Rowing: A and Gold. Artistic Gymnastics. Suni Lee and Jade Carey stepping up. Fencing Lee Kiefer. Canoe Nevin Harrison.
  7. My top one too for team sports. Individually, first two to come to mind are Bobby Finke and Lee Kiefer, then add in Jennifer Valente.
  8. AS an American, there is a two word answer - Title IX, a US law requiring equality of mens and womens athletic scholarships at US universities.
  9. With all due respect to I feared having to play Hungary tonight, for obvious reasons. Congratulations to them for a well-deserved bronze.
  10. Sir Avery was extremely flawed and blind to reality,but, not sure I would put him at worst. For overall weakness and ineffectiveness, it’s hard to top his immediate successor.
  11. Correct. The race wasn’t on live TV here, US tv was focused on the hurdles. It’s possible it was on a secondary channel. The thing is though, neither of Greg Barton’s races in 1988 were shown live either.
  12. Congratulations to Poland, they are Olympic champions. I'll remember it, not so much as a lost opportunity, but now I realize the US coaches did not make the event a priority.
  13. Pretty amazing 18th hole for Zander.
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