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  1. Can't explain that. I'm sitting in the middle of the US and watching without any problems.
  2. With a VPN, you can watch on Don't even have to register. And Express VPN offers a one month free trial that you can cancel at anytime.
  3. I watched the replay of the pass it looked in the zone, but close. Hall came close to the Jamaican anchor but didn’t appear to interfere. Anyway, they’re getting the medals now.
  4. Probably close to the same number of athletes. Men’s Football partially offsets the loss of baseball/softball. Hope W hockey will qualify this time.
  5. Garrett Scantling 4th in Tokyo, US Decathlon champion in 2022 with 8867 accepts provisional suspension for whereabouts violation.
  6. Yes, the news wires said he told reporters it was a cramp, but his agent tells the real truth the next day. Slight injury to his quad.
  7. He said it was a cramp, and says he's good for the relay.
  8. Andre De Grasse has withdrawn from the 200. Andre De Grasse withdraws from men's 200m at world championships | CBC Sports
  9. Canada does have two female OG medalists in the high jump.
  10. Tokyo's was released in April, 2019.
  11. Just after I explained to my wife there will probably be 4-5 minutes of stoppage time.
  12. I can only guess that now Peacock will be the only outlet to watch Olympic sports in the US.
  13. At US Championships, Sydney McLaughlin 51.41 WR And a few other performances of note today Keni Harrison 12.34 Alaysha Johnson 12.35 in 100H Michael Norman 43.56 Daniel Haugh, Hammer 80.18
  14. Also, from USA Swimming: morning prelims (beginning daily at 3 a.m. ET) and open water events will be streamed on
  15. Devon Allen 110H 12.84 (+1.6). But he's going to the NFL.
  16. Abby Steiner, University of Kentucky yesterday does 200 21.80 NCAA record, 48.92 4x400 split Abby Steiner crushes NCAA 200m record, runs epic 4x400m relay leg (
  17. Just drop the pretense and do a double award. Salt Lake, Sapporo head race to 2030 Olympics, and maybe '34 | AP News
  18. This is sad to see: Kenny Moore 1972 4th place Marathon, 14th in 1968 age 78. Among other things: "Moore spent several years working to try to free Ethiopian marathoner Mamo Wolde, the 1968 Olympic champion (and 3rd in 1972 to Moore's 4th). Wolde had been arrested by Ethiopian authorities who felt he participated in an assassination attempt against the country’s dictator. Moore and the IOC petitioned for his release, which occurred, but only after he had spent six years in prison." Kenny Moore Obituary - Olympian and Writer Dies at 78 (
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