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  1. It's funny, I google "olympic schedule 2024" or some variant a couple of times a week to see if there are updates, and this has never come up! So thanks! Update coming!
  2. A preliminary ticket website has been released in case you haven't seen it. It actually omits most of the finals. I think they must be saving those for the big booking agencies. I haven't gone over it too much but one new piece of information that was not, I think, previously known is that the indoor volleyball format will be men and women on alternating days with men going first. Time to make version 2.0 of my schedule, incorporating @rafalgorka's catches of my errors.
  3. Thanks for the shoutout @rafalgorka! This will be updated when the updates to the schedule are announced, along with your well-spotted corrections!
  4. Excellent eyes, thank you @rafalgorka.Keep them coming. There is additional info in the volleyball schedule that needs to be inserted, too.
  5. Thank you @rafalgorka! It is rather fun to do. There will definitely be additions and changes, including finalizing the basketball and volleyball schedules. Some entries for these sports are assumptions based on past schedules.
  6. Hi everybody, First time poster, long time lurker on this forum. I attach a hour-by-hour all-sports schedule for 2024 that I have prepared (rounded to the nearest quarter-hour). Lots of changes and clarifications to come, of course, many of which have been subjects in this topic. Hope you find this useful. Start planning your viewing now! Corrections and updates welcome! esube 2024_olympics_schedule.pdf
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