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  1. Maybe London 2012 replays. All event replays are on youtube.
  2. Not quite a publication yet. Only a twitter page. I can’t run a publication while trying to do good in school & play baseball every weekend. That would be a nightmare. I will wait a few years to expand my college football empire!!!
  3. I always root for them to win & I keep up on scores, but it is hard to watch them every week.
  4. That’s the other time I watch them. It’s a sin to not watch football on Thanksgiving.
  5. Sometimes, It gets to a point where I stop watching the Lions after week 3.
  6. Yes!!! Another fellow American. Welcome John!
  7. Thank god the Wings are out. I don’t have to watch how bad they are again.
  8. World Archery will now have a lockdown knockout event for recurve archers.
  9. BREAKING NEWS: the NHL has an official plan to return to play games. The regular season is now complete. They will have a 24 team playoff (12 from each conference). Each conference will be assigned a “hub city” where all of the games will be played. Here is a list that is under consideration: Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Edmonton, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Toronto and Vancouver. The NHL does not have a set date for return.
  10. Mads Conrad-Petersen (badminton).
  11. 2017 world baseball classic v 2nd round.
  12. Köln vs Fortuna Düsseldorf in the German bundesliga & last years FINA world championships for swimming.
  13. There is going to be some great matchups. I’m excited for v , v and v
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