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  1. I’m really hoping for a few medals this weekend in the Luge Wch.
  2. Solid Sunday for Team USA. We had 2 sleds in the top 10 in the women’s 2 man Bobsled WC. Meyers Taylor grabbed bronze in that event & Humphries finished 6th. Also, Tyler Wallasch finished 5th in the ski cross WC. Summer Britcher took bronze in the Women’s luge WC with Farquharson finishing 8th. They then followed that up later with 4th place & 7th place in the sprint event. Emily Sweeney finished 8th in that event as well. Faye Gulini gets another 2nd place finish in the women’s snowboard cross WC. Hagen Kearney & Jake Vedder finished in 3rd & 4th on the men’s side. Brittany Bo
  3. I’ll see what I can come up with. I’m not very knowledgeable about a whole lot of sports though
  4. Great day for Team USA today!! Brittany Bowe won the 1500m Speed skating World Cup & Chloe Kim won in her first half pipe competition back in 22 months.
  5. NBC is shutting down NBC Sports Network at the end of the year . All of their sporting events will likely head to Peacock. I think we will see more and more sports heading to streaming services in the near future.
  6. That was a nasty crash by Ledecka. I’m not sure how she is ok, but thankfully she is.
  7. I always get excited after great finishes no matter what sport.
  8. Did anybody else see the crazy finish in the NJ vs Boston game?? The Devils scored to win in OT with 1.7 seconds on the clock.
  9. What a finish in the Men’s race in St. Moritz yesterday. Gassner beat Martins Dukurs by 0.01. Yun Sungbin had a solid day in his first race of the season. He finished in 3rd.
  10. Pinturault is too good. What a great 2nd run! Zubcic had a great 2nd run as well.
  11. We finally have a new Men’s European champion! Tretiakov dethrones Martins Dukurs
  12. Pintulault dominated the field in the giant slalom today. Kilde finished in 4th which puts him 60 points behind Pinturault in the overall WC standings.
  13. I agree. Also, welcome to the forum!!
  14. Jesse Diggins & Rosie Brennan hold their spots atop the Tour de Ski standings. What a performance by the Russians today. Everyone in the top 5 is Russian & 8 of the top 10 are Russians.
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