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  1. NBC Olympics updated their website!
  2. I love how they only say “diplomatic” like once in the article
  4. I personally like more games. Higher chance for comebacks & makes it more exciting.
  5. Jordan Burroughs will not defend his gold medal in the men’s freestyle wrestling 74kg event. He loses two matches in a row to Kyle Dake in the US Olympic trials & Dake will head to Tokyo. It is the end of an era in USA wrestling. Congrats to Dake! Thanks for the memories Burroughs!
  6. List of American athletes that have qualified for Tokyo 2020.
  7. There was zero sense of urgency until we went down 2-0. Another failure for our men’s team . Now just hoping we can qualify for the 2022 WC.
  8. I think it is the right decision. It does suck for Tokyo though, losing out on all that money. Maybe the IOC can give them the 2032 or 2036 games. Maybe COVID will be gone by then
  9. Disastrous shooting for France!!! They drop to 5th.
  10. US is a perfect 15/15 in the shooting, but they are still outside the top 10. Skiing is letting them down.
  11. NBC will air the Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony LIVE at 7am ET. This is the first time ever that they are airing the opening ceremony live in a morning time slot. They will also have a replay in the normal prime time spot.
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