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  1. Hoping for a safe and fair election today! Certainly interesting that the future of our country depends on today!
  2. I don't even want to think what will happen if either Biden or Trump win... gonna be insane
  3. What do you call the road next to the highway? Side road? Don't think in Washington State we really had these What do you call the road where there is a set speed limit, but no traffic lights (at least a for a great distance)? Freeway What do you call a large cat indigenous to the America’s? Bobcat What do you call the place where streets meet in a circle (where cars go around that circle)? Roundabout What do you call a fizzy sweet drink? pop Do you use any gender neutral pronouns besides they? no What’s one thing unique (either word, phrase, pronunciation) about
  4. Unfortunately don't have them :(
  5. Going to Germany next week hoping there shouldn't be too many issues!
  6. Since 2020 is a couple days away, and the Olympics just around the corner, I'd like to start getting the thread ready for the Olympics. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what different types of posts should be made here. I'm finally into the swing of college so I'm hoping I'll be able to be very active this upcoming year and beyond!
  7. Wow very interesting read, I guess after reading this I grew up pretty lucky having a good group of guy friends who didn't care I was gay and living in a place where "toxic masculinity" was to that extent. I do think though guys at least where I'm from are getting better about opening up about feelings I know plenty of guys who openly talk about going to therapy, dealing with depression, etc. Hopefully one day everyone can just be themselves without caring about what others think, I believe thats what it all boils down to.
  8. George Mason! @ahjfcshfghb we're not far...
  9. Just watched the Lindsey Vonn documentary on HBO quite good showcasing everything that happened in her final season.
  10. Oof makes me want a relationship
  11. The young USA gang! Also, in my first year at college rn so not as active as I wish to be, hopefully when I get more into a schedule I'll be active again
  12. Oh, Olympic qualifying quotas are too confusing for me
  13. We have qualified a Woman's archery place for the Olympics at the Pan American Games, if the mixed team wins the gold medal against Colombia we will also get a 2nd men's place.
  14. Going to uni in Germany would be a dream
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