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  1. This weekend hopefully should have more time do do updates on how Team USA is doing at Olympics, have a test and quizzes this week and next
  2. USA Olympics Recap Day 3 Will update as events conclude Currently in the process of updating Day 2, will try and get all the events but Day 3 is starting right now. I have summer class this week so posts might not be getting fully updated until later in the day but I'll try my best. I'd love to also make a post similiar to the ones going on in the Canada National Team thread, where before each day a post is made of all the Canadian athletes and what time and event their competing in. I might get around to that if I find myself having freetime... Anyways let's hope for som
  3. USA Olympics Recap Day 2 Will update as events conclude - Designates Medal Archery: Women's Team Where I believed we had a shot at a medal we lost in the Quarterfinals 0-6 to ROC . Pretty disappointing honestly with both mixed and women's team underperforming. Let's hope the individual makes up for it! Badminton: Men's Singles Our sole Men's Singles player Timothy Lam lost 0-2 to number 1 ranked seed Kento Momota of Japan Women's Singles Our 11th seed Women's singles player Beiwen Zhang won her opening match 2-0 against
  4. First time watching a road race and this is insane!
  5. USA Olympics Recap Day 1 Archery: I was thinking our Mixed Team would win against Indonesia and get a possible medal but alas we lost in the first round with an 18-20 shootout score after a underwhelming 8 point arrow from Ellison. Here's to hoping the rest of our Archery competitions goes well for us. Basketball 3x3: Women's We win our first two matches. 17-10 vs France and 21-9 vs Mongolia Badminton: Men's Doubles In the first day of Group Stages Phillip and Ryan Chew lost 0-2 to Jun Hui Li and Yu Chen Lio of China who
  6. Finished up school work (summer class) for the day to come to a plethora of events going on right now. Will try and make a post as I did yesterday with results and stuff and will keep it updated as the day goes on! Happy 1st official day of Tokyo 2020!
  7. Rowing Women's Single Scull (W1x): Kara Kholer finished first in her heat advancing to the quarterfinals. (hoping for a medal from her) Women's Double Scull (W2x): Kristina Wagner & Genevra Stone placed second in their heat advancing to the semifinals Women's Quadruple Scull (W4x): Our Women's W4x finished last (5th) in their heat, they will now go to the Repechage for a spot in the finals Archery Women's In Archery the ranking rounds took place. Mackenzie Brown got a 5th seed and PB with a score of 668. Casey Kaufhold placed 17th with a score
  8. Another win for USA Softball as they win 1-0 over
  9. Good start for Softball team with 2-0 win over Italy in their first game in Tokyo! Never watched Softball before, was Italy doing surprisingly good or USA not fully warmed up yet?
  10. I'm back... a few days before the start! Anyone yet to figure out what their sleeping schedules will look like?
  11. Hoping for a safe and fair election today! Certainly interesting that the future of our country depends on today!
  12. I don't even want to think what will happen if either Biden or Trump win... gonna be insane
  13. What do you call the road next to the highway? Side road? Don't think in Washington State we really had these What do you call the road where there is a set speed limit, but no traffic lights (at least a for a great distance)? Freeway What do you call a large cat indigenous to the America’s? Bobcat What do you call the place where streets meet in a circle (where cars go around that circle)? Roundabout What do you call a fizzy sweet drink? pop Do you use any gender neutral pronouns besides they? no What’s one thing unique (either word, phrase, pronunciation) about
  14. Unfortunately don't have them :(
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