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  1. Trump wanted to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan even earlier (May 1st) and he also reduced military presence in the area. Yeah, the world would be clearly much better with him…
  2. Jeez. If there’s a team that deserves a place in any Olympic semifinals, it’s definitely Polish volleyball team. Being among the best teams for so long and additionally a world champion. Well, I hope Argentina will surprise us and win it all.
  3. Today’s matches are very entertaining so far. I was a little worried earlier because first matches felt more VNL-like but now it really feels like Olympic level volleyball.
  4. London, Rome, Paris for sure. Most (if not all) of Western European capitals can be included along with major US cities imo. From the future perspective - I think Buenos Aires would do well. A little more variety would be great for future host selections.
  5. Congrats to Brazil for winning this year's VNL! This was to be expected bc in my opinion they were the ones who took the tournament the most seriously and were in good form until the end. I'm curious to see if they will keep it up till the Olympics tho. As for the VNL itself - it was still the same big training camp like the previous editions. The individual awards made me laugh, some of the sanitary regulations were just stupid and unnecessary, but after all it was still fun to watch national teams after such a long break.
  6. Which also shows how irrelevant the Nations League is to most of the participating teams, especially now before the Olympics...
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