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  1. ask those who chosen Poland and you will know the answer
  2. it`s only jokin` but sure - probably if we would colonize Madagascar they would be stronger in some sports, their potential is bigger than they show probably and i`m sure we`d help to unfold it in some way. Maybe weightlifting, wrestling, who knows. But we don`t have any colonial past so our approach is clear
  3. maybe some hurdler or rugby player - who knows? ;), 4x100m would be stronger
  4. Is Qatar in Africa? well - Qatar is a different case, they have only 1 Qatari player i think :), they are "absurdish" - like AZE and TUR
  5. i`m not sure about this Italian medallist. It`s rahter about a trend...Kenyans and Ethiopians, Algerians, Moroccans all over the they have many Croatians in African handball champs? It really does look "strange" or "awkward" as a trend...but the same as people watching at their phones riding their bikes
  6. am i Visengrad nation? Oh man.....what do you take and maybe...just maybe...we don`t want to do it, we, Chechs, Hungarians etc like Danish or Finnish federations. Iceland is also rich, Ireland, Andora, San Marino, Malta could do it. As`s a choice
  7. you probably don`t know it but in 30s we were close to colonize Madagascar - we had French acceptance. It`s obvious that if it would happen those ties would last for ages, so Monzanator is right in this aspect. But sure Mo is British and Crippa is Italian for me - 100% in those cases. Do all those runners from today know 1 word from their "national anthem"? - well...i hope so - i`m judging only those "artificial" transfers
  8. in fact we`re not...he was desperate for us seriously - him and his manager. Well - he has a Polish wife, he can`t play for Cuba....but we didn`t buy him or ask him...he asked us..with his great love to his Polish wife it`s ok probably. And you are (you in general) pointing 2 cases (him and 1 Ethopian refugee) vs. dozens of foreign athletes in other nations ;). 2-3 cases will always happen but if u try to say that this is a trend in Polish sport you write it on your own risk. From what i know we have 1 Chinese table tennis player left and one wrestler unable to fight for his
  9. advantage doubles the advantage :), but...maybe...those developed countries can develop their own athletes ;), yeees, it`s more difficultbut maybe....more "fair" ;). Those Kenyans etc...well...if they don`t make a Kenyan team.....shit happens
  10. me? are you serious? really? maybe drink a glass of water
  11. and try not to attack my mind in the begining...maybe ad rem is better than ad personam...or`re too emotional
  12. you see...but what is the chance that he chooses Kosovo or Bosnia or some other poorer country. At the end it is mainly for "richer" nations and it gives them a bit of unfair advantage
  13. Sophia has a Polish parent, like Artur Partyka case - read before you post sth. We had 1 runner, he escaped his country, he stayed here. Well, i also thought it`s unfair and i wasn`t a fan of this
  14. for nations choosing to try to have their own good runners, for "justice" sure we could have 3 Ethiopians or Moroccans...but i think it leads to nothing, African-born runners have clear advantage. UK, France is sth different, Italy, Turkey etc...c`mon Ali Mustapha Sprinter Barnes - it`s even a bit funny
  15. i`m not judging all cases but a "trend", this trend is very bad
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