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  1. World track and field championships moved to July 2022 in Oregon New dates - July 15th through July 24th, 2022. So it will finish a few days before the start of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Not sure when the athletics competition beings there.
  2. This. Too many nations have already qualified, so probably not fair to them if some of those players would no longer be eligible because of the postponement.
  3. Olympic men's football age limit raised to 24 after Tokyo Games postponement
  4. Be furious with the virus. And the people who allowed it to run rampant that caused all this mess. Everything else is a function of that. Not the Olympics' fault they had to move
  5. @Olympian1010 unfortunately does NOT get his wish. Or maybe he does and this is actually better.. NEW DATES: TWG BIRMINGHAM TO TAKE PLACE JULY 7-17, 2022
  6. 2020 British Open to be canceled due to coronavirus pandemic, sources say
  7. Looks like they moved back a grand total of 2 days. They were originally scheduled to start August 16th
  8. No final decision has been made yet, but... Wimbledon set to be cancelled, claims German tennis chief
  9. Makes sense. Everything moves exactly 1 year minus 1 day. Easiest way to reset the schedule
  10. Makes the most sense. I know some people were saying this is an excuse to hold the Olympics when the weather is better. But for the overall sports calendar - and not just for American television - this is the easiest solution.
  11. Olympics: New Tokyo Games unlikely to be in spring, Mori says
  12. NBC has a ton of influence. I wouldn't pretend to think otherwise. But it's not as if they're sitting in on these meetings telling the IOC what to do. Again, when Australia is deciding to bid for an Olympics, they're not doing it because NBC is telling them when they want it. And it's not as if they're the only organization that prefers that traditional Summer window. So Australia does what they believe is in their best interests to get votes. And none of those votes actually belong to anyone from NBC. The swimming finals.. again, FINA is making that decision for FINA. They are doing what they feel is in their best interests, not just because NBC wants it. If NBC is so influential, what about gymnastics like they were moved in Beijing (speaking of places were gymnastics has a huge following)? Why not moving the athletics finals? I know NBC asked for it in 2008. And notice how it was 2016 where they started holding finals in the morning sessions, a move specifically for the benefit of European television interests. I'm not downplaying that American television money is a big deal. But at the end of the day, everyone is in it for themselves - the NOC's, the sport federations, and pretty much everyone else associated with the Olympics. They make self-interested decisions. A lot of times, the decision that's best for them is what's best for NBC.
  13. They're free to do what they want. But at the end of the day, it's a popularity contest who wins the right to host these events. And those who vote and make the decisions will usually do so in their own self-interests. So if a country like Australia were to propose to hold the 2032 Olympics in a different month because that's better for them, they may not win the rights to host the event in the first place. So that's how they need to be thinking.
  14. Australia could have chosen to push Melbourne as their bid city since they have more venues and infrastructure in place. But the weather isn't as good there during the Northern Summer, so they are going with Brisbane because they can offer their Olympic bid in the preferred window. Therefore, they stand a better chance of being elected as hosts. At least, that seems to be the line of thinking from the AOC. And they're still bitter about the 2022 FIFA World Cup bid as they say - they're 100% right - that Qatar cheated by proposing to have their World Cup in the Summer with the promise of air-conditioned stadiums. Had they proposed a November-December World Cup from the start, maybe they don't win.
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