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  1. It's one of my favorite shows and I watch every week (haven't gotten to this week's episode yet because I was out of town over the weekend). Yes, they've received awards and praise from many news organizations. But Oliver has said that it's a comedy show and a satirical look at the news. If this was hard hitting investigative journalism, probably wouldn't have included a Japanese condom advertisement.
  2. As of 2 years ago, yes he is officially a dual citizen. Still, my point stands that this isn't really the best viewpoint of American media
  3. Not sure if you realize this, but that "American media" you're referencing is actually a British comedian. So I don't know how much you can read into that report that the American media is suddenly paying attention to what's happening in Japan. Remember also that media rights for the Olympics are held by NBC Universal, so many other media outlets have little interest in the Olympics. And obviously NBCU won't want to say anything bad when they already know they're likely to struggle to gain viewership. That all aside, it's tough for Americans, particularly sports fans, to have an
  4. Schedule set for 3x3 basketball...
  5. Great to see Team USA in the field, especially with no Cuba to content with.
  6. Kerri Walsh Jennings, Brooke Sweat miss qualification for Tokyo Olympics Walsh-Jennings and Sweat got passed in the rankings by Kelly Claes and Sarah Sponcil for the #2 American slot. So Walsh-Jennings will not compete at her 6th Olympics (5 in beach volleyball, she was on the indoor volleyball team in 2000 in Sydney)
  7. Should be more like the World Baseball Classic where results don't carry over and the 2 teams from the same pool play each other again. Would only extend the tournament by 1 day to do that and it's not like there's travel involved.
  8. Yes you would. You would be absolutely stunned if Australia talked about withdraw. GTFOH with that kind of fear-mongering. I respect Australia's response to COVID in order to contain the virus, but for crying out loud, let's keep perspective on just how much COVID is circulating around Victoria right now compared to locations in other countries.
  9. The issue isn't so much about the spread of COVID, even though a lot of people think that will be a big issue. Taking care of 10,000 athletes plus all the necessarily support staff and media and everyone else descending upon Tokyo in July requires a lot of people to make the operation run. Including medical personnel that their healthcare system might not so easily be able to spare. We've seen plenty of sports leagues and tournaments operate through the pandemic without using up resources that the general public needs. That might not be the case here, so that's where they are going to stru
  10. Nearly every Olympics in recent memory has seen negative stories in the media leading up to the games. So that's nothing new. But again, a once-in-a-century worldwide pandemic that already caused a postponement is not like anything we have ever seen before. Right now, NOlympics has a great case to make that the Olympics shouldn't be held this Summer. And you can be sure they'll push the narrative that it is being forced upon them by the IOC when Japan wants to back up. Sadly, there is at least some truth to that.
  11. Eh, let's be real here. The Olympics are more dangerous than most events simply because of their size and scale. They can be held safely if the proper protocols are in place. But that's a big "if" and we can't count on all of the athletes being vaccinated. There is cause for concern. Time will tell if it is warranted or not
  12. You can't compare Zika in 2016 to COVID now. Yes, this is going the NOlympics movement a lot of reason to push back against the Olympics. But that's because Japan has caused these problems. And it's easy to blame the Olympics rather than to blame Japan's handling of the virus. On what planet is it "obvious" that China did this, let alone that the reason was to ruin Japan's Olympics? That's absolutely ridiculous
  13. Exactly. Can we just jump straight ahead to when the Games begin so we can actually talk about the Olympics and not all of the BS that 5 minutes after the Olympics end we're going to pretend was never a big deal? I really want to start bookmarking some of these articles and social media posts that are so sure that the Olympics will be a massive super-spreader event. Speaking as an American, how many thought there was no way we could play a baseball season or a football season or a college basketball season during a pandemic. It happened, so at this point, all of this ongoing fear porn is g
  14. U.S. Warns Against Japan Travel, Sowing New Doubt About Olympics
  15. It was a little tone deaf from Coates and Bach to talk about sacrifices, but right now the Japanese need to turn on Japanese leadership that have allowed themselves to be overwhelmed by the pandemic. Not the IOC's fault that many countries have progressed much better through the pandemic than Japan has. Case in point the United States which is almost starting to look semi-normal when it comes to sports.
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