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  1. It's a fair point. I know volleyball is a lot like tennis that way where a match can be relatively short or run really long. I'm old enough that I remember volleyball in the Olympics before rally scoring, so I can only imagine how long some matches took then. And I do remember the start of some matches from Tokyo delayed because the previous match ran long. So if that's no longer an issue, then perhaps this has some value, even if it means fewer games being played
  2. Yea, I don't get it either. Makes sense for basketball where asking teams to play multiple days in a row is a tough ask. Not so much with volleyball. And now instead of sessions including 2 games, your ticket only gets you 1.
  3. They didn't list the bronze and gold medal matches. There are 36 preliminary round games (so it's likely the 3 groups of 4 format from basketball). 4 QF for each gender, 2 SF. Dates and times for the rest are TBD
  4. English language version of the PDF..
  5. Please tell me this is satire and not actually serious.
  6. Yup. Learn.. to.. pass.. the.. stick. The country with the best passes won it. US can't just rely on speed and nothing else anymore
  7. holds off to win the women's 4x100! What a race!!
  8. I saw a story about her talking about whether or not she wants to keep doing the event. Can't quite tell if she's serious or if she's kidding
  9. Pogacar has cracked! Vingegaard going up to the Hautacam with Van Aert.
  10. And here we go! Pogacar attacks and Vingegaard follows him down the mountain. Nevermind.. probably a smart idea to allow McNulty to catch back up, so they're back together on the descent
  11. This is going to be fun. Tadej has his helper. Vingegaard has no one. And Thomas has cracked, so that's probably the end of his day
  12. defeats and is headed to the Olympics! Both US soccer teams will be represented in Paris
  13. My thoughts exactly. He's not losing that green jersey. He's miles ahead of Pogacar in 2nd and nearly 200 points ahead of Jakobsen in 3rd. Help your teammates. Go for the points another day
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