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  1. That's a big if. There's only 5 months til the games, so I don't think their efforts will get organized in time to have a serious effect
  2. Probably around a 9. Might have been an 8, but given the circumstances to get here and all the uncertainty that lead up to it, hard to expect for more than we got. A massive thank you to everyone involved for pulling it all off
  3. Actual substantiated rumors? Or more like the buzz we heard the week leading up to the Olympics where it was like "we're monitoring the situation closely" and some media outlets were like "they might cancel the Olympics"
  4. Gold medal! First time the American women have been on the top step of the podium
  5. USA tied with China with 38 gold medals. US with 3 shots left at gold. China only has 1. Go
  6. Pure domination by the US 4x400 squad. Another gold for Allyson Felix. Love it!!
  7. I can't remember this many misses before. And Canada wins it
  8. Great defending by Canada in that last sequence to deny Sweden a go-ahead goal
  9. Italy.. seriously? Wow, who saw that coming. First time there have been 2 European squads on the podium since 1988
  10. Pretty impressive for her to come back at age 35 and win a medal. Great job by her. Hopefully she can add 1 to her collection and make it 11 total for her career to pass Carl Lewis for most by an American in a sport other than swimming
  11. That was definitely something to see! So we get a rematch in the final. USA looking for revenge. Looking forward to it!!
  12. Bases clearing double in the bottom of the 8th for Japan, just missing a grand slam home run. Japan now leads 5-2
  13. Our announcers were talking about a potential podium sweep, but that's awesome for De Grasse. Glad to see him finally win a gold
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