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  1. Google doc of Team USA.. From that list, 222 total athletes
  2. More than a mild surprise on Flores. Reports already killed the notion they did this to try and get Harbaugh. Strange move that a rift with upper management means they'd fire a coach that won 8 of his last 9 games and had the Dolphins barely missing the playoffs.
  3. Yea, this had nothing to do with sponsorships or her overall profile. She did this to help out a friend and to help the US speedskating team. They probably have a better chance at winning more medals with Jackson in the 500 and Bowe in only 2 races than if Bowe tried to compete in all 3.
  4. Which makes sense. There's enough time between events, but probably easier to focus on 2 rather than training for 3
  5. I believe the next quota spot would go to the United States. So if any country declines their allocation, the Bowe can skate in the 500 and the US would have 3 skaters
  6. I'm a Jets fan, so it's sad to see the Giants devolving into as much of a mess as the Jets are. I understand why they might give Judge another shot, but how can they possibly have faith he's the guy to bring them success.
  7. I thought the same thing about Mia Manganello Kilburg, forgot she was also in the team pursuit in 2018. And yes, Schoutens skated in the semifinals, so she got a medal
  8. Huge upset at the US trials.. Erin Jackson had a slip on the backstretch and finishes outside of the top 2 for the 500m. She will miss the Olympics barring some crazy circumstance
  9. If Oslo had stuck around and was in the final vote, they would have beaten Almaty running away with it. Almaty had a very good bid which is why they came so close to beating Beijing, but it's still in a smallish Central Asian country that is dealing with political issues right now.
  10. No, Oslo should have been selected. But the IOC and their miles long list of demands scared them off. The IOC deserves all of the blame here for that. Plus, it's not like the situation in Kazakhstan is that great right now. Obviously almost anything would be preferable to China, but that wouldn't have been a much better option
  11. Because there's a difference between caring about winter sports and supporting a winter sports event coming to your country. Italy has a lot of the infrastructure in place and isn't as far spread as the Stockholm bid was. I wanted them to get the Olympics to have a games in Sweden, but even though I know Swedes love their winter sports, I can understand why they wouldn't be so excited to partner with the IOC. Especially when it would required having events from Are to Sigulda.
  12. Sweden didn't have the public support that was needed. I was honestly very surprised to see Stockholm bidding after they dropped out of the 2022 bids. Italy won on the basis of stronger public support. Sweden didn't have it. I preferred their bid, but I can understand why the IOC went with Milano-Cortina
  13. There's no more process. The IOC picks a city, announces they're hosting the Olympics, and that's it. Probably seen the last formal vote for awhile
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