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  1. If it was so easy, why isn't it being done already? Your last point rings true. If the IOC were more responsible, they'd choose the more sensible and sustainable bid rather than the ones making lavish promises, but having no legacy plan. But that would require the IOC to put the needs of host cities ahead of their own wants and desires. Good luck getting that to happen. So yes, the question is how to balance the needs of a large capacity arena for competitions and use the rest of the time? Any city could use a community swimming pool, but how do they balance that need with hav
  2. No it won't. Most of the sports world was completely shut down for a good part of 2020. That won't be the case in 2021. Some large scale events like the Olympics might be in trouble, but we're slowly learning to co-exist with this virus and hopefully continue to manage to fight against it in ways we couldn't in 2020 other than to shelter in place and close everything down.
  3. No he didn't. Not even close. Yes, that's all Kroenke's money that built the stadium there, but he did that for him and his football team. That the LA Olympic bid benefits from it is their good fortune, not Kroenke's desire to benefit them. LA's bid still would have been a no brainer if it was centered around the Coliseum (which already had plans for a $270 million renovation, again privately funded). If SoFi hadn't been built, LA still would have the 2028 Olympics right now. How would it have been different? Los Angeles is in a very advantageous position that the
  4. My point is that your concept is going to do very little to reduce costs. The reason why fewer countries want to host the Olympics isn't just about how much they cost but also they don't want to work with the IOC anymore. That has been a problem for awhile now and this mess with Tokyo is certainly going to make potential future hosts question whether or not to bid for an Olympics. The Olympic village is usually a major project for even a big city. You can't just use hotels or student apartments and think that's sufficient. If it was that easy, then why is Los Angeles the only c
  5. London had two Olympics 64 years ago. Tokyo was 56 (now 57) years ago. Los Angeles was 44 years. So there's already a handful of cities that have the Olympics come around to them after awhile. But like NearPup said, you're talking about a 40-60 year rotation. That's not always feasible. And the key venue that always is difficult to account for is the athletes' village. That's not something cities have on hand ready to go. And even the biggest cities - I say this as a life-long New Yorker - don't have all the required venues and wouldn't necessarily need certain ones. It's
  6. Japan doesn't deserve the burden of spending the money to wait another 11 years to host the Olympics. If they can't host this year (or maybe next year, but that seems difficult at this point), then that's it. Can't keep pushing it back indefinitely. That's why they're so focused on this year.
  7. He might be right. If that's what it takes for the Olympics to go on, so be it. That's no consolation for Japan, but better for the IOC and the sports federations
  8. No question there's concerns and the IOC has proven themselves over the years to be terrible at public relations. When the pandemic first took over the world, their initial response was "we're good for this summer, no backup plan." A week later, it was "we have to go to a backup plan" Bach is a bad front man for the IOC, but the entire organization needs a swift kick in the ass, not just him. The Olympics are a massive logistical challenge. They can't be working on all sorts of plans at once or else they'll lose focus on what they're trying to do. Yes, they should at least hav
  9. Tahiti approved by IOC as surfing venue for Paris 2024 Olympic Games Yes, that's a one off, but sometimes those things are allowed. And it'll probably start happening more often in the future.
  10. Japan PM says determined to realise Olympics, will cooperate with Tokyo and IOC
  11. It's 6 months out from the Olympics. They'll wait this out at least a little longer because if they have to cancel, why make that call now? I know this is the group that same last March they were going ahead and then reversed course a week later. But that was with the entire world essentially shut down. COVID is still here, but we're slowing learning to co-exist with it and be able to test and manage for it better. Holding the Olympics this summer is probably still a bad idea. But is it worse than *not* holding the Olympics this summer
  12. Japan has already been in bed with the IOC for 7.5 years. Adding another 11 may be more than Japan is willing to handle. I don't know what happens if they have to cancel. But I'm not sure Japan would agree now to taking 2032
  13. Absolutely love to see the Americans doing so well at the Tour this year, although need to see if they can keep it up once more of the races are primarily classic. And boo to NBC and American television that they're not televising these races and instead just putting a world feed on a premium service. What a shame this is the year they had to stop producing their own broadcasts
  14. The current situation is what matters. What will matter is the situation come July. Beyond just the fate of the Olympics, for the sake of the world let's hope it starts to get better sooner rather than later. I'm cautiously optimistic we'll have an Olympics, somehow some what. Too much political capital on the line for the country and the city to let it fail again
  15. Best defense in the NFL and they allow the Bills to put a 50-spot on them. They're all about the future at this point, they never expected to do much this year, but not a good way to finish the season
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