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  1. Wouldn't work if they wanted to keep the full round robin. Too many matches to squeeze onto the schedule, especially since they added the mixed doubles. Right now, it's 12 draws each for men and women to get all the matches in. They'd need 17 draws apiece for 12 teams. Has to stay at 10
  2. 4 in the final end against Canada is a good way to do it. That was some impressive comeback by them to win
  3. Similarly, if you go to Gymnastics, there's.. Gymnastics Men's Team Final All Apparatuses Starts at 6am EDT Play Gymnastics video Open info card for Gymnastics Gymnastics Men's Team Final Main Coverage Starts at 6am EDT Play Gymnastics video Open info card for Gymnastics Gymnastics Men's Team Final Team USA Tracker Starts at 6am EDT
  4. My thing especially with an Olympics in Asia is that if something is on TV overnight, I can DVR it and watch it in the morning when I wake up. Can't always do that with the online streams. And better quality picture if it's on TV. But yes, always enjoy the little bonuses that streaming provides (i.e. multiple streams for 1 sport). Need to see how many screens I can have going at once. Might be a good excuse to upgrade my internet speed
  5. At this point, every event is streamed live, so there's not necessarily any new information here that I don't already have from the competition schedule on the Tokyo site and other places that have more detail. The big thing for me will be the broadcast schedule, because that will really determine my work/sleep schedule. That's what I need to add to the spreadsheet, but we likely won't get that until early July once all the qualifiers are complete and the rest of the team sports are slotted, most notably beach volleyball since we can be sure NBC will manipulate that one to get the American t
  6. Does anyone really think this is about the virus? Of course it's political. And yet, they'll still tell the world it's about the virus and their citizens will believe every word of it
  7. It's tough when you get to the busier days. All depends on how much time you want to spend doing this, whether you're good with Excel or not! And I've been looking for the handball schedule, doesn't look like it's out yet. They had the draw to determine the groups earlier this week, but don't believe they have set the match schedule yet
  8. There are column headings at the top. I tried to combine columns where I can to make the sheet a little bit neater and less cluttered. Best I can do to keep things organized, but also somewhat readable. Easier for the Winter Olympics where I could fit everything into 9 columns. With the Summer Olympics, there are a couple days where there might be 25 sports all in action on the same day.
  9. Here's the one I had from 2018. Fewer events so it's a lot easier to manage, but the final version of the Tokyo spreadsheet will include TV times like this one has. Easier to plan out viewing and sleeping that way
  10. I've been updating mine, including to add in matchups for most of the team sports. I'm also doing this from the standpoint of Eastern Time and US television. This is what mine looks like. And yes, I'll be happy to share this when we reach July..
  11. I'm a total Excel nerd, so I used that to help plan my viewing (and sleep/work) schedule during the 2018 Olympics. Once more of the schedule gets set for Tokyo, I'll probably do the same thing. Much more difficult with the Summer Olympics given how many more events there are (that goes without saying), not to mention the time difference will make things interesting. I'm usually pretty good about dealing with a strange sleep schedule. Don't think I'd go so far as to match up with Tokyo day/night, but I imagine there will be at least a couple of days where I stay up all night and then sleep
  12. This is why I like the crowd here.. I've been making spreadsheets (mostly to track the TV coverage) going so far back as Nagano in 1998. Been building one for Tokyo that has a big grid with all of the events as well as a separate tab to track the television schedules. I'll post that here at some point once we get closer to July, but good to see I'm not the only person who obsesses over these things. And yes, Tokyo's site is definitely somewhat lacking.
  13. "Hey boss, I think I need to work from home the last week of July and the first week of August. Hope that's okay!"
  14. When the torch relay started, there's no turning back. There won't be a cancellation. Too many sports leagues around the world are operating right now, so if there was any notion to cancel the Olympics, the question would be why can't they do it when others can?
  15. I guess some people have a vastly different definition of "political crap" as I do because I'm as big a baseball fan as this board probably has and I have no idea what either of you are referring to.
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