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  1. Last season, starting pitchers had a collective ERA of 4.54, while relievers' collective ERA was 4.46. Different set of circumstances for a starting pitcher since they're pitching multiple innings instead of just 1, but the idea that starters are far better than relievers just isn't true. If a starting pitcher gives up 3 runs in the first inning, that's not something you're going to "notice" as much as when it happens late in the game. As if a reliever is automatically supposed to get through an inning unscathed. It's just more noticeable when it happens later in the game and yo
  2. If these guys supposedly aren't good enough, who is good enough then? This is the nature of baseball these days.. it starts with younger kids who aren't brought up as well as they used to be. They'll be rewarded for throwing as hard as possible (often until they need Tommy John surgery) because they see that it's possible to make big money in the majors if you're a good middle reliever. The "relievers are just failed starters" line of thinking isn't as true now as it was 10 or 20 or 30 years ago. But sure, let's judge the entire system because 1 guy had an off night a
  3. As long as it's this year only, it's fine. This is a 60 game regular season. Not a true 162 game test that we normally have. And it's going to make for a lot more relevant baseball games in September which will help keep teams and players motivated when they'd otherwise be playing out the string in empty stadiums. My concern is the randomness of baseball, especially in a shorter series. Very easy for a lesser team to catch a few breaks and knock off a better one.
  4. Not anymore it doesn't. Look at the the debate over the name change which has been out there for years. Look how quickly things changed when 1 big time sponsor made it about money. The fact that Snyder is about to be Donald Sterling'ed out of the league is about something completely separate. Yes, he'll be replaced with someone else, and again, maybe they'll no longer be one of the most poorly run franchises that has little excuse to be poorly run.
  5. Money talks, bullshit walks. Yea, this story has been out there for years, but as soon as a major sponsor basically said "we're pulling our support until you change your name," it was going to happen. If you want to talk sports and not politics, ignore the thread during the offseason. A prominent owner probably about to be pushed out is a pretty big story. And I'm sure more than a few Redskins Washington NFL football club fans will be thrilled to see him go. Maybe they'll actually manage to not suck so much with someone else in charge
  6. This is definitely one of those "why are more people not talking about this" stories. Yea, we're in the middle of a pandemic, but eventually someone will notice that. I don't know that it will result in large scale boycotts of 2022, but we'll hear more chirping about it at some point for sure, especially if it continues.
  7. We're going to have 2 Olympics in a span of 7 months, old school style. As much as I hate the extra year of build-up (and all the uncertainty that will bring), like @heywoodu said, at least we're slowly seeing sports start to return!
  8. Looks like there will be few, if any changes to the schedule. Largely just shifted everything by a year, minus one day
  9. World track and field championships moved to July 2022 in Oregon New dates - July 15th through July 24th, 2022. So it will finish a few days before the start of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Not sure when the athletics competition beings there.
  10. This. Too many nations have already qualified, so probably not fair to them if some of those players would no longer be eligible because of the postponement.
  11. Olympic men's football age limit raised to 24 after Tokyo Games postponement
  12. Be furious with the virus. And the people who allowed it to run rampant that caused all this mess. Everything else is a function of that. Not the Olympics' fault they had to move
  13. @Olympian1010 unfortunately does NOT get his wish. Or maybe he does and this is actually better.. NEW DATES: TWG BIRMINGHAM TO TAKE PLACE JULY 7-17, 2022
  14. 2020 British Open to be canceled due to coronavirus pandemic, sources say
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