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  1. there is no team B , all these teams who call themselves strong can't use doping in Qatar, that's why they failed
  2. some ukrainian embassy around the world got letters of blood / head of animals...etc In Spain 1 explosive letter
  3. Happened now ,Train hitted truck in france
  4. all that because they can't use doping like they did in their continent...that's why they critisized Qatar
  5. What !! Korea ... europe do you want Milka
  6. Group F : it's better to be in 2nd position than first .... some people were born lucky
  7. The Japanese Goal was wrong... apparently Gassama is everywhere
  8. Qatar was the first qualified as host ---> out in the first round Germany was the first qualified in the world ----> out in the first round this is the sign this is the sign
  9. Morocco vs Spain = mega giga riots , i prepare my popcorne
  10. At least in Asia things are normal , they didn't divide the continent to help countries having power to qualify
  11. Having the record of participation in the world cup means they are the best team in the world , is it normal ? ...fifa cheats with their system of qualification under the eyes of cows
  12. Mexico has the world record of participation ...what a joke , they profit from this disgusting system of qualif
  13. What about the misery of the next group: Argentina :has qualified from this system 5 teams/10 Mexico :got the benefit of dividing the American contient (they played vs Haiti) Poland qualified instead Russia only KSA looks normal in this group of scam
  14. 1-0 for Tunisia , the french goal cancelled
  15. Woow Germany the first time i see that in a western country , they are saying america go home
  16. It's not about charging people to stop watching ...but the truth should be said How FIFA corrupted the World Cup
  17. The same thing will happen with England , a recent conflict with Qatar will push london to give up , otherwise billions $ will be lost
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