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  1. There are only 5 parabadminton players at the women's singles SH6 competition of Asian Youth Para Games but Bhutan winning a medal is worth celebrating
  2. Well good to hear that Fun fact: I wasn’t even considering this song at all. It popped out on my Youtube home when I was looking for early 90s hits for this contest
  3. So sorry I'm unable to vote on my time.. Got something to do out of a sudden.
  4. My friend who went as a reporter in the badminton World Tour Finals back in 2019 was able to access the mainstream sites using the connection in the venue. He sent the photos via WhatsApp and we downloaded it from there. Athletes are also allowed access in the official hotels. For the Olympics I think such arrangement is very much possible.
  5. I dare @Olympian1010to find a multi sport events website with a worse quality than the Indonesian National Para Games site: A few days ago there was something even funnier: results and live score (Hasil Perlombaan & Live Score) page simply says "Calling the Website Developer to Add The Results"
  6. Adding cycling is a bad idea… Have anyone proposed a mechanical bull ride yet?
  7. My votes will be coming soon, internet troubles for the past few days...
  8. Regarding Indonesia and Thailand being declared not compliant with WADA, they won't be able to hoist their flags at the podium and will use the respective federations flag instead... However, if Indonesia win the Thomas Cup they will still have the national anthem.
  9. Well Indonesian fans must be having nightmares if Vittinghus is the deciding guy again If Christiansen/Sogaard played well, they can even wrap it in 3-1...
  10. And regarding today's SF between vs - I think it will be like the 2016 finals... It's all down to Rhustavito or Gemke to handle the pressure.
  11. Tell us your outfit again for today and I'll search for you lol
  12. Must be an exciting experience! I haven't been following the tournament closely due to some job deadline, but I will try my best to watch all the knock out round matches
  13. Tips from Indonesian National Games: If you dislike the judging in a boxing match, let a royal rumble begins
  14. This is the Tarung Derajat (badly translated as "Fighting degree" by Google), at a glance it's just like taekwondo but without the kick to the head and the referee in this sport always looks like going to join the fight at any time
  15. Not a good day for this gantole athlete at Indonesian National Games, he landed on someone's house. And the paragliding athletes face a bigger threat, the landing area is not far from a crocodile sanctuary
  16. Dive is indeed Finswimming Fighting degree is a literal (bad) transaction of 'Tarung derajat', yet another martial art from Java.
  17. Indonesian national games opening ceremony
  18. KLA Project - Yogyakarta Yogyakarta is a province of Indonesia located in southern part of Java, where the governor is the Sultan of Yogyakarta (making it the only royal family which actually has power in the Republic). One member of the group, Katon Bagaskara, wrote this song in 1993 to cherish his childhood memories of visiting his grandmother. The first line of the song, "coming back to your town", actually refers to his grandma not to a lover as commonly believed by fans. Lyrics:
  19. Indonesian National Games has started some competitions, opening ceremony on 2 Oct Anyone interested can try to check the Indonesian-only website 56 sports will be contested, which included sports like motorcycle racing, finswimming, and aerosports. Demonstration sports included surfing, modern pentathlon, triathlon, all the new martial arts in the 2018 Asian Games, and the super youthful video game competition. Olympic sports not included in the program: cycling (not even road cycling!), table tennis (the federation is having an internal issue), and golf
  20. Badminton players yes, other sports we still don't know (we haven't got one yet ) Well usually the Olympic medalists regardless of medal colours will also get a position as a civil servant, which enable them to sustain a middle to upper-middle income lifestyle post retirement. However, pre 2016 medalists aren't getting such arrangement and the government is currently trying to find way to 'compensate' the older Olympians.
  21. Yeah, it's crazy... I just sometimes wish we don't have to give that much and allocate some amount to the development of the sport.
  22. Indonesian cash prizes (both Olympics and Paralympics) Athletes: Gold - IDR 5.5 billion (USD 380k) Silver - IDR 2.5 billion (USD 173k) Bronze - IDR 1.5 billion (USD 104k) Coaches: Gold - IDR 2.5 billion (USD 173k) Silver - IDR 1 billion (USD 70k) Bronze - IDR 600 million (USD 42k) Non medalist athletes and coaches: IDR 100 million (USD 7k) each And no taxes... you get the exact amount you're promised
  23. Wow just showing up at the Olympics for Indonesia worth more than being a 8th placed Belgian
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