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  1. Yeah it’s crazy… They’re just like using the whole frickin stock they brought to the match
  2. Football tragedy in Indonesia: A match between Arema vs Persebaya (two rival teams from East Java) ended 2-3 and the subsequent riot caused over 120 deaths. Home fans (Arema) began climbing the fence and entered the field, started destroying things before the police used tear gas to disperse them. Unfortunately it caused more panic and a stampede happened. 34 people died on the spot, over 90 died in the hospital….
  3. I think it was 2015, where Morocco dramatically withdrew from hosting due to Ebola? The hosts sometimes overestimated their ability and reluctant to tell that they can’t make it in time
  4. INDONESIA Ari Lasso - Hampa ("Empty") Released: 2003 Language: Indonesian Lyrics
  5. Congratulations to you! You can start from a small thing, such as releasing a press release that Ceres Arena in Aarhus has nothing to do with Indonesian chocolate sprinkles brand
  6. I attended medal reallocation ceremony of Citra Febrianti today, who waited 10 years for her medal...
  7. Fast forward 2 months, after initial block with Paypal and some game marketplaces nothing significant happened since then... What happened is the announcement of fuel price rise and everyone is occupied enough with that, so the Information Ministry is saved from relentless online abuse and they can plan the next shady things... Happy ending. Well not really Recently the government is having a headache due to the discovery of personal data in government database for sale in the dark web. Moreover a person called Bjorka recently leaked various Indonesian top politicians data (including the Minister of Information) and some people were having fun sending messages to the politicians. The Minister of Information later stopped using his number, prompting more ridicule from the people. Now police is searching for this Bjorka guy.. They just mistakenly arrested a man selling drinks at a market (who don't even have a computer). And Bjorka having more and more cult-like followers on Telegram. This is like having a cheap rip-off of DeathNote's Kira cult in your own country (but nobody died from heart attack)
  8. The rules here stated that for each program duration, TV stations are allowed advertising slots for maximum 20% of the program duration. In addition, there must be at least one government PSA in that ad slot. Ads about cigarettes, alcohol, and other adult stuff can only be shown from 10 PM until 3 AM. For years private TV owners complained that the rule is too restrictive, so they kinda circumvent the rule and show ads in the middle of football matches like this: (also the round logo above the word "LIVE" is a promo of upcoming local singing contest)
  9. Did not learn from his neighbor Niyazov. Rename a lesser known city and no one make a fuss
  10. I wish our gov can get their shit together and switch to this. In the last election (2019), around 800 polling station staff members died from exhaustion because they have to finish the count ASAP
  11. You guys use pencils? We still use nails here to stab the ballot paper And this is our ballot paper size (In Aceh it will be even longer because there are 4 regional special parties for the province)
  12. Wow this is unique... If such system is used in Indonesia, I think they will be causing problems if you take another party's ballot in places where another party has a very strong presence
  13. Had a rich friend who visited Belgium and she wanted to tell that experience in English class about a month later. But she didn't even know (and probably remember) the city or landmark names except "a pissing statue". I asked her "Did you visit a steel hexagonal-ish building and a park with big arch?" and she said "Yes". From there, I helped her to compose the writing and prevented her from submitting a medieval traveler review of foreign countries
  14. The key is to start well and win before Soh’s nervousness is up to the max
  15. Chia/Soh vs Ahsan/Setiawan for the final Let's see what will happen in the repeat of Tokyo 2020 bronze medal match.
  16. Unlucky they scheduled the parabadminton event in the world championships...
  17. Indonesia vs Poland/Peru combination in parabadminton, Red-White only club
  18. Now it seems really possible in MD after the world no.1 is out lul
  19. If you're talking about age difference, there is Mathew Fogarty (USA - 65 years old) who is playing with 30 year old Isabel Zhong
  20. Just realized qualifications were yesterday, silly me
  21. Can't wait to see Sutjiati Narendra, the rhythmic gymnast who was part of the US junior team but decided to make her athlete career "spicier" by representing Indonesia and relocating to Lampung.
  22. Lol 3 weightlifting medals in one go but no updates on the website
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