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  1. I only caught up to trying to be a thing in women's bobsleigh. How is that going? @heywoodu
  2. Astros jumped on Max Fried early in Game 2. 5-1 after three innings with even Maldonado getting 2 RBI after nobody covered third base.
  3. & in Top 10? In skeleton? I must have missed something since 2018
  4. Hah, I was just about to post that. His mother is a daughter of Polish immigrants hence he applied for the citizenship. Everyone here expects him to be called up for the Andorra & Hungary WCQ games in November
  5. Real win El Clasico 2-1 while Liverpool lead 4-0 vs Manchested United at half-time. At Old Trafford. Surely Solskjaer is getting the boot after this shitshow?
  6. Anett Kontaveit wins Moscow from 46 04 down so the race for the final YEC spot will extend to next week. She needs to win Cluj but even if she does, Jabeur can clinch the spot by making Courmayeur SF if I get it right.
  7. Top 3 separated by 0,10 in the end. Odermatt wins ahead of Leitinger & Kranjec.
  8. I read Michela Moioli will be the bearer during the closing ceremony so at least they have a backup Btw, so the two bearers per one stick fiasco is shelved for WOG?
  9. Well, Red Sox couldn't do anything outside of those Grand Slams. Astros outscored them 22-1 in the last 20 innings IIRC. Dodgers' rotation was also mismanaged, Max Scherzer save left him with a dead arm, they won a bullpen game but lost a Walker Buehler start and World Series will be Astros vs Braves.
  10. Well, Ruch Chorzów is my club after all. I live ca. 20 kms from their stadium. They are the most successful Polish club in history and were first champions in the 1930s. GKS Katowice and Gornik Zabrze were founded only after WWII and are viewed as "lesser" teams in the region
  11. @hckošice Yellow & green balaclava should be GKS Katowice indeed. They have a hools agreement with Banik Ostrava for years. Ruch Chorzów & Wisla Krakow have a friendship here, Austria Vienna is their international agreement so it seems like two rivalling groups visited Slovakia there Btw, Dusan Kuciak equalled the most Ekstraklasa appearances for a foreign player today (276).
  12. Looks like a strategic way to avoid FIM's decision of raising the age limit to 18 from next season? Either sigh him now or wait three years?
  13. Polish media only care about ski jumping The only news about Shiffrin was her zoom sessions with Iga Swiatek
  14. Gut lost it at the bottom. Shiffrin wins. Kilde is Shiffrin's new BF? Polish ES indicated that.
  15. I vaguely remember cross country skiers using orange suits in the 1990s already? @hckošice
  16. Formula 1 is run by an American company and Mazepin drives for an American team. US government will not hamper their own business on the international scene.
  17. Maria Sakkari reached Moscow QF which means she's guaranteed a spot at the YEC.
  18. I didn't say it was W Series fault. It's obviously US government fault. Gender equality is the popular agenda unless Russian passport gets in the way
  19. W Series might promote gender equality but you can still have the wrong passport. Another case of USA refusing to issue a visa for a Russian athlete. We've seen this with tennis players & the Eugene DL fiasco lately. Yeah, tell me more about women rights now
  20. Sure enough, with the trade deadline upcoming next week the Miami Dolphins are apparently trying to get a trade with Houston for DeShaun Watson. Washington FT are rumoured to be the destination where Tua Tagovailoa ends up.
  21. Amateurs. It's obvious IOC doesn't give a flying rat about Tibet. These protests were much stronger before 2008 SOG and obviously achieved absolutely nothing. World has moved on from the Tibet issue some time ago already. Nobody likes to fight a losing war for too long.
  22. Nobody cares what happened in 1968 anymore. Today's sport and Olympic Games is all about money anyway. You can't sell me progress and use examples from 53 years ago. Not in an era when TikTok is king Must be a real boring day in the gossip columns if old NBC clips are making news.
  23. 3 hours and 3 minutes. The crowd sure got their money's worth!
  24. That was Match of the Season stuff for sure. I was really pulling for Paula to win it! Tremendous result!
  25. Jacksonville Jaguars' 20 game losing streak is over as they beat Miami Dolphins 23-20 at Tottenham Stadium. The Tua Tagovailoa experience in Miami might be heading for the exit door as the team falls to 1-5 and DeShaun Watson still around for a trade regardless of the off-field issues. Jags kicker Matthew Wright bend it like Roberto Carlos today!
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