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  1. I always said, half-joking that Hungary and the Slovak Republic could bid together for the 2034 or 2038 winter olympics. Snow events could be in Slovakia, most of ice events in Hungary and ice hockey shared between the two (considering that SK is much better in that than HU). Bobsleigh and luge track could be in the "mountains" around Buda in Budapest :D Problem is, due to climate change there will be probably no winter around that time (provided we dont die earlier in WW III thanks to VVP & his gang)
  2. Okay sorry than it was misunderstood
  3. Two observations: - Interestingly, nary a peep from one of the biggest Putin fans in this forum. - Secondly, to those posters from the Magreb who cheer on Russia: I get you hate the US. You really do. But I assume you wouldn't be happy if a regional power attacked your country. So it is one thing to hate the USA and other is to cheer on another country invading its neighbor. The catastrophic mistake of Iraq 2003 and Libiya 2011 does not excuse what is happening now
  4. Would be interested in what qualification period for aquatic sports will be with all this mess around the WCh's. Apart from this year's, how many aquatics WCh will be held until the Olympics? And which one will be the OG qualification event? Swimming and water polo officials here are seriously at a loss about this. I assume they are not alone.
  5. What an Olympics for ian's! The hero of (Vlhova) wins a gold medal and to top it off they get a bronze in the most popular sport in the country! Congrats @hckošice! And now : GO FINLAND!!!
  6. I my post, I did not advocate banning Russia, just pointed out that this particular sanction is useless.
  7. I agree this time that this whole ROC/OAR etc. thing is a farce. It is not a real sanction but still makes possible for the Russian to play the victim and whine that "again the poor blameless Russia is being humiliated". It the worst of both worlds. Dont think it does anything against doping which was the objective in the first place.
  8. Probably yes, also like when Georgia started to ask other countries where the name of their country comes from the Russian word (Gruzija - Грузия) to call them "Georgia" instead. For example, in Hungarian the name of Georgia is "Grúzia" which comes from the Russian form above, and Georgia started to campaign after the 2008 war to call it Georgia instead.
  9. Are those haters Estonian? "Interesting" tbh that someone roots against the one realistic OG medal chance of their country.... Or is this family dispute so serious?
  10. Yea, but it seems to me its also due to superior German sleds. Kind of like Red Bull F1 cars in 2013 or Merc F1 cars in 2016. Of course in both years the teams concerned also had capable driver to go with their space-ship cars.
  11. That's a sensible comment and approach, much more than shouting "Russophobes!" and "western media!"
  12. Being realistic about the probability that Russian coaching and approach to athlete welfare will change (=not much) versus subscribing to the narrative of "big bad western media destroyed the blameless innocent Russians" are two different things. BTW, if I had x amount of money every time when a media org somewhere (and particularly outside continental Europe - so this includes the UK already) mixes up Budapest and Bucharest or Slovenia and Slovakia, I would be very rich already. So nothing new here too.
  13. Not sure if it is worth writing this post as it seems it has become another ideological soapbox but still: Those who shout "western media" , why you dont have any criticsm towards the completely amoral and evil person of Tutberidze, who is the final responsible of all this? If she hasn't given prohibited subtance to a 15 year old girl, there would be no issue, and nothing to make for the "western media" a scandal from. Where there is smoke there is fire. Many people act as if the so-called "western media" (in fact, the media organizations mentioned in this topic are almost all British or American) made up this whole issue out of thin air. Of course, it is possible and fair to be concerned by media ethics, and we actually saw people being destroyed by media (e.g. British tabloids vs. some members of their royal family). But not noticing the big issue, which is Tutberidze, is kind of disingenuous. Unless someone wants to score ideological points and athlete welfare is just a convenient smokescreen.
  14. There's a business opportunity to make T-shirts with the caption "Tutberidze did nothing wrong". It would be lapped up by her admirers here.
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