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  1. There is a doping cases and bans thread for each year AFAIK somewhere in the forum.
  2. That's a different point about an individual athlete. But in case of the commenter in question, who seems to carpet-bomb with doping accusations throughout the forum.
  3. Agree. Would be interested to know whether he has ever accused German competitors of doping. Just for the sake of consistency To be fair, at least in the case of long jump he did not imply that the medallists did finish as they did because of doping.
  4. On Eurosport they said she refused to board the plane and will get political asylum in either Austria or the Czech Republic.
  5. Probably Thiago will explain this more professionally this is copied from Wikipedia: In the vault final, Carey finished eighth. In the running phase of her first vault, Carey was off on her steps and performed only a tucked Yurchenko, a vault with a difficulty score of 3.3. She went on and successfully performed her second vault, an Amanar with a difficulty of 5.8, but was deducted two point points for performing two vaults with the same entry and for performing two backwards rotating vaults. The expert on Eurosport said that a less experienced vaulter might have crashed into
  6. just carries on! Good job, @hckošice
  7. Miracle within reach for . Hope he does not sc**** it up in the last race after having done all the heavy lifting...
  8. I am a biased fan but somehow I felt that it is going to be 1-2-3. But with OR at the first place? Wow!
  9. Slovenia is currently at 4 medals with 2 gold. Only once they won more than 4 (2008) but then it was only 1 gold. So 1 medal is missing to be this the most successful OG of all time for both in terms of gold medals and total medals. And the great Janja Garnbret is still to come in climbing.
  10. Now Petterson answers to Ceh with 67.39 moving to second
  11. Now in bronze position, 4cm ahead of the second Swede, Petersson.
  12. Kristjan Ceh sneaks through with 2 false attempts out of 3. 8th place.
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