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  1. I voted 8 chiefly because of the epic gymnastics final held today. One of the most important days for coming up now. Lets see how my happiness meter will be after that...
  2. I missed this amid the drama in the gymnastics hall, but this is big for ! Well done (North) Macedonia!
  3. Fair point, hope the guys figure it out in time for Paris.
  4. Probably the end of the road for the team this time (unless they pull off a miracle in the remaining 3 matches). Even though was very happy about qualifying, but seems that the suffering of the handball continues as usual. And all this with more money in the sport than ever before (which does not matter much if/when your problems are with coach development and the like)
  5. Wow the result! Absolute congrats and respect to her, well done!
  6. Everything is open so far but as things stand right now IMO it will be around 6 gold medals for rather than the 8 in Rio. I would like to be proven wrong. If the men's sabre team fails to win then even more so. Of course a lot of things can happen in week 2 but I don't expect that gold medals suddenly start to rain on in the canoe kayak track, if we keep up the 3 gold medals there from Rio it would be a very good result. Additional sports also have to chip in for more than 6 gold medals. Milak failing to win the men 200 fly would be the absolute total disappointment of the whole Ol
  7. For me it was a huge surprise that the Eurosport had a skateboarder as a guest commentator. He and his wife apparently do it at a competitive level (it is safe to assume they are not part of the world elite...) Among others it turned out from the broadcast that his wife is big friends with the Austrian competitor in the women's, hahaha.
  8. I don't want to derail this thread in a non sporting direction but while I do think Russia would have deserved a one Olympics total ban, the Moscow regime would interpret this as "the West" wanting to punish them for (insert reason X) and retaliate against the supposed "authors" of the ban on areas other than sport. So they would consider this as one of the sanctions against Russia post-2014. I assume the EU countries would have been targeted the most with even more of their time honored active measures and other assorted subversive activities. Considering all this I am not sure
  9. Baseball/softball have no point of existing (as an Olympic sport) in their present form and I'm glad they aren't on the program in Paris. While I have no doubt that surfing will stay in both LA and Brisbane the jury is still out for me whether they can do it in a TV watchable format. This night I will try to watch it again now it has commentary on ES.
  10. I am 40 and have no problem with Olympic skateboarding either. To the comment that skateboarding is sth that technology invented: skateboarding as an activity existed before even personal computers being widespread, AFAIK. I have my personal gripes with social media (I think it has irreparably damaged society and political life) but this thing has nothing to do with it. People were skateboarding way before Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok etc existed.
  11. I second the opinion of Thiago, this was the first skateboarding competition I watched in my life and it was a funny and enjoyable event. Scoring will be adjusted hopefully but the competition itself is certainly TV friendly (more than surfing, IMO)
  12. What were the scandals around UK gymnastics? Was it sth similar to Nassar's in the USA?
  13. Well done, ! I only saw the medal ceremony live, now I will re-watch the semi and finals
  14. I dont have such detailed schedule as our colleague from Kosice, but: - Originally I did not plan to stay up for anything else than Milak, but this night I attempt to watch the skateboarding women's competition (street) from the qualifier onwards - not sure until when I can stay awake - 8.30: Women's water polo vs. ROC - 12:00: Gymnastics team competition - M - Then in the rest of the time watch from replay Canoe Slalom & parts of swimming
  15. I referred to that definitely gold medal and probably any medal was not realistic for Hosszu this time so its not a big surprise. If Milak fails to medal, that would be a big surprise
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