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  1. Good. It seems check-mate for Babis, at last (he will try to form government but as of now, 2 of 4 parties in parlament dont want to work with him, and he has no majority with the far-right, even if he wanted to govern with them). If this stands, another of the international allies of Orbanism bites the dust. Prepares: Janez Jansa and Jair Bolsonaro next year.
  2. Is the Sputnik-V authorized by Chinese authorities? B/c I know there is no WHO authorization (yet?). This has been a problem for those countries where this vaccine is in use (difficulty to travel abroad as it is unrecognized by many states, absent WHO authorization)
  3. Unless the problem is not enough vaccines for the affected country (in this case IOC should provide the neccessary vaccines free of charge for the athletes concerned) I dont see this as a problem. International sport was always hard to separate from politics, so in some cases accomodation should be made based on political consideration. But in case of antivaxxers, no such accommodation is neccessary, or indeed defensible. The same way no international sports body takes the view of flat earthers into account. (The only defensible case is medical contraindication of the vaccine, and this is already provided for in the organizers' policy - see comment above)
  4. Not really surprising (after the defeat against Albania) but this is the end of the road for . Poland will play against Albania, Andorra and San Marino, before playing Hungary. If it wins all 3 matches it will have 20 points before the Hungary match. Hungary plays San Marino, Albania and England next. If we assume that it wins both against SMR and Albania (which as we saw is no means certain) will have 16 points, making the Poland match without stake. For this to change, either have to win against (impossible) or has to lose one of their 3 easy matches (while not impossible I doubt they will make an error like losing against Albania)
  5. Very good news! If I manage to get through this winter there will be at least a prize on the other side of the tunnel: a WOG hockey tournament with NHLers
  6. Latvia and Denmark just qualified for the 2022 Olympics! Go Slovakia Go!!!!!
  7. I will root for the ians even more so as they are not going to play against :D I assume this is similar to you as for us not qualifying in water polo (never happened since 1924!)
  8. Now Maria Sakharova (officially MFA spokeswoman but in practice more like a media troll) is also whining about the lost RG gold medals: ROC officially complain about rhythmic gymnastics result as Foreign Ministry spokesperson wades into row
  9. You are more than welcome here. I am looking forward to that event as well. My only concern is that our so-called “government” might do something really awful (even more than their actions so far) in the 2 next years, so one or more important countries boycott this WCh. But lets hope this is not happening (it would be very bad for the athletes anyway) I will plan to attend Paris 2024 as well. I am more interested in the niche sports does well in (e.g. canoe kayak, waterpolo), attend some of the newer sports, and try to get tickets to one of the big sports (athletics, gymnastics, swimming). Accommodation will be key
  10. Good point, I agree on the names mentioned, definitely Mihalyvari Farkas is one to watch
  11. Probably there are many from but for example: (I hope) Salim Omar (taekwondo) Ajna Kesely (swimming) Istvan Peni (shooting)
  12. Plus it also depends on whether there is a “core” or regular user of this community (who post a lot anyway) who is a fan of a particular, less widely followed sport
  13. I already checked the program for Beijing, and a number of sports I will want to watch (bobsleigh, luge, ski jumping definitely) will have finals or even most events in the evening Beijing time, so definitely watchable for me during the day in Europe. The rest I want to follow (e.g. snowboard) I will watch in replay from the Player.
  14. Coates admits key Olympic Charter changes targetted at IWF as IOC Session approves amendments IOC vice-president John Coates admitted the latter came in response to the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), which he said had failed to follow several clear directions from the Executive Board to improve its doping culture and repair its governance. If they use these powers only to make an ultimatum to the IWF, I am fine with it. Probably the last chance to pressure them to clear out from the leadership the Ajánists, the corrupt old guard, the enablers of doping and doping coverup, put in place the reformed charter which was drawn up (elegibility requirement for leadership, doping controls etc.), and so on. The persons in question can decide if they want to continue in power (and thereby say goodbye to the IOC money) or give in to save their sport. Its up to the current leadership.
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