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  1. Swimming is my favourite sport to watch along with Ice hockey Diving and Athletics. I would watch it everyday lol
  2. People are so mean. This is so disgisting hearing about this. And then some people wonder how come a person is going through depression.
  3. I have no words except that it's awful and totally delusionnal of them. I am disgusted.
  4. Totally agree. The fact that we are there is amazing itself. I will just enjoy watching them pla, and I will be happy.
  5. Just being there is a huge accomplishment. Very happy
  6. Are they joking ???? He really said that ????
  7. All these poor innocent people paying the price for this mad psychopath is totally breaking my heart in 1000 pieces.
  8. I can't help but feel sorry for Valieva. She is the victim in this. I totally blame her coaches. What a mess.
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