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  1. I think a silver medal is a great achievement. And she was very close. And a race is a race. You can never predict what kind of performance you will achieve.
  2. What a great swim from Maggie and great swim from Summer also.
  3. Hopefully we Will have some surprise medals that are not expected
  4. Yes he is in the leaders group right now Edit whoops i spoke too fast lol
  5. I tried watching surfing earlier. Am i alone thinking that this is very boring to watch. I thought we had Canadians competing ?
  6. I was wondering why she haven’t showed up. Hopefully she will be ok for the next races.
  7. So much sports to follow lol i was at the gymnastics than Switch to Volley-ball then Rowing then fencing then softball not all is good though
  8. I don’t think we have classified or ever won something in this event. Lol 😂
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