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  1. Also, most of the market squares in Finland we occupied with celebrating finns TORILLA TAVATAAN, LEGENDARY QUOTE FROM 1995!
  2. WHAT A HOCKEY SEASON IT HAS BEEN FOR FINLAND!! Seriously, first ever olympic gold & now first ever medal/championship at HOME ICE? CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD, BABY!!! DEN GLIDER IN!!!!! Also, Valtteri Filppula is now the 1st ever finnish member of the Triple Gold Club!
  3. Btw, one of our experts, Olli Jokinen, said that if asked from the players & coaches, people would want an 5v5 OT. Perhaps continuous OT.
  4. I still hate 3v3 OT, regardless of the outcome lol
  5. Btw, so many missed calls against Canada... Those refs are bad BUT they're feeling the pressure of home crowd. I reckon
  6. Canada made a comeback against SWE, winning them in OT so... :P
  7. As a finn, i agree completely. Swedish refs lol
  8. Slashing penalty would've been more believable tbh
  9. Canada dominated the first half, but the game got even eventually
  10. "because they have never managed to win gold medals at the home championship" @hckošice , more like we never have managed to win a medal in general xd
  11. That 3rd period reminds me a lot of the 3rd period back in 2011, Gold medal game between Finland & Sweden...
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