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  1. brackets
  2. that was expected. this event was too big and not that important (I like it personally though) to happen in middle of a pandemic. I really hope we have a Corona-free world in November 2023. but I hope we won't hear the same thing about the big Asian Games in 2022. China is still very cautious about everything and not sending athletes to lots of international events. @Vic Liu sorry to ask you again but is there any rumor or news about cancellation of the AG ? I know China is committed to host the WOG but that's easier to handle. AG is also too big with more than 40 sports. considering the situation in China how much chance we have to actually watch the AG next year in September?
  3. thanks to Chinese Taipei NOC, all technical handbooks of the 2022 Asian Games are available here only Esports handbook is missing, because they still didn't finalize the rules.
  4. Iran finished the Greco-Roman competition with 4 gold medals which is our best ever result yet Russia won the team title with just 1 gold medal. they had lots of silver and bronze medals despite (unfortunately) not having female wrestlers Iran still topped the overall medal table with 7 gold medals while lots of big stars were missing here (for obvious reasons, being too close to the Olympics) but still it was a great tournament for Iran, most of our wrestlers are U23, some of them are under 20. interestingly we brought all of our 4 Olympic medalists and they all ended up winning the gold medal.
  5. Russia already won the Greco team title but it was a good day for Iran, winning 2 gold medals and sending 2 other wrestlers to the final for tomorrow. I hope they finish with 4 gold medals (and 7 gold overall) but even with that Russia is still going to win the team title because 3 of wrestlers got eliminated early and received no team classification points.
  6. 4 gold medals for 4 different countries in the first day of Greco finals. the great Roman Vlasov saved the day for Russia, they won only 1 gold and lost two other finals to Armenia and Japan. the last gold of the day went to Azerbaijan. Russia is almost secured the team title but it was a better day for Iran. 3 of our wrestlers from yesterday managed to win the bronze medal. Mokhtari (who I was considering a gold medal chance) was terrible and lost like a baby. but most importantly we brought two wrestlers to the final for tomorrow, in heavier weights. and both of them will be huge favorites for the gold. (even though nothing is guaranteed in Greco) the last time we had a finalist in World Greco-Roman Championship was 2015 (we had an Olympic Champion 2 months ago though)
  7. yeah he acted like a crybaby but serious Iran was in big trouble after losing two matches in the first round and since then we changed the coach and his team won 10 matches (7 WCQ matches + 3 friendly) in a row and set a new record in Iran's history and he is not even a great coach
  8. 3rd win in a row for Iran, this time after a crazy VAR decision. our player even left the pitch after the red card but then they realized they have to check the offside position too and found it offside and few minutes later Iran scored the winning goal without VAR Iran had to play 30 minutes with 10 players at 0-0. in Group A we already have a big gap between top 2 (Iran and Korea) and the rest. and Japan is in big trouble in Group B, they lost to KSA tonight. still too early but KSA and Australia are creating a gap. Japan can't lose more points if they don't want to play playoffs.
  9. Congrats I came to the forum to ask you where is the rest of Egyptian wrestlers and you already answered the question. what a pity.
  10. what a pity I was hoping they can find a solution before this but it seems they didn't. Iran Gymnastics Federation is somehow suspended right now. I mean not officially but in reality. the former/current president is accused of stealing money. still just accused, nothing is official but per rules in Iran she wasn't allowed to run for this position as long as she has an open case in the court. the election was supposed to be held few months ago but FIG didn't like the news and threatened the Iranian officials to suspend Iran if they don't let her run for another term. she is still in her office, FIG recognizes her as the president but per rules in Iran her time is expired and whatever he signs as IGF president means nothing. therefore no money, nothing else, she can't do shit but still she loves to keep that position. this is just deadend and who knows how long it will take. I just feel terrible for those gymnasts.
  11. the team title was decided by the very last match of the competition and the great Sadulaev once again won the title for Russia (or whatever else they are being called this year) this guy is the best wrestler I ever seen I believe in 5 or 6 years he will become the most accomplished wrestler of all time. Poland also won its first ever World Championships gold in men's freestyle wrestling. even though Gadzhiev is Russian but still.
  12. looks like Iran, Russia and USA will grab 3 gold medals each one at the end and KGZ or POL will take the remaining gold medal. of course that will happen if the great Sadulaev beats Kyle Snyder once again in repeat of 2020 Olympics final. it will be a hell of a match tomorrow. but our wrestler could prevent this final from happening, Goleij was leading Snyder 2-1 in last 5 seconds but made a dumb mistake. but I guess we can't complain yesterday we won so many matches in last 10/20 seconds interestingly Iran, Russia and USA they all still can win the team title tomorrow. that will be up to our wrestlers in repechage and bronze medal match also the 97kg final between RUS and USA. if I'm not wrong back in 2017 it also decided by the last match between Snyder and Sadullaev where Snyder beat the Russian tank and won the team title for USA.but it will be really hard for Snyder to repeat that result.
  13. thanks for remembering my question I saw that before but that's not accurate for some sports. I happened to find the "technical handbook" for only few sports and for example in shooting they listed "mixed trap" but that's mixes skeet. or Squash has mixed doubles for the first time in 2022 but they didn't mention it. if you see few mistakes you don't trust the rest. I was looking for the official technical handbooks in past few days but only few of them are available online. I mean something like this which explains everything you should know about the event
  14. what a day, 2 gold medals from yesterday weights and 4 in the final. 16 matches and 16 wins this is probably the best day ever for Iranian freestyle wrestling. both Yazdani and Zare beat the guy who denied them the Olympic gold medal in the World Championship final. and Yazdani finally managed to beat David Taylor after losing to him 3 times! I never saw him crying, but there were lots of pressure on him to finally beat this guy. Iran, USA and Russia won all 4 gold medals today and only these 3 countries have someone in the final tomorrow. it's very possible that nobody else wins a gold in the freestyle competition.
  15. 4/4 in the final unbelievable . some of these guys are considered very bad here , still made it to a World Championship final. Finals: 57: Gilman vs Sarlak 65: Yazdani vs Shakhiev 79: Burroughs vs Nokhodi 92: Kurbanov vs Ghasempour
  16. 2nd day semifinals 57: Gilman vs Lehr /// Sarlak vs Atli 65: Yazdani vs Osmonov /// Shakhiev vs Tulga 79: Yoshida vs Burroughs /// Kentchadze vs Nokhodi 92: Kurbanov vs Nurmagomedov /// Cox vs Ghasempour first session of the 2nd day was too good to be true all 4 Iranian wrestlers made it to the semifinal. hopefully at least 2 of them qualify for the final match tomorrow.
  17. Finalists: 61: Fix vs Magomedov 74: Dake vs Salkazanov 86: Taylor vs vs Yazdani 125: Petriashvili vs Zare I was hoping for 3 finalists but 2 is still a good result. Amouzad was really disappointing losing to some random Japanese wrestler. and we will have Taylor vs Yazdani #4. it will be a big big disaster here if Yazdani loses this one too. he is the most popular athlete here and everybody talks about this matchup whenever they are in the same tournament. Zare also beat Akgul and now has to beat the other big one for the gold. he lost to Petriashvili in Tokyo and had to settle for bronze. USA is in a very good position for the team title. 3 in the final and they still have Cox, Burroughs, Snyder and Gilman. this is the best US freestyle team ever, at least as far as I remember.
  18. first day semifinals 61: Harutyunyan vs Fix /// Hasegawa vs Magomedov 74: Dake vs Nurykau /// Salkazanov vs Kentchadze 86: Taylor vs Abakarov /// Naifonov vs Yazdani 125: Petriashvili vs Boltin /// Zare vs Akgul
  19. brackets are out for the freestyle competition. lots of big names are here while lots of big names are missing. still it will be a very interesting competition. 86kg will be fun tomorrow, Taylor, Yazdani and Naifonov are all here we also have 3 of 4 Olympics medalists at 125kg, only Gable Steveson (who went to WWE) is missing. I believe Kyle Dake will have not much problem to win the 74kg gold . these 3 weights + 61kg will be held tomorrow
  20. FIVB is just great in this I can't understand their obsession with this "Final six" thing. what's wrong with having 8 teams and quarterfinal round ? btw I was checking old results and FIVB is changing format since 1994! they never used the same format twice since then in the men's WCh. I think Volleyball is the only team sport with this.
  21. I don't think this Iranian team deserved anything more than quarterfinal. except the match against Argentine when they didn't want to win. Iran had great start in other 4 matches but then struggled and even that terrible USA team created lots of problems. when something bad happens 4 times in a row you don't deserve to win. Kazakhstan was the better team today. this team was 90% the same as 2016. probably it's time to move on and build a new team.
  22. that was a hell of a match, I read some stats in our media that this is our 31st futsal match against Uzbekistan and Iran had won all previous 30 matches but I'm sure this one was the hardest one. even though Iran was leading 9-6 in last 50 seconds and Uzbeks scored two goals in the last minute. the last time Iran had a +2 goals win in a World Cup match was 17 years ago these guys just love to live on the edge, having close matches against everybody, no matter who, even against the worst team of the competition (USA)
  23. end of preliminary round at the Asian Championships made it to the semifinal and therefore qualified for the World Championship in Spain. there will one more quota for the 5th place team. this will be the first time in history that Iran qualifies for a Women's World Championship in an Olympic team sport. yeah they had a very easy group and only had to beat Jordan, Syria, Kuwait and Palestine but still this is something historic considering all limitations women are facing here unfortunately. I don't think they will finish last in Spain I believe they can beat 2 or 3 teams there.
  24. a 2-2 would be perfect but I think Iran will be happy with this 2-1 defeat. we had a game finally after Argentina scored. the last 10 minutes was indeed interesting. I hope the God of futsal forgives this behavior because of that last 10 minutes because I just have a feeling that Iran will choke against Uzbekistan this time Iran played something like 50 official matches with Uzbekistan and won all of them but there is a first time for everything, specially when you don't respect fairplay
  25. Iran 0-0 Argentina at half time Zero shots on target for Iran, they barely even went to the Argentina's half I'm not sure if Argentina is really trying. they had some chances but I don't think it was 100% trying. the first 10 minutes was without anything special but probably since then Argentina decided to try a bit. just a bit. I believe Iran will come forward to equalize if Argentina somehow scores. otherwise it will finish 0-0. Iran don't want to lose but don't want to win either
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