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  1. Well, I just hope Nadal doesn't win RG. Final between Alcaraz and Tsitsipas would be refreshing. Those three BP Jabeur missed in the second set I really hoped she could reach QF at least :/
  2. Sakkari could have all qualifiers on her way to the title and she would still choke in in the SF
  3. Petra Marcinko starting to make some waves on WTA
  4. I hope Swiatek wins Roland Garros too, and then, I am fine whatever she does later in the year, and given the state of other so called top 10 players, I see I'll enjoy
  5. Great for her, but all those 125k wins and losing opening rounds at other events..
  7. So, I liked Serbia, Netherlands, Iceland and France. Norway a bit too. Perhaps I could deal with Ukraine. Anyway - Eurovision being all about politics again? Groundbreaking! If only people who vote (both Jury and common) could separate music from filthy politics it would have more charm, like at the beginnings. I will take any day TISC voting over Eurovision voting TISC for the WIN!
  8. Ons and Iga Hope Ons has something left in tank, the match would be exciting then, otherwise, easy win for Iga. It would be great to see both meeting at SF/F at Roland Garros!
  9. @Agger that second song
  10. Hopefully I will see some pleasant surprised in the last session The way the voting unrolls, I don't like it
  11. 12 and 10 woohoo Thank you @Vektor And points to Ukraine as well!
  12. Wow, nice to see another country getting first points by winning a medal
  13. Spain yes, but not this year, while I can see big fat 12 for Canada I thinkPortugal is getting some high pts
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