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  1. I had a lot of interest in the past, but every season it is getting worse, bad coverage, and with that paying terms they hit rock bottom. First you have to gain popularity, then you can play with money.
  2. Tomorrow Grande Finale: 5.00 Ladies Team (one round) 8.00 Ladies Individual 9.00 Men Team (one round) 10.30 Men Individual
  3. Tande is now out of the worst. Meanwhile, today was historic day for Slovenian ski jumping. All 10 jumpers, who competed, qualified for final round and took some World Cup points, which is Slovenian record in any winter sport.
  4. Once again this Team Event is pure bullshit. It was even better and much more fair, when they run individually Super G and Slalom. This is nonsense.
  5. They should implement qualification runs in Team Event, we keep fighting against same team over and over. Tomorrow - , there's a surprise.
  6. At least they manage to stage farewell run for Hannes Reichelt. First action of the Finals on track.
  7. Still better than last year, when they truely ended season very poorly.
  8. SLOVENIA Sorry to all it took a while, but here it is, another Slovenian entrant. Though Luka Basi is singing in Croatian, he is pure Slovenian, he just found himself in this "genre". He was born as Matej Prikeržnik in Slovenj Gradec in 1993. Due to his major success in past years he decided to change his name, so now he is officialy known as Luka Basi Prikeržnik. He is another product of Got Talent franchise, he competed in Slovenian version in 2016. This song is also partly work of Raay, a well known author, and part of duo Maraaya, who represent Sloveni
  9. I am not sure to have time finding song until the end of week, so if is possible, will be glad for a day or two of postponement. 🙂
  10. Another proof something went wrong in case of Mišmaš. EAA has now replay of the race on site, but with half of minute missing, probably when Spanish athlete pushed our runner. Coincidence ? Hm, I think not.
  11. Still stupid to decide like this, with well undeserved champion.
  12. This is bullshit, Klaebo had nowhere to go, at least they did not give Bolshunov gold.
  13. I read that Spanish athlete pushed our Mišmaš, she tried to stay on course for couple of meters, than almost crashed into equipment near track, it would be nice to see, what happened, if that was the case, then our athlete, who was medal contender, got clearly robbed and they should disqualify Spaniard. But, I have not seen replay.
  14. Did anybody know, why Mišmaš Zrimšek and another athlete were DSQ? Where can I see that run ?
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