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  1. One final push towards ending of winter season. In times when everything spins around global warming, ending on April 2nd is a stupid decision. All winter sports should come to an end till middle of March. Anyway, our best guys took clean sweep in qualification, but only two other qualified for today's competition at 15.00. This is the worst number of qualified jumpers in home soil since 2008. Hope Lanišek, Zajc and Domen Prevc will repeat their jumps today. Lanišek needs 73 points to beat Kubacki, and though Dawid had to finish season early, this would not be undeservable, because Kubacki profited a lot from season opening on plastic, which in my opinion does not fit in Winter World Cup. Anyhow, good luck to all, hope we will see good and safe long jumps and without any weather troubles, though predictions are not good (rain and wind).
  2. I had so much work in past days to almost forgot on TAISC. To be honest, I barely wanted to look, because lately my songs always ended poorly, and after long time I sent song in our native language. Now I am in deep shock, a very big thank you to all, who recognize good singing, despite sung in Slovenian, it was close to set a new PB (I believe Tina Maze still rocks with her 10th place over 100 points). Special thanks to @dcro to rewarding my choice with 12 points. Looks like we will see you also next time. EDIT: Also not to forget, I believe this is very rare occasion (maybe second time), a song, which I dedicate it 12 points, actually won, how about that.
  3. That is not true, your Tan Bionica band is still in my head.
  4. Any clues, will there be possible to see Ladies Flying Training today?
  5. Another rock bottom for Team Event. Tomorrow 6 teams will compete: SUI, AUT, NOR, ITA,GER and AND
  6. Congrats to Ester for nice comeback. Other than that, another farse for Parallel races, win ratio was 27:5 for blue course.
  7. Ester Ledecka finally came back. She finished easy 1st in Qualifications for PGS in Rogla.
  8. Ladies had one final statement towards their non Olympic inclusion. This time all had drawn moustaches or beards.
  9. Our girls have to fight for quarterfinals, this has to be their main goal, and then, who knows.
  10. Does anybody know, what were times of Russians and Belarussians in their own Championships, which were held simultaneous?
  11. Interesting enough, Timi was involved in an affair, where previous coach had to leave team during Ski Flying WCH 2020 in Planica, two years and two months later he saves home Nordic Worlds. So, let us play with maths. For Lovro Kos not competing I added points from Domen Prevc. 1042.6 Tschofenig 261.6 Hayboeck 253.0 Hoerl 257.1 Kraft 270.9 1032.0 Forfang 263.3 Sundal 249.8 Lindvik 249.7 Granerud 269.2 1058.9 Stoch 272.1 Zyla 266.0 Zniszczol 244.6 Kubacki 276.2 1049.2 Kos 246.8 Jelar 251.8 Zajc 287.5 Lanišek 263.1 1051.7 Eisenbichler 271.4 Schmid 250.0 Wellinger 261.4 Geiger 268.9 To sum up: 1. 1058.9 2. +7.2 3. +9.7 4. +16.3 5. +26.9 It is going to be intense battle.
  12. Nice performance for our team in their first ever Relay. They beat 4 teams. Today only 46 athletes on start of 30 km for ladies, don't know, what is Linn Svahn doing there. For us only Neža Žerjav will perform. Petra Majdič was 5th in Sapporo 2007, which is by far unreachable. Nataša Lačen was 17th in 2003, Lampič came 21st in last Worlds. For Neža top 30 result would be quite nice.
  13. It is good Zajc and Domen Prevc are on such level not everything is on Lanišek. Main threat should come from Poles and Austrians, but at least 10-15 jumpers could win today. Hope conditions will be fair.
  14. Today 15 teams in Men's Relay, one more as in Seefeld 2019, top 12 would be quite good for our team. If you ask FIS, we already had a relay in 1999 and 2001, have we, @hckošice
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