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  1. Hey guys, yes I am still alive. In Slovenia we have again our classic problem. Some of them are extremely happy for Pogačar, others are truly upset over another "last time trial" defeat from Roglič (same as last time for 3rd place against Froome). So, nothing new on Sunny side of Alps, nation is divided once more.
  2. Yes, I ran Redbull 400 in Planica three times, it is brutal.
  3. Ah yes, still 1-2 for those poor lucky Slovenian bastards. Heading in final week. 😉
  4. And yeah, like you said, Slovenia is not poor country. We might be small, but we are not poor. Also, those cycling results did not came in one year. Slovenia has very good cycling tradition, but main problem was our cyclists were always working for someone else. I am very pleased that a Dutch team recognized hard effort and talent, put by Roglič, to work him over home athletes, such as Dumoulin and Kruijswijk. In UAE, there was always too much burden put on Aru, finally Pogačar got the chance, though let's be honest, it is going to be very tough third week
  5. Tour de Slovenie continues, make it last, till Paris, please. 🙂😃😏
  6. Sadly no one expected for event to got so late in the evening, Duplantis would probably already today broke Bubka's record, if there would be still daylight.
  7. Aside from "Americans" (Morris, Nageotte, Stefanidi) all the best are here.
  8. Team ?? rules. Soon everybody will know, how to write and speak in Slovenian. ?
  9. Amazing contest, thank you all for putting my song on the podium. Third place, wow. How about we always play like this and forget about our own countries? ???
  10. In case you missed it: Athletics Cup of Slovenia - last weekend in Ljubljana: Tina Šutej - pole vault W 475 (WL) Neja Filipič - triple jump W 14.32 (+2.2 m/s) Neja Filipič - long jump W 649 Sandro Jeršin Tomassini - high jump M 221 (he is only 16 years old) Kristjan Čeh - discus M 65.27 (this season already 68.75 - 3rd best in the world) Maja Mihalinec - 200m W 23.88
  11. It was not legal, but not for much. (+2.2 m/s).
  12. Sorry, I haven't read, that you already know for payed view. This is also in my opinion stupid decision, firstly because there is not quite often a chance to see Roglič and Pogačar ride on same race in homeland, and secondly, if I am not mistaken, this will be first post-corona national championships, therefore a bit more attention has been given. Next Sunday there is going to be another battle between Rogla and Pogi: mountain time trial, with finish in biathlon stadium Rudno Polje (Pokljuka), 15 km - 711m altitude.
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