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  1. May I request an expansion of the voting deadline well into next week, probably , Thursday? @heywoodu
  2. Germany Robin Schulz feat. Jasmine Thompson Sun Goes Down Nothings ever what we expect But they keep asking where I go next Oh, we're chasing as the sun set Got my mind on you Doesn't matter where we are are are are Doesn't matter where we are are are are Doesn't matter, no If there's a moment when it's perfect We'll carve our names as the sun goes down Yeah As the sun goes down Yeah As the sun goes down As the sun goes down Doesn't matter where we are are are are Doesn't matter where we are a
  3. Ah okay, did not know that, sorry May I request a little expansion of the submission deadline then? @heywoodu
  4. Germany Felix Jaehn feat. Jasmine Thompson Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better) Lyrics Captured effortlessly That's the way it was Happened so naturally I did not know it was love The next thing I felt was you Holding me close What was I gonna do I let myself go And now we're flyin' through the stars I hope this night will last forever Oh oh oh oh Ain't nobody Loves me better Makes me happy Makes me feel this way Ain't nobody Loves me better than you I've been waitin' for you It's been so long I kn
  5. Really satisfied in the end After a horrible 2nd and 3rd session where I thought Alvaro would end up in one of the last few spots my selection reached 13th rank finally what is a really pleasant surprise for a German entry sung in Spanish ?
  6. You mean Superhero by The Script? If so that is just an amazing Song with fantastic lyrics and a great tune. One of my all-time favourites
  7. Thanks @Vic Liu This is incredible to score another 12 To me it seems as if either I get nothing at all or 10 to 12, nothing in between, so crazy
  8. Seems as if I did not make the right song choice this year ? But regardless of the final result I like that song and and will always like it ?
  9. Lol, yeah But honestly, the Crimson Tide is great in Am. Football, but LSU were better last season
  10. But they have one of the best Am.Football college teams, at least sth. they can be proud of
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