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  1. Actually, I should drop my other two choices here in video form, so here they are Pia Mia -- Bitter Love Symphony -- Chance
  2. Alright, that was a shit ton of pages to go through, but I'm glad I made it to the end First of all, thank you to the community who was able to vote for Hong Kong in the group stages. I chose that song because I was also in the middle of picking some songs for another contest, and when I got an invite via Twitter to join, I just had to do it. I also had chosen songs from my other choices (Guam and Swaziland, or eSwatini for you 'name nazis' out there) from that same contest. For Guam, I had chosen Pia Mia (mainly because she's the biggest pop star to ever come out of the island) wi
  3. Yeah, I get your point. I realized it's not a good idea to do it annually, but it's just a thought
  4. Costa Rica destroying Barbados, even with Rihanna's star power... I love this community
  5. Maybe we should do this every year, considering how this one went down with surprise results
  6. Well, I kinda hesitated what I would contribute to Japan Day (if i wanted to post a documentary on how the residents survived the 2011 earthquake/tsunami or anime shows that have been a ratings hit in the United States) but in the end, I'm posting a day in the life of what they're called a "sushi master". Enjoy!
  7. Burundi shutting out South Korea is something that can only happen in TISC apparently...
  8. Yeah, I avoided listening to the songs as well. I'm planning on listening to all of them this weekend with a relisten for each match
  9. I think I've read every post on here, so now I am caught up, but I'm happy to take part in the contest, because otherwise I would have missed it if it wasn't for a Twitter DM.
  10. Konig, we've competed in 14 contests. You should know you and I will never see eye to eye But when we finally do, the whole world will end. Don't quote me on that
  11. Sorry, I missed most of the contest, but I had to do other things today. Anyway, congrats to our northern neighbors Canada @intoronto for finally breaking the winless non-European streak. It's about damn time. Also congrats to @Vic Liu and @Bohemia @Benolympique for silver and bronze If you ask me, 15th place is respectable in my book, but if you're wondering why and how I pick the songs for the US... well, that's for me (and maybe @Olympian1010) to know and for the rest of you to find out
  12. Good morning, fam. I'm finally able to join in to our semi-annual tradition. Thanks to @Olympian1010 for posting our points, though I must say that this is probably the first time ever that my personal 12 did not become our overall 12, but more on that later Anyway, thanks to for the fairly consistent 2 points, for 3 points, for 5 points, for 10 points, for 11 points, and finally to and for 12 points, so now my goals have been met @IoNuTzZ @DaniSRB @Ruslan @intoronto @Ionoutz24 @Skijumpingmaster @Dnl @Werloc @amen09 @tuniscof @Illya Anyway, since t
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