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  1. Voted. I'm actually quite pleased with the quality of this contest
  2. I have my top 12, now I'm in the process of finding my 3 reserves, but you will have my votes by the end of the weekend @rybak
  3. I'll start my listening session tomorrow because today I'm celebrating my 32nd birthday with friends and family
  4. LOL you guys. Don't worry, I wouldn't miss a contest for the world. I already told @Olympian1010 via Twitter that I'm in, but I'm making it official here
  5. Oh, wow, I completely missed this news as I came back wondering when the contest will start, but anyway, congrats @rybak and @Vojthas on your hosting duties
  6. First off, I was surprised that the live show was available here in the US without a VPN (but I watched the show with one because I don't trust the EBU ) Also, I love the French entry. It was my winner this year, so I'm happy Valentina got to win it for real.
  7. And the Netherlands will stay at number 23 in the final (no surprise there)
  8. Yep, not surprised. At. All (and yes, he's one of my senators)
  9. US Jury Voting Stats (after 15 contests) (posting screenshots because this girl forgot about the 75 emojis per post rule) Thanks to @dcro for filling in the missing votes. These are the total number of points each country got from the US jury over the years: Combined (my personal votes from 2013 open to 2018 annual + the magic powers of being a multijury starting from 2018 open) Me (from 2013 open to present) @Olympian1010 (from 2018 open to present)
  10. Okay, so I wrote down the US votes of contests past (2013 and since 2016 annual) and I might do an Excel sheet of who got the most points from the jury over the years. BUT... I still don't have the votes from 2014 (annual and open) and 2015 (annual and open), so I guess will be my best friend for a while, but anyway, I can tell you the top 5 earners from the US jury since the 2016 annual are Bulgaria, Ireland, Greece, Mexico, and India.
  11. Yeah, this is getting bad. We have 11mil+ cases in the US already. In fact, we added 1 million more in less than a week alone. Michigan is already announcing new restrictions that is being met with resistance (surprise, surprise) Texas and California already have a million cases each. I'm surprised Florida is not already there considering how inept the governor and the governments in general are here (Matt Gaetz already had it) Trump and Melania tested positive on October 2 as part of the outbreak at the White House stemming from the nomination ceremony of A
  12. I see your point, and honestly I would like to know too, but extending the time period is a 'last resort' thing that might end up not being needed, hence why Dan asked in the first place.
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