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  1. He still managed to get a jury hearing in record time, to try to appeal it. So I think he will eventually stay, i don't have too much faith on justice here (only hope), rich famous people always have ways of cutting corners :-/ You can follow it here btw
  2. Well that escalated quickly haha But he can still appeal right? Or is this Djokovic soap opera finally over?
  3. Really good start for Cape Verde and Guine Bissau!
  4. Better than the first movie this one
  5. Happy new year!!! Let’s hope 2022 will be the year this virus madness ends!
  6. For some reason Flamengo wanted a portuguese coach, they just were not sure which one. I guess it might be related to the fact that the last three Copa Libertadores have been won by a team trained by a portuguese manager (Jesus in 2019 and Abel Ferreira in 2020+2021) Personally I was secretly hoping they would take Portugal's national team manager, Fernando Santos
  7. Is it to internacional? In Portugal they say it’s for flamengo. they came to Portugal to get a new manager, their intention was Jorge Jesus and they were hoping he would get fired after the cup match (they lost against Porto). but seems Jesus is gonna stay, at least until Thursday, so they went for plan B. which, in my opinion, is a big mistake, as Paulo Sousa is much crappier
  8. Speaking about Latiifi, and for all Casa de Papel fans:
  9. So this is the final version of this weird draw day For Portuguese teams it went from "small hope" to "mission impossible", at least for Sporting. For Benfica it can go both ways, Benfica can play very well but also terribly bad, as well as Ajax (just look at the past game with AZ). The most amusing thing was seeing Real Madrid going from an easy draw (Benfica) to a the worst opponent they could possibly get (PSG).
  10. Here's Europa League Draw, with two "Champions League" like matches (Barcelona vs Napoli, Fc Porto vs Lazio) that I would prefer to see in a semi final or final, but it is what it is.
  11. Complete Last 16 Round draw. Small hope for Portuguese teams, it’s super difficult but not impossible. interesting will be the Ronaldo vs Messi confrontation, although I expect less enthusiasm as in the past duels, since Manchester utd is crap and PSG has the best attack money can buy.
  12. Suggestion for next TISC Year Edition @heywoodu (or perhaps the cringe edition? )
  13. Yeah i can understand that, also share that opinion. But I have to admit, i think those last few laps of this race are gonna be the most intense EVER when it comes to adrenaline and emotions in the ENTIRE history of F1!
  14. Seems like this race is not over yet!
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