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  1. I must say i was quite shocked with Rio Ave beating Besiktas, they're not that good at all.
  2. I actually like the tradition (the whole of it) so much that me and my portuguese friends use to go every year to watch the arrival and parade (in Amersfoort) just as if we were kids haha (i even participated myself in one parade, giving kruidnoten and mandarijnen to the kids ) There's a nice video from "Survival Guide to the Dutch" (youtube canal with funny videos) explaining it in a nice way, i'll probably won't resist on sharing it later as I think it's really nice and unique! Edit: this will actually be the first year where we won't attend the parade :X
  3. Sinterklaas is still allowed. Only his (now forbidden) companion is that one who-should-not-be-named haha I hope you add that story to the contest btw, it's very interesting and funny the whole tradition (even without the black part)
  4. Portugal is obviously in. In fact, this edition was so anxiously expected in Portugal that the portuguese delegation has been living in The Netherlands for almost 4 years just waiting for this moment
  5. I went this year to Den Bosch (found very funny that they change the city name during this time haha) and Breda, was actually cool! It was the first time i went to a dutch carnival, and apparently i picked the right year as some say it was the carnival that caused the corona explosion in brabant region
  6. I suspected the organizing city would be something around the Veluwe. And I must say I totally approve the idea, love that area! (specially now in Autumn!) Too bad this did not happened during last year edition or we would all meet Sinterklaas
  7. I think Portugal will keep with the usual pattern of the last years for the main TISC, which is showcase different music genres of Portuguese music. Maybe bringing up some more traditional stuff this year
  8. This will be an interesting edition, i guess i'll be taking notes to check which nice places have I yet not visited here in the netherlands haha
  9. Also, just one last curiosity about . I mentioned before that Kizomba, which is that music genre from Angola, is also a dance. Here's a video of that dance
  10. Well my favorites didn't won but I also liked a lot Costa Rica's song so I have to say it's a well deserved win! My favorite was , but most of the songs were ok. I just didn't like at all the ones from and . P.S - I had already shared the very same song from Anselmo Ralph in a Festival of Music from a previous TISC
  11. Really surprised! I used this contest as an opportunity to share about Kizomba which is a music style (and dance) thats tipical of Angola and always very popular in my hometown, where many ex-immigrants from Cabo Verde and Angola live. Kizomba was not much known except in the area i grew up, but thanks to Anselmo Ralph and to that particular song kizomba became super popular in the whole country and now there's many angola singers, but also portuguese, that sing kizomba that is listened in Portugal
  12. No, but I give a huge applause to whoever picked the i love Cesaria Evora and her Sodade, i bet no single portuguese do not know this very famous (and good) song!
  13. Plus he is incredible popular in Portugal thanks to precisely the song that was in this contest
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