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  1. Indeed! All five gold medals were in Athletics actually: 2 in Marathon, 2 in Triple Jump and one in 10000m.
  2. I woke up at 4am to see this and it was totally worth it! GOLD! F***ING GOLD!! For mostly everyone it’s something normal but you need to realize Portugal, in ALL history of Olympic Games, had (before today) only 4 gold medals! So this fifth one is a really huge thing It also sets Tokyo 2020 as the best Olympic Games ever for Portugal: neve before had we managed to get more than three medals at the same edition!
  3. So close to Silver.... still, second olympic medal for this guy, it's quite an achievement for a portuguese! Also, fun fact, with this Bronze Portugal has three olympic medals. This is only the THIRD time we get this much medals, with the only other games where this happened being Los Angeles 84 and Athens 2004!
  4. Yes, k1 1000m, men’s triple jump and judo (with Jorge Fonseca and Telma Monteiro) were my hopes for medals. wasn’t counting on this one, neither on the super final result by Auriol in women’s shot put, super proud of them ?
  5. Silver medal!!! Wasn’t expecting this at all, awesome Patricia!! Also two medals in the olympics for Portugal ?? , sounds like little but it’s the first time it happens since Beijing, really great!!
  6. Loved this entrance and loved the party spirit, even in such depressing stage! No matter what happens on this two weeks, those guys deserve to celebrate the fact that they managed to get there!!
  7. Really sad that there are no people in the stadiums, i really miss the fans vibe, this sounds totally not like Olympic Games... And this is just the football, i think i'm gonna get the bigger shocks on the upcoming weeks... But oh well, it is what it is
  8. I guess they did (as hosts ), so i'm guessing Denmark is still the only who failed to qualify and then got to be in the tournament and win it
  9. Another curious fact: the last 5 European championships were won by the infamous PIGS countries (an acronym used to refer to the economical bad countries of EU: Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain)
  10. Interesting fact, England played ALL games at home, except for one, which was played in Rome.... which is precisely to where football is coming tonight!
  11. Let's take a moment to thank english football fans for all their successfull work in uniting the whole divided Europe into cheering for once for the same thing: wanting football to not come home In a more serious note: congrats to Italy, well deserved!!!!
  12. In one way I’m sad that Brazil didn’t won because I also cheer for them (Portuguese speaking brothers, our “país irmão”), but in the other hand it’s good to see finally Messi win a trophy with Argentina It’s nice to see the two best of their time winning all the trophies and it would be really unfair if Messi didn’t ended up having a NT title like Ronaldo.
  13. Thank you for Deco. My football team is Fc Porto so he was my favourite player!
  14. Just give the danish keeper all the awards today!!
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