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  1. I'm working from home since march or april (i dont know, from the first lockdown basically) with no prediction on when to return to the office. I like it, but i must say i miss a bit the social part with the team. Online team events help, but it's not the same... Where do you work btw, in Amsterdam?
  2. Interesting thing, this whole new spike of cases are about two weeks after the black friday (where i guess you know how too many people went to the shops because.... korting!...). Maybe it's coincidence, but still interesting
  3. In Portugal they just decided now to forbid entry from anyone coming from UK, except for Portuguese people, and for those they demand PCR negative test.
  4. Of course, not at all a ridiculous way for Ronaldo to be seen in Qatar so that all those rich sheiks can see it live.... Edit: nevermind, i see that they will play all matches in Europe (right?)
  5. interesting group for Portugal with Serbia and Ireland. Luxembourg is cool due to the amount of Portuguese emigrants there. People in portuguese media were mocking the result saying that Luxembourg was drawn as opponent as a way of allowing Ronaldo to get 6 or 7 more goals to beat that iranian guy for the world record of most international goals haha
  6. The song get's even sadder when you realize that's her brother singing with her about the distance between them. Her family is quite famous in Portugal (her father, Tony Carreira, is a huge singer in the country, and his other two kids - Mikael and David - also became famous singers and actors), so this was quite a shock for Portuguese people.
  7. Sad day to TISC. Today one of the Portuguese participants in the TISC 2019 edition (Sara Carreira) died in a car crash, with only 21 years old. This was her contest entry:
  8. This was a good contest! I'm not sure but maybe one of the few times (or the first time?) that the song i liked the most won the contest. Also happy with the top 20 on the portuguese song, glad a few people liked the song!
  9. Thank you! Also, I have not said this before but I loved the French entry, it reminded me of London 2012 olympics, I love the instrumental part of the song
  10. yeah I meant places like febo and other fries place where they sell... fries. which was super hero for me but then I got used and sometimes we get some as fast food. also I forgot about something really good as well: kapsalon!! So good and SO F*CKING UNHEALTHY!
  11. Oh that’s right I forgot the fries that you guys eat it not as sidedish, but just as fries. With Mayo. I used to be a ketchup-only and now I can’t imagine fries without Mayo. I guess it’s contagious haha
  12. i LOVE erwtensoep! It’s so good and it warms you in the winter, even took my parents to eat some when they came here to visit me, one of my favorite things in the Netherlands (together with kibeling and poffertjes. And stroopwafels. And bitterbollens. And kruidnoten. And ooliebollens. And... I should stop now )
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