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  1. What a nerve ending day! Really sad that hungary did not passed, really nice group this one!
  2. This is the current feeling among portugueses for the hell match against super France (that's Eder, the guy who scored the goal 5 years ago in the final, teaching all the current players about it haha)
  3. What is it written there? Is that some satirical account?
  4. There was an episode of South Park (my favourite show ) from two years ago that was about this topic. (in an obvious highly satirical and offensive way, as it is normal in South Park ) I think it's quite a difficult topic to handle though, in one way it makes sense to allow any woman to have the opportunity to do and compete in professional sports, but in the other you also don't want to give unfair advantages to those who have it through biological reasons.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Not sure how serious dutch take the quarantine, i've came back some times from Portugal, even during "the dark ages of covid", and although i've stayed at home i did never got any kind of control, and when arrived in the airport i got a "zero f*cks given" check from any dutch/airport authority. So it will be fine
  6. Expected outcome, we don’t have a defense good enough to deal with good teams, much less with germanys or frances. im kind of hoping they take more goals so that the coach can wake up and bring the team down to earth, they still think they’re much better than they really are…
  7. Hmm you can be in no? Just have to point with Spain and you'll probably be in the best 3rds. Or not?
  8. well i can say i got disappointed no one invaded the field yesterday, miss the good old days of crazy people running from the police in the stadium haha
  9. Well this was a really fun experience! I think my biggest surprise was seeing the anthems being played with the lyrics on the tv, karaoke style. also they play the official music of the playing countries, but they did not played the Dutch one, I guess they don’t have one (although I was really hopping they would play “Wij zijn oranje” by andres hazes)
  10. France has one of the best teams i ever seen in Euros, really impressive set of players
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