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  1. Two other finalists from to TISC:
  2. a bit of humor in the between of all the sad news: a song about relationships in the current corona-crisis (it's in dutch but you can enable subtitles in english)
  3. I must say that, for me, this was one of the best contests so far. It's true that this was probably the worst performance ever for a Portuguese song regarding classification/number of points, although i did not expect much more since one of the most attractive things i liked of the song was the lyrics, which obviously doesnt result well if you dont know portuguese haha The truth is, as I always say every year, that part never matters that much to me as long as at least some of the people here enjoyed the portuguese song, which i think it happened for some And the reason why this contest was one of the best for me was precisely that! By living abroad I hardly hear new portuguese songs, and thanks to TISC i managed to find about Barbara Tinoco of which i became a real fan, as I really like her songs! So i guess the big discover of this year to me, besides the irish, swedish and chinese songs (which i loved), was.... the portuguese
  4. I'm gonna be honest, the moment i started to hear the song i facepalmed myself and said "oh... not again.... another win to ireland..." because i really really liked it :D
  5. I don’t think I’ll arrive home in time for posting the votes. but I’ll keep an eye here! And if I miss it, know it that I really loved my 12 points song after the first 20/30 seconds, so really glad I found about the song!
  6. Shouldn’t have thanked for the points, now Portugal got no more points after that haha
  7. Not in Portugal, Netherlands, with the “smart lockdown” strategy .
  8. cycling alone, in the middle of nowhere, far from anyone else
  9. Hey guys! Thanks for al the points so far! im currently cycling a bit in the middle of nowhere but I’ll follow from time to time. but I’m really happy that some of you really liked Barbara Tinoco
  10. Have a similar story to share. On that same World Cup I was invited, in Lisbon, by a couple of Erasmus german friends I helped to integrate in my university, to watch the game between Spain x Germany. I was supporting Spain (because Portugal was already eliminated). The interesting part is that the invitation was to watch the game.... at the German Embassy So I watched the game in the middle of all the germans, drank their beer, got some nice pretzels that they offered me, and then... celebrated spanish victory haha
  11. To me the favorite one was the 2010 final between Spain vs Netherlands (contrary to probably all portuguese, i always loved Spain - have some family there - so I was chearing and celebrating for Spain, not knowing that one day I would move to The Netherlands haha) I also liked the 1998 between Brazil vs France, probably because it was the first big football competition I watched.
  12. Can't imagine TISC without the classic voting/points drama! (also, somehow this reminds me of when Voldemort made his "surprising" return in the Harry Potter series )
  13. Seems like Eurovision was called off, as expected
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