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  1. I think people just become crazy online, very often i see dialogues like this on facebook or twitter: Person A - I like this Person B - I actually dont like this, i like something else more Person A - Oh yeah? then you should put your head on the railroad and let the train pass by you so you can DIE! (true story from some years ago! xD) People need to chill....
  2. Yeah, Eurovision this year was political (as always actually) but at least this time I like the symbolism of it. especially because the huge voting came out of the televoting. ♥️🇺🇦
  3. Nice win from Ukraine, I hope only that next year we won’t have a wining draw between Finland, Sweden, and Moldavia :-X Btw, how will it be with the organization? It can’t be in Ukraine right, will they make some proxy place for the show?
  4. My personal only explanation is that they sang better in the jury session (jury votes are not based on yesterdays final, but on the test run they do one day earlier), and the public vote based on the videoclip, because the live singing yesterday I found it pretty horrible
  5. i was impressed. so much i lowered the volume fearing it would break the windows in my home
  6. Spanish singer and music somehow reminds me of brazilian Anitta. Italian song.... i don't get how people liked that, to me it sounded that Italy was making an effort to not have to organize the contest again next year.
  7. I liked cyprus song when hearing it on youtube video, but live... terrible voice, she should stick with making videoclips and not live concerts... got very disappointed
  8. it's so portuguese.... and as an emigrant i feel the meaning even better.... they might not win in Europe but will stay a hit in Portugal for a while
  9. Man how i love this years song and how well represent the truly Portuguese feeling of Saudade
  10. Actually to me something that is always very impressive is that we are a lot of people voting on a lot of songs (almost 40), and still we manage to never leave any competing song without at least a few points. its really awesome and shows the musical diversity of everyone here
  11. Very surprised with the Portuguese music, I really liked it!
  12. wow, i'm surprised Portugal has ice hockey from the first place. I wonder where do they practice, i don't think there is a single ice hockey ring in Portugal... the only hockey people know there is the roller-skating one
  13. yeah actually that silver, the “wild” music, I still hear it a lot, really liked it
  14. forgive euro 2004? NEVER xD But indeed I seem to like some sort of Greek music, I like the language and the music style all together, I’m not sure about statistics but I’m pretty confident Greece frequently receives points from Portugal
  15. one of the easiest 12 ever. I heard the first minute immediately booked the 1st place, no chance possible. I love Galician music (luar na lubre is another one where you’ll get my 12 xD), but generally this type of more traditional music from Spanish regions (It’s not the same but for example I like obrint pas from catalunya area, or paso doble from the south)
  16. I don’t think I’ll be able to be at home in time for posting the votes, I’m on mobile only, hope that’s ok! Good contest so far btw!
  17. yeah I was definitely not expecting this at all! Glad someone liked it!
  18. Mendes sounds way too much as a Portuguese surname, I wonder if he has some Portuguese background
  19. You know, after more than 5 years living here i got used to this thing of not having almost any national holidays. But the 5 of May not being one of them, i just find it really weird... i mean, it's not even like celebrating independence from centuries ago or some random religious stuff, it's the day you were liberated from nazis, the most evil thing ever! Hope they eventually change it to a yearly national holiday (On the other hand, the May 4th two minutes of silence is actually impressive, really nice tradition)
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