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  1. Woah, Leleivytė finished 3rd in the women's race, that's something that Lithuania hasn't seen in a decade and more.
  2. I don't know what to think of this championship and if it correlates well with what we're going to get when winter arrives. Romanov got 6th and 8th in sprint and pursuit, could've even medaled in the sprint if he didn't miss that one target, looked a lot better compared to some athletes that he always lost to last season and earlier, but I'm not sure if I should buy into the hype He also praised the new B team coach from Belarus and said that he's feeling a lot stronger both physically and psychologically, as well as starting to shoot a bit faster. I wonder how he'll look compared to Banys, Fomin and Mačkinė, all of whom are from the same junior batch.
  3. I've been hyping up the Alekna brothers for years on this forum and now Mykolas is an U20 European and World champion It's our first medal in 9 years and I think that Mykolas is already strong enough to do some damage in the senior discus as well, because in his second ever senior discus competition he threw a 63.50 and he had one foul where the discus hit the 65 metre line and that would have been good enough for an Olympic final
  4. Damn, I think that I could beat Asadauskaitė in this pentathlon
  5. ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE. Covid in July Fractured ribs after falling off a horse less than three weeks before the Olympic start A bad day in fencing, but a fabulous perfect score in riding Laura Asadauskaitė does her magic again, running from 13th to 2nd and winning our very first medal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly can't believe it, if it wasn't for that horse on drugs in Rio De Janeiro, this could have been a third Olympic medal in a row for Laura. What a phenomenal athlete that will be forever remembered in the history of women's modern pentathlon. I don't know if she is aiming for Paris, it's only three years, perhaps she could do it, but she would be 40 in Paris Gintarė Venčkauskaitė raced a beautiful race aswell, with another perfect 300 in riding and an absolute cracker of a race in the running+shooting. You know shit is about to go down when you have Venčkauskaitė with a WR and Asadauskaitė with the OR in the last discipline.
  6. Heartbreak for Lithuania, probably the last real chance to get a medal in these Olympics, with a small off-chance for Andrius Gudžius (has a minor injury) and Laura Asadauskaitė, whom caught covid a month ago and fractured her ribs when she fell with her horse during training a few weeks ago. Anyways, Milda Valčiukaitė and Donata Karalienė are absolutely amazing. Milda recovering from multiple injuries this season, Donata Karalienė training for a couple of months after a three year hiatus from the sport. It's unbelievable they missed the bronze by so little.
  7. With Rapšys doing what he's doing, I'm just happy that we have Šidlauskas and Teterevkova that managed to qualify to their 100m breaststroke semi-finals, which is a very decent performance for Teterevkova when she's only 19 and Šidlauskas is fairly young in the swimming scene as well.
  8. Well, since nobody cares about swimming and I'm too lazy to make a thread right now, I'm really happy that Savickas took the silver medal in the U20's 100m. Breaststroke. He's been pretty good and might even be capable to go under a minute before the next Olympics.
  9. Martynas Alekna survived as well and into the Discus Throw final with a 57+ throw. He'll need to throw near his PB if we want a medal.
  10. Greta Karinauskaitė is the first Lithuanian to be proud of today Ran close to her PB in the 3000m Steeplechase and looked like a pretty comfortable final, so perhaps more to come? If not this year, she is born in 2001, so she'll have another go.
  11. 5 additional Lithuanians have qualified through the rating system: Airinė Palšytė - high jump (3rd Olympics) Liveta Jasiūnaitė - javelin throw Agnė Šerkšnienė - 400m Adrijus Glebauskas - high jump Gediminas Truskauskas - 200m Four of these athletes are Lithuanian record holders.
  12. I forgot to update that Mykolas Alekna threw the second furthest distance of all time in the 1.75kg Discus Throw at 69.77. It was only 36 centimetres shorter than the World Youth record by Mykyta Nesterenko in 2008. Mykolas Alekna is scheduled to take part in both the U20 championships being held this year.
  13. Lithuanian women's team has officially expanded to three. During the last year, the documents have been finalised behind the scenes, similarly to Paulauskaitė, Žurauskaitė also had a Lithuanian grandparent.
  14. Day 2 of the Lithuanian Athletics Championships highlights: Tomas Keršulis is one of the highlights again, breaking his PB by 0.46 seconds and finishing 200m in 21.00, taking second place and becoming the 18th Lithuanian to qualify to the European U23 championships. In the men's javelin, Edis Matusevičius reached a SB of 83.53, he's been throwing a little bit further in every competition, hoping for the best in the Olympics. For the women, Modesta Justė Morauskaitė won the 400m. Hurdles convincingly, she still has one additional start this year to attempt qualifying to the Olympic Games, she needs less than a second and she already scrathed off 1.5 seconds from her PB this season. There were some tense moments in the high jump where Airinė Palšytė took three attempts at 1.96, which were unsuccessful and she finished with 1.93. She might qualify through the rating system though. The Triple jump battle was won by Dovilė Kilty this time with a 13.89. She would easily qualify through the rating system, but there are already 32 women with a qualifying mark, so Dovilė has only one chance next week to get the qualifying mark for the Olympic Games. She had qualified for Rio in 2016, but missed it due to being pregnant. Lastly, Liveta Jasiūnaitė won the javelin throw with a 60.79, she has been throwing over 60 metres consistently now and consistency is going to be key for qualifying for that Olympic final.
  15. That is widely spread so that the horses wouldn't get any ideas of overruling our society.
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