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  1. 24 is actually a very good number as you can play with the groupstages of 4x6 or 6x4. If we want a 25th user, we would need a 28th or a 30th then as well (though 25 could work for 5x5)
  2. He is probably bidding his time and waiting for a new independent country to pop up on the map.
  3. Yeah, how can we personally attack them through tags and direct messages??? I don't have enough resources to terrorise every single member of this forum.
  4. 1st day of Vilnius athletics championships. Ieva Zarankaitė threw the discus with a mark of 60.60, can't really remember the last time we had a 60+ in Lithuania from the women's side. Zinaida Sendriūtė hasn't been throwing like that for a very long time. That is nearly +2 meters from her PB that she achieved just a week ago. Andrius Gudžius threw the discus twice over 67 meters (67.05 and 67.08) also improving from the same competition four days ago. It is looking like a decent comeback after the season plagued with injuries. He also said that he throws near 70 meters when he is training, so we can expect better results soon. There were no more results worth attention, I think, perhaps something will happen on the 2nd day.
  5. Yeah, with the whole secrecy it's pretty clear we are not going to pull in TISC level of participation.
  6. Forgot to update that: Andrius Gudžius opened his season with a 65.81 in the Discus Throw European Ch. bronze medalist from Javelin Throw - Liveta Jasiūnaitė opened with a 58.01 Lastly, another decent result was from Ieva Zarankaitė in the Discus Throw with a 58.66
  7. I'd say it's a solid 0 since he was banned from future TISC events due to his behaviour?
  8. We've kicked off the athletics season with quite a few competitions, though mostly for children, U18 and U20 categories, with some bigger events starting in two weeks. I spend a fair amount of time analysing the state of our athletics and from what I've gathered so far, quarantine is taking a toll on the results. Of course, everyone is extra rusty, so the real situation is only going to be clear after athletes get to start a bit more and a lot of competent athletes have yet to start in any of the competitions. On the other hand, both sons of Virgilijus Alekna seem to be throwing the discus fairly far and have already secured their U23 and U20 unofficial qualification marks.
  9. I actually like this. Makes the matches feel a bit more significant.
  10. Oh damn, that's probably the closest to George Ezra that I'll ever be in my lifetime
  11. Don't really know what could have hinted that it's a love song. This is pretty much a song about my inner demons and my motivation issues due to the lack of belief in my own abilities and a lack of confidence. And yes, I wrote it myself. Yeah, it is available on Apple Music, this should be the link:
  12. Hey peeps, I've released a brand new song earlier today and if you want to support my craft, feel free to have a listen. If you follow this Spotify link, you'll add a whopping amount of 0.00437 of a cent into my music making budget: And if you'd rather watch a video:
  13. Well, our athletics have started forming a calendar, so the Lithuanian Championships as well as U20, U18 and Baltic Championships + Baltic U20/U18 are all scheduled to take place in July and August.
  14. Seeing as different judges are going to be appointed to judge different matches, it is definitely not certain that that 8-0 means that the other 30+ members share the same sentiment. Another thing, this is Totallympics, I'm not expecting an 8-0 on any single match even if someone sends a 60 second clip of an Austrian mountain goat yodelling. If people are going to change their votes in favour of an underdog story rather than what they believe to be a better song, then that is mostly a problem of the person and not the system. Lastly, to make it a bit easier on the host and participants, the users could provide a ranking for the group stage, ranking 1-8 the entrants of group A, B, C and D. I think that four separate smaller rankings would be a lot easier and more reasonable than comitting to a 1-32 ranking It also wouldn't give away everything to the host as well until the quarterfinal round starts.
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