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  1. At first sight, I thought people were getting so impatient, that they started posting songs before we were even given a green light to post our entries Regarding the other topic, I will never fucking understand why MUSIC that is targeted towards the consumption of PEOPLE tends to get blocked, making it UNAVAILABLE to so many potential listeners that could find your song. I've had this producer that didn't let me upload my song on Youtube, because Youtube pays little money to the songwriters. Well, it got buried in Spotify instead and guess what, it was taken down since
  2. He was banned from TISC events for the foreseeable future, due to his behaviour towards Israeli user and rage quitting the contest that he had to host. As the person that stepped in as the host and saved the contest that year, you should really remember this
  3. I'm okay with seeing a list of participating nations for starters. We don't want Rybak to be overworked before the competition starts.
  4. Oh my gawd, Czech Republic is back! I've tagged their users aggresively for years and they're finally making a comeback, yay Perhaps the secret for their comeback was to let @rybak tag them instead.
  5. Finally, we got a result update from Lithuania. In the men's mass start race, the winners were: 1. Karol Dombrovski 1+1+0+2 2. Tomas Kaukėnas 2+2+1+2 +35.0 3. Maksim Fomin 0+2+1+2 +2:07.0 4. Linas Banys 1+2+3+2 +3:24.0 Vytautas Strolia did not participate, interesting that Fomin confidently beat Banys, Mačkinė shot really badly and Romanov still very slow on skis. On the women's side, Kočergina didn't start so the results are not really too important. Gabrielė Leščinskaitė won with 0+0+
  6. It's always crazy to me looking at these map charts and seeing that Russia looks bigger than the rest of the right side of the world on the map and is a gamechanger when it has to be coloured in for charts.
  7. I lost hope with Montenegro, after eagerly tagging them for years. I would be blown away by that comeback.
  8. There are still a lot of safe bets: @vinipereira @titicow for Brazil, @justony for Slovenia, @Glen for Malta, @LDOG and @konig for Argentina, @Janakis for Greece, @DaniSRB for Serbia, these peeps never miss a TISC And then there's a lot of members that have been around lately too: @KingOfTheRhinos @Vic Liu @catgamer @Dnl @Skijumpingmaster @Belle @Finnator123 that I'm expecting to see again. And I've still haven't mentioned everyone. @Quasit could definitely jump in for UK, perhaps a debut from the Philippines? @PHI2019 .
  9. Unrelated note, but China is actually pretty strict and they would be capable to make the World Cup work out, but if nothing changes in the near future, it will be completely impossible for the athletes themselves. Right now, there's an eSports World Championship being held in Shanghai, with European, North American, Korean, Southeast Asian, Russian, South American, Japanese, Australian and Turkish teams that have travelled there. All of them were individually locked up in a hotel room that they couldn't leave for 14 days and would only open their door to pick up their
  10. Yes, I quickly reminded myself of it, but seeing as the previous two contests were all Ireland, I'll still claim that I was too close to the truth
  11. I like the part at 3:33:33. It makes me think about my existence and it makes me question my necessity in this world. Truly an amazing and awe inspiring work.
  12. You would give 12 points to the UK so you could exact your revenge and wrath upon them in the following contest, I like it.
  13. On a scale of 1 to 10, how disappointed you would be if the UK chose George Ezra "Budapest" as representative in the contest being held in Budapest?
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