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  1. Thanks for the support guys, it's absolutely nuts. Didn't really think I could land first place at all
  2. I think this is his first time trying out Antholz
  3. Maksim Fomin might actually grow into the next Lithuanian biathlon star with time. He handled his first ever and second ever relays magnificently. 14th place for Lithuania is really amazing
  4. Tomas Kaukėnas ran an absolute masterclass today in the relay He might be competitive when we come into Pokljuka.
  5. Skottheim's injury was just a lot more serious than it seemed. As for the rest of the Swedish girls, yeah, huge underperformances, Persson looks closest to her actual level right now.
  6. This season is pretty weird and surprising to me. I've followed and supported Hauser for a while now. I saw her as a young and up and coming star that lead the Austrian women's team, yet Innerhofer somehow got her win, whilst Hauser couldn't get into top 5 for years. I always thought she could get on the podium, she was one of the best shots, but last year I've started wondering if top 10s are her peak and this year she is blowing away all of her critics and even managed her first win. Let's see if there will be more, there's too many one time winners in bia
  7. Lithuanian biathlon and missed opportunities. Name a more iconic duo
  8. Thanks dude, the dreaded heat is this Saturday
  9. If anyone is interested, my song just dropped today
  10. I don't think I did a good enough job to actually bid for hosting rights I'll host the contest though if Lithuania wins again, if that were to ever happen.
  11. Filmed my show today, I think I actually did a pretty good job
  12. Today marks the halfway mark of the season and I thought it would be interesting to look at athletes that have managed to get themselves into points in every single race of the season. Also, I'll be adding honourable mentions to athletes that scored, but didn't get into mass starts if there are any, so let's go. Men's list: Johannes Thingnes Boe Sturla Holm Laegreid Tarjei Boe Johannes Dale Sebastian Samuelsson Emilien Jacquelin Jakov Fak Benedikt Doll Benjamin Weger Matvey Eliseev Alexander Loginov (missed 1 mass
  13. many declined until Pidruchniy qualified as a top 25 athlete
  14. Technically, it's a quarterfinal for Lithuania.
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