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  1. But being a Bison looks like a sure ride towards continuing the team medal streak for you
  2. I know. I'm talking about the Lithuanian team being in form to fight for it. Don't know if there is anyone outside of Europe that is still challenging there, right now the biggest rivals seem to be Estonia.
  3. Go to the home page and scroll down, there are live results there with both fencing and swimming.
  4. Baltic Cods sound very appropriate for Lithuania also, it feels like we're always on the same time @dcro, what is it, the 3rd time?
  5. Nice, Lithuania clenched the last spot in the A final of men's quadruple skulls Olympic quota can still be achieved if they're top 6 in Europe.
  6. I have this weird hunch where I think the first half might be very quiet for Lithuania with things starting to look up just after we vote
  7. Well, Laura still needs more time to get into form, because on her peak, she could definitely take back those couple of seconds. 5th place after a year and a half hiatus is good enough for me. And since Venčkauskaitė picked up a 3rd place in World Cup 1, it could be an interesting battle going on in the Olympics if the fencing works out.
  8. Anyways, so I picked Australia for the Festival of Music and I think that this is definitely one of the best Troye Sivan songs, although he is a brilliant songwriter and his 2020 EP album has loads of amazing tracks such as "Easy", "Rager Teenager", "In A Dream", I went with this one, because it combines a beautiful melody, lyrics and instrumental. I highly suggest checking out his EP and his other discography. Troye Sivan - 10/10
  9. ohhhh, so it wasn't the worst performance in Lithuania's history then
  10. Oh wow, that's tragic, so much pedigree behind our men's double sculls and they don't even making it to the semifinals
  11. Yeah, I saw that only Navickas started there. Why was Lithuania not eligible though?
  12. There's always live results on the official UIPM website, there's a direct link in the very first message of this thread. Permykina is 21st after riding.
  13. You can bet that Asadauskaitė will attack that 54 second margin to first place Pretty solid attempt from Serapinaitė, shared third before the final event, but she's very weak in it, so holding onto a top 10 would be a miracle.
  14. I am really out of the loop with these various qualifications, does this event have any Olympic implications or is it just for the European Championship medals?
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