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  1. This Leščinskaitė is what could have been if she didn't face various health troubles after her debut season 7 years ago. She is finally slowly getting back on track to where she used to be, which in turn is helping her progress and unlock her potential.
  2. Gabrielė Leščinskaitė used this opportunity of a fair few women not starting to get a PB result of a 19th place. This is her second time in World Cup points, the first time was her first senior season 7 years ago... and it's the best Lithuanian women's result since 2013. Right now, she is the most accurate biathlete in the world, her ski speed is getting better. She was trying to qualify to the Olympics and had some very very good races, but she was very unlucky with where the coaching team decided to start her. I have a suspicion that our team might actually send her to the Olympic Games instead of Kočergina, which would be sad for Kočergina, but Gabrielė is definitely the one in a better form. This race was a breath of fresh air, because she's only the second Lithuanian to get world cup points this season. Karol, Tomas and Natalija are having a very bad one as of now.
  3. Funnily enough, early tendencies are showing that I might end up second for a third year in a row
  4. It's weird though, he is not a slouch on the skis, posted top 20 ski times in many many races this season. Laps 2 through 4 he looked great, absolutely nothing left for the last lap.
  5. Honestly, I'm in shock. Being a Lithuanian biathlon fan, I always kept thinking if we're ever going to see anything better than Diana Rasimovičiūtė. Now, nearly eleven years later, Lithuania is back in the top 10 and it is the highest placement for any Lithuanian biathlete since our independence. What is even more amazing is that TODAY, January 13th we are celebrating the 31st year of our independence after fourteen brave civilians were crushed underneath Soviet tanks for peacefully defending our TV Tower. What a day to be alive, I will always be thankful for what Vytautas Strolia did today for biathlon and Lithuania, hopefully, just hopefully he gets to climb onto a podium before he decides to retire. But for today, I'm happy to call him the best biathlete that Lithuania has ever produced in modern biathlon.
  6. I can't believe it that after all these years, we are losing the World Cup podium by 1 second, oh the misery
  7. Are we possibly rewriting Lithuanian biathlon history right now????????????????????
  8. I remember Swedish women banned from entering in Sochi, that was an awful sight. I remember feeling bad for Stroemstedt when she was the leading Swede that season and I think that she retired, because she couldn't go to the OG. Also, right on time with that decision Brorsson became the European pursuit champion, so I felt bad for her too. She beat Roeiseland that day that fell off from 1st place and another very interesting fact was that Padial Hernandez took a double silver for Spain that year and it's crazy to think that she didn't really have any more achievements after that insane 2013/14 season.
  9. Perhaps most of those Norwegians are too proud, or they have no plans of leaving their country? In Lithuania, we only pick up those athletes that have familial ties with Lithuania, which is the case with Paulauskaitė, Žurauskaitė, Čigak and Kresik. Which means that it's highly unlikely anyone that's not from Eastern Europe is going to end up in the Lithuanian team, We're going to send a weak figure skating pair to the Olympics, because we denied nationality twice to an American woman.
  10. Imagine being Dale, 5th in the world last year, relegated to the IBU cup without a chance to qualify into the Olympics. Fell off + ratio
  11. Didn't even know where to post this, but Rūta Meilutytė jumped back into the pool after a three year hiatus yesterday. Today she won the 50m breaststroke in the Lithuanian Championships with a time of 29.33 and that is 0.1s faster than the World Champion here Rūta still doesn't know if she wants to compete and commit to being an athlete again, but she is darn capable to come back still if she'd like to.
  12. Yay for the silver medal from Danas Rapšys, we're not leaving empty handed
  13. I think it should be pretty big news in terms of swimming, but Lithuania's very own Rūta Meilutytė made an official comeback in the Lithuanian short-course swimming championships. She already won gold in women's 100m breaststroke with a time of 1:05.23 and that is already faster than she swam in 2018 when she quit.
  14. First world cup points for Poland and they come from the men
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