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  1. With this relay fiasco, feels that we're staying in the 2nd league. We can't afford to collect 0 points in more than one competition
  2. Greta Karinauskaitė with a monstrous 20 second PB, Lithuanian U23 record, 3rd best 3000m Steeplechase performance in Lithuanian history and 10th best U23 time right now from Europe.
  3. Omg, this is so embarrassing, Zinaida Sendriūtė threw 48 metres in the discus. I don't even know how that one was possible, because she hasn't had anything worse than the 55-56m range during competitions and she was even throwing close to 60 earlier this week.
  4. Wow, I think that might've been a nice PB for Greta Karinauskaitė. IF ONLY SOMEBODY PANNED THE FUCKING CAMERA TOWARDS THE CLOCK. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Anyways, she wasn't too far off from the Dane, so it might be an improved Lithuanian U23 record.
  5. I really didn't imagine that anything could absolutely kill my excitement for this competition, but it's really really dead. Not even sad that I won't be able to watch tomorrow. Shot Put results are all NM as well Women's Discus, who knows???
  6. Don't count us out yet, we are nearly done with most of our trash disciplines.
  7. I kinda stopped watching, because you don't even see anything. Gonna return to see how Greta does in the steeplechase and the relays.
  8. Gabija Galvydytė broke her 800m PB by more than two seconds and she is inside the qualifying mark for U23 championships, her second qualification after 400m. hurdles last year.
  9. I was really worried there for Bertašius, can't remember when he risked running a 1500m this slow.
  10. Weird schedule, there's going to be a half an hour of nothing :/
  11. Don't make fun of her, at least she's out there, trying to do something. We don't need to be rushing her. She has enough pressure on her shoulders right now.
  12. I don't think they're correct, because it's impossible that Vasiliauskas threw 77 metres
  13. Yes, of course it's even more attention for the runners
  14. Really happy for Modesta Justė Morauskaitė, but if she started running 400m. Hurdles a little bit earlier, she would be going to the Olympics right now, but wasted too much time on 400m selection and now she won't get another 3 starts in the hurdles, to even be in contention.
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