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  1. Don't want to be the one to call out the hosts, but this song is 2019, two years above the songs that are allowed in this years' TISC Open.
  2. Not even a single final for team Lithuania, this has to be the most disastrous championship performance for us in decades The only saving grace I guess is that only the men's quadruple sculls and men's single sculls were only boats with hefty experience. Karalienė and Rimkutė, 4th in the European Championships double sculls formed a new quadruple sculls boat and this was their very first race. Stankūnas brothers, 4th in the European Championships as well, underperformed here, but came here from a recent world junior championship win, so perhaps they didn't peak here. First competitive season for the men's four and the first competitive season for the newly formed men's double sculls, but I expected more after they took bronze in ECH. Feels like all of this setup is for the Olympic qualification, but it's still rather depressing to go out this way with like 4-5 B finals.
  3. Oh wow, our team is absolutely falling apart... Three boats left in contention, but we already lost our 2022 European bronze medalists in double sculls and Olympic medalist Griškonis imploded as well. And it wasn't even close, both boats were uncharacteristically behind their competition.
  4. @Pabloffo is online. Here's to hoping for a long awaited return of Chile to the contest
  5. I was so confused when I didn't see all of the sports listed, since it was mostly how I navigated this forum, but I was glad to see it still under /forums. Since these categories, threads and discussions are what Totallympics is all about, I would at least try to somehow highlight the forums tab or have an additional way on the home page to access them Right now it feels like the news take priority over the discussions, since they're easier to access and larger on the screen. It helped me that I knew what I was looking for, but I wonder how it is from a new user experience stand point. To make news more accessible, you don't need to hide them under the >discover tab.
  6. Deividas Margevičius - Butterfly swimmer, has retired today. He's the 100m and 200m butterfly national record holder and he qualified twice to the Olympics with the Lithuanian 4x100m Medley relay. With this, Lithuania no longer has a dedicated butterfly specialist, so full focus will probably be on qualifying a freestyle relay, since no juniors or youth athletes are prioritising butterfly either.
  7. All our teams are still in it. First time in history that we've sent such a huge team. Men's single sculls Men's pair Men's double sculls Men's four Men's quadruple sculls Women's quadruple sculls Five of these boats are capable of fighting for Olympic qualification, so it's going to be nice seeing how they'll do in the next few years. The women's quadruple sculls is on their first ever official race together, so they'll need time to mold, men's pair and men's four are still very young boats, but in good position to garner more experience. Since all of our best women right now are all in on the new quadruple project, I'd imagine that we'll form a women's double and single sculls from our fairly talented youth rowers to send an even bigger team moving forward.
  8. So I thought I could do a top 10 like @OlympicIRL and immediately got worried about the lack of different sports that I passionately care for. 1. Athletics 2. Swimming 3. Rowing 4. Canoeing-Sprint 5. Modern Pentathlon and I can only imagine how highly these are influenced by the fact that we're good at these in Lithuania, but they're also fairly easy for me to follow. To fill out the top 10, I'd have to say: 6. Cycling-Track (with Krupeckaitė retiring, my interest somewhat fell off) 7. Beach Volleyball 8. Sailing 9-10. I have nothing here, so I can either say basketball and football, since I used to watch them and like them when I was young, or volleyball since I understand what is going on after watching Haikyuu
  9. I wonder if it will test me on how old and resistant to change I became over the years
  10. Going to go on a quick flight to Australia to make my registration eligible.
  11. Earlier today I saw that her relatives were flying to see her since she was in a bad condition, but I thought that she would pull through just like every time :/ End of an era On the other hand, The Crown will probably peak nr. 1 on Netflix again.
  12. Can they please stop with so many of these shit decisions? Can't somebody put a foot down?
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