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  1. What I thought as well but looks like SWE would have won ny 0,03s in case of no re run. also terrible event with one side much faster. 6 person teams. Two gets free medals but I would say the two WHO gets to run in blue course also since it was all about having the fastest man/woman. Good for Sweden tough
  2. Hector seems to be the fastest woman but she couldn´t even qualify in the individual parallell yesterday
  3. One step back in shooting but first time Stina Nilsson has the fastest ski time in an IBU race.
  4. Poor Sebastian, pole struggle all way
  5. Team Edin vs. Team Hasselborg now at can the best womens team in the world beat inte of the best mens teams?
  6. Great to see new teams. Aikten is a talented player who until this season focused more on mixed doubles, a few years with Mouat. I’ve played her a few times (a Tied game as best) and is not surprised that she could do well as skip Too.
  7. I Think Jonna (my Third cousin) would have won without another incident in the final.
  8. At sunday 14.25 (CET) you can watch an exhibition game between team Edin (current Mens world champions) against Team Hasselborg (Current Women solympic champions) at or on Swedish TV. They will also stream from the national mixed doubles at saturday at the same page, with the five selected national teams competing. Non national team-athletes are forbidden to compete in any sport in Sweden.
  9. A Toe from that Johaug missed podiumdispite Andersson falling near finish.
  10. Huge time differences today and Diggins beat dopehaug Andersson as always between 2nd-3rd. Dissapointing comeback for Karlsson. EDIT: 2 falls on Karlsson during the race.
  11. Definately now missing last shot, and ski speed still not on top.
  12. Full shooting in standing and Nilsson could be a bit ahead but I wouldn´t bet on a clean or fast enough shooting EDIT: Okay now she goes slower.
  13. SWE, USA and RUS will all have much better teams at the world championship. Norway can´t improve the team much.
  14. Swedish ski shape looked worse already last weekend and now worse but I can just hope it is the altitude and that they just need a few more days. I don´t know if it is my feeling or a fact that swedes are worse than others to prepare for high altitude. Tour de Ski as example, Ebba Andersson minutes after skiiers she is usually better than in val Mustair and then still finished 3rd in the overall after they travelled to the other venues.
  15. A bit less terrible skiing from Stina Nilsson today and 0+0 in standing. Iaf she just could come back to old ski speed
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