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  1. So disapointed. The feeling is that they are more afraid of not doing as Norway than for the virus. Can FIS go on with events without Nor, Swe and Fin? I really hope they come to senses and participate in tor de ski.
  2. And the rest of the norwegian team takes the same decision now..
  3. Eckhoff 0 points in the overall cup after Two races
  4. Magnusson new 3rd after shooting 1. Still exciting
  5. Positions behind Johaug decided by a fall on the last lapp Svahn, Dahlqvist and Nepryavea
  6. And Dahlqvist as Well. Could be helpful for Karlsson tomorrow With Some help from the swedish sprinters who I Guess Will start Sorundas the same time tomorrow
  7. Looks like the same Thing happens to Norway in Ruka as happend to the Swedish alpine team last week. One coach tested positive.
  8. Anja Paersson wrote today about the issue that teams could hide covid cases in a team to svar the skiiers from Losing points. my opinion is that fis and other organizations should let all competitors remove their points from their maybe 3-5 Worst events this unique season
  10. Swedish season start in Bruksvallarna. Men´s winner 15km C unknown Max Novak. At women´s side 10 km C, Ebba and Frida might give Johaug difficulties this season (based on differences to other national team skiiers) more than previous year. Charlotte Kalla DNS due to Covid last week 1. Ebba Andersson 2. Frida Karlsson +3.2 3. Linn Svahn +1:25.9 4. Jonna Sundling +1:48.6 5. Sofia Henriksson +2:04.3 6. Johanna Hagström +2:25.5 7. Evelina Settlin +3:01.8
  11. One swedish leader tested positive for Covid so no swedish skiiers will compete in Levi.
  12. and now it looks like it is 45 second penalties instead of 1 minute due to shorter race
  13. Samuelsson Ahead of Nelin at mens side and Öberg won the womens race 17,7s before Skottheim. Stina Nilsson in her first ever biathlon race 11th after 2+1 misses where she needed to reload one shot. Good first race! She beat Magnusson and Persson who are experienced world cup racers.
  14. Kortdistans= short distance and distans is the Word we use. For the individual race so a shorter individual 12,5/15Km from what I could find
  15. Diamond league is usually bad on tv productions But this was the worst I have seen. Do they want to destroy the interest for athletics?
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