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  1. Thomas Ulsrud, olympic silver medalist 2010 and world champion 2014 as skip for the norwegian curling team died at the age of 50.
  2. I don't understand. Thought the distances was decided but now I read it will be decided for world cup today. And appearently 88% of the WC women are against this.
  3. Women at world juniors: Gold: Japan Silver: Sweden Bronze: USA men: Gold: Scotland Silver: Germany bronze: Canada
  4. Japan vs. Sweden for the womens junior gold. USA/Norway for bronze.
  5. Germany Will play Scotland in the Men’s world junior final. The bronze game will be Canada-Norway
  6. Canadian women must be a bigger sensation. However the b-championship is always played earlier in the season with the possibility to qualify to the A-division the same season so all relegated nations Will have a chance to be in A again already next year. I remember my team in 2017 took the last spot to avoid relegation. My bet for womens title now would actually be Sweden despite almost missing out. I have played them twice this season and it was Two very tight games which is impressive by some 16-year Old girls against one of the 2-3 best Swedish mens team as I consider us
  7. Haha don’t think it Will happend but I Will not give it up yet
  8. World juniors round Robin over. Top 4 in semi finals: Round Robin Standings Team Wins Losses Junior Men SCO 8 1 GER 7 2 CAN 6 3 NOR 6 3 SUI 5 4 USA 5 4 KOR 4 5 ITA 3 6 SWE 1 8 NZL 0 9 Round Robin Standings Team Wins Losses Junior Women NOR 7 2 USA 7 2 JPN 6 3 SWE 5 4 SUI 5 4 LAT 5 4 SCO 3 6 KOR 3 6 CAN 3 6 DEN 1 8 Sweden had the best draw shot of the tied 4th placed teams.
  9. Might have been a one hit wonder though. My team beat them Huge twice one week after the nationals. definately an unpredictable sport
  10. The same Swedish junior team that won the Swedish mens championship in, winning over Edin etc
  11. FIS decided that the women Will now race the same distances as the men!
  12. As the juries pushed Cornelia to win the swedish Melodifestivalen over peoples votes btw do Ukraine want to organist tjis next year?
  13. Sad for the sport with Lampic leaving. Good that Nilsson left for biathlon. Would be too much Swedish dominance in womens sprint without russians, Falla and Lalpoc, especially with Svahn back..
  14. Lampic Will miss world championships at home next year. Why? She becomes a biathlete
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