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  1. She announced it at a press conference earlier today. Said she had raced that distance all time since first world gold in 2009 so she couldnt resist to try. I really hope she Will only race the semis if the heats indicate medal potential. Last olympics I felt she Wasted her chances for freestyle golfs by running to many races.
  2. Sarah Sjöström, defending champion on 100m fly and WR holder on 50 free and 100 free broke her elbow in february and has recovered good but only made a few races, far from medal level but with the freestyle looking better than the butterfly. She has not decided to give 100 fly a chance with lowered expectations. But considering the improved competition at the distance, I would guess the recovery has been very well last period if she still tries it.
  3. We have 3 olympic Champions competing and it Will not be Sjöström so I would bet on Rissveds and Salminen
  4. What should we think about Alex Wilsons not approved european 100m record?
  5. Sarah Sjöströms broken elbow seems to be recovered
  6. Funny pattern for Sweden 2 golds, both in triple jump. 2 silvers, both in 400m hurdles.
  7. Counted wrong in womens 3000stp as well??
  8. Went to bed at 3-1. Not interesting anymore. wrong decision.
  9. Really Isak out? The only threat to Spain
  10. Svanberg too. worrying for that more cases could come..
  11. Sarah Sjöström will race her first race after she broke her arm tomorrow in Canet. In the same race, Therese Alshammar will make a very surprising come back in her first race after Rio 2016 which was her 6th olympics. At the age of 43, the most medalled european swimmer Will try to make it to her 7th olympics.
  12. Daniel Ståhl 21cm from the Discus world record But still beaten by Simon Pettersson 69,49. Unfortunately the long throw was an overstep , But still shows capacity!
  13. Just as happy for That as I am disapointed of the Swedish loss. Gongrats! Both glad for a new nation To qualify first time in curling but most for That Paul/Paulova are a great team and very nice people!
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