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  1. Only play off teams, no matter what China does. How China performs just affects number of spots remaining to play for in the qualification event. Looks like Canada might need to go that long road to the olympics now..
  2. Yes and the play off teams qualified their nation to the olympics. interesting resultat despite No broadcasting. China beat Sweden. Canada lost their 4th in 5 games, and Switzerland scored an 8-ended against Denmark!
  3. I know the korean team has had some difficult years since the olympic medal ( so happy they Are back but just like Japan I think they have another team That is better right now. Both those nations had other teams in the Grand slams prior to the championships who then travelled from the Calgary bubble to then have other teams coming in to play the worlds.
  4. Canada already on 1-3, but they have played the other Two top favorites and RCF so they shouldn’t be too worried I think. However this can be as tight round robin as the mens
  5. Definately in the discussion. But what makes it most difficult is how you compare european titles to Briers etc, and value of Grand slams, world ranking, and the fact that the best canadian skips has a more difficult way to get the same number of chances at international championships. But It´s not like he could have done much better, except for not winning an olympic gold but I guess that is expected now after 4th-bronze-silver in the previous olympics.
  6. Gold to Sweden, Silver to Scotland and bronze to Switzerland who really improved after the round robin, almost not qualifying. Not Russia unfortunately lost as many games in playoffs as in round robin overall and finish 4th. I guess that still is their best result ever for a male team? it´s third gold in a row for Sweden and Niklas Edins 5th (Oskar Erikssons fith as well but he was alternate in the first two). That makes them the most world gold medalists ever. 3 straight is also a record!
  7. Second qf starts now. Semi and medal games will be Held later today. Can be a though day for sui or usa with three games in a row after been isolated for a while. Also WCF Said one player in the playoffs restes positive and again negative after That but Will not get to play more. and they are now wearing face masks.
  8. They could make it two groups and the same play off system as in the worlds.
  9. Exciting. Still 7 teams with a realistic chance to win the round robin and even more teams still with a chance to compete for the play off and olympic spots.
  10. Hanna Öberg Swedish Mass start champion. Emma Nilsson 2nd and Elvira Öberg 3rd
  11. Men mass start at Swedish championship gold Samuelsson silver Ponsilouma bronze Nelin women at 11 (CET) . live stream at
  12. Still Windy in Östersund at Swedish nationals. sprint today Jesper Nelin (2 misses) won by 0,6s over Samuelsson (1). Ponsilouma (3) 3rd 25s behind. Elvira Öberg (2) won 8s Ahead of her sister Hanna (3). Brorsson 3rd (2)
  13. maybe so difficult to shoot so doesnt matter if they have a high heart rate anyway
  14. Öberg top 3 all season after 2nd race , until last.. terrible. Wierer failed but Preuss take 3rd instead
  15. Great for Hofer! A bit frustrating That Samuelsson had struggle with snow in the rifle first shooting. Probably lost just more than the 4 secpnds there
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