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  1. Diamond league is usually bad on tv productions But this was the worst I have seen. Do they want to destroy the interest for athletics?
  2. Cool with swedish win in both womens and mens competition! Too bad they didn´t think abot the light, the darkness might have stopped a world record yesterday. About the number of people I am not surprised after seing swiss people post pictures from night clubs last months but it seems many nations are now opening up anything as long as they are protecting their mouth which they in many cases are not good at. I have not supported every part of the swedish strategy but seems that trategy might more consistent at least.
  3. So WarholM might try to break another ER in 400 without hurdlers today..
  4. Low Level on the competitors perhaps But still, Melwin Lycke Holm, son of the 2004 olympic high Jump champion Stefan Holm won the Swedish nationals today in the same discipline at the age of 15.
  5. Daniel Ståhl 71.37 in discus throw in Stockholm yesterday
  6. Iceland won the swedish voting this thursday And I heard GB voted Abba- Waterloo (1974) as the best ESC song ever. Did more countries have inofficial votings? They should have made yesterdays show an official competition but with music videos or performances from local studios.
  7. Swedish tv tonight shows every song and we will decide our inofficial 12-points award
  8. At least she will do whatever she can to maybe succeed in shooting. Yes I guess practice possibilities are a bit less regulated in Sweden than most other nations at the moment. For myself, Until thursday I have been able to practice curling at my club everyday (almost) as usual
  9. Stina Nilsson is now part of the national team in Sweden. She is shooting 1200 shots per week, of course she needed to practice more than her experienced opponents and is according to her coach shooting around 80% in practice with high pulse.
  10. In Swedish But here is her instagram video announcement
  11. In this case I think Roiseland and Eckhoff Will be more difficult to beat than the norwegian sprinters now Johaug will get rid of one of very few who had beaten her in distance since her comeback. I could see Nilsson win the overall world cup with some more stabile distance performances But lets see what she can do in biathlon. Guess she had time to practice shooting under her injury so she can be sure she has potential for it. Appearently her plan was biarhlon after 2022 But changed her mind after injury. Hope for more success than Carolina Klüfts Change from Heptathlon to long Jump and trip
  12. Can´t understand why they couldn´t just show recorded performances? Or broadcasted live from local tv-studios?
  13. Not even Canada will participate in Quebec, can they really have a World cup without Canada in Canada, and Norway, Sweden, Germany, Czech republic etc? Direct finals? If so, congrats Lampic and Pellegrino!
  14. And no Swedes will compete in the distance events in north america either, but I guess it doesn´t matter after Trumps decision. So it will be a USA vs. Russia event I guess, if it is not cancelled. i at least hope they will hold the sprints in Canada since all skiiers are already there and at least in the womens sprint cup, the norwegians are not top 3 and the best skiiers will compete.
  15. Almost as happy for Kallas fourth place as Frida impressive also Andersson not tired after two U23-world championship wins this week since last weekends world cup races
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