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  1. Claudel on the podium in a regular 10km race! Lovely podium today!
  2. Looks like Turkey never will support Sweden for NATO
  3. Sandra Näslund won the 16th straight WC ski cross win (17 incl olympics). This time by 3.10 sec!
  4. Hanna Öberg takes 35 seconds on Chevalier with one miss sgainst 0. Exciting!
  5. Sandra Näslund tied Ingemar Stenmarks FIS record in highest wc win streak with 15 wins. Can be broken today!
  6. Duplantis ranked recently 2nd best male athlete all categories in the world but no awards in the swedish sports gala, good level this year
  7. Happy to see Fujisawa win a grand slam event! And it looks like Wranå is braking through this season. Not sure Hasselborg will have it easy to represent Sweden again in the championships. Especially this coming world championship when Hasselborg and Knockenhauer just announced they are pregnant.
  8. My team at 4-0 so far in the Swedish super league
  9. Definately, especially since they in most parts are the team winning the swedish mens championship last spring. And the rest of that team that was not part of the team then are playing with me usually in a team that are usually better than team, meaning that junior team should be stronger than the one winning the mens nationals
  10. Maybe good for the overall tour when it is tight between many racers but yesterdays indivual race was not worth much apparantly. Kläbo wins the race but in reality he lost because the tour is tighter now than yesterday
  11. Swedish championship bronze medal in mixed double curling today
  12. Sundling and Svahn in Scandinavium cup this weekend. Soon we have them with Dahlqvist and Ribom again in a stronges sprint team than ever! Andersson still covid. karlsson decided not to go to high altitude for only one distanse race. Swedish team is usually not good there anyway😅
  13. First ever Italian Grand slam Victory!
  14. 6 different nations on the podium, even more in the finals and no winners from Norway or Sweden. Who said the sport was boring?
  15. Sweden won 27-0 against Mongolia at world B juniors. New record in a WCF game?Fun anyway with new nations!
  16. Stina Nilsson might have one biathlon podium but it is chocking to compare her transition with LampicWill be far behind Lampic with one penalty less today.
  17. 24th career win for Näslund, equalled record for womens ski cross!
  18. Ebba Andersson Will miss the upcoming weekend after a positive covid test
  19. Would love to be able to get back to that arena i Korea
  20. I would not be against having rollerski events included in the world cup for both biathlon and cross country skiing. It would be natural when the snow season gets shorter and especially in the smaller winter sport nations. Even in a ski nation as Sweden, it is a minority of the people who lives in areas with good winter sport conditions. It would also partially solve the inequality with skis.
  21. I don't understand why the interest would be lower for biathlon now than before, it is still many nations competing for the top positions compared to XC skiing. For the other nations behind the absolute best, they should even have better chances now when Russia and Belarus are gone. And there will always be power houses. Germany has a dip now (compared to before). Now Sweden has the best womens team but 2014 we had 0 female participants in the olympics, and even 2018 a top 10 place was a sensation, so even the power houses are not always the same even if they are not changing as often. And even if sometimes the expected ones often win, there is still a chance for MANY competitors in every race.
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