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  1. This is really tricky question. There are some auction sites where you may purchase torches, really rare autographs, Olympic medals, etc. Then get in touch with other collectors, go to ebay. I am managing FB group with around 500 collectors worldwide who sell, buy, trade Olympic memorabilia.
  2. Hey, sorry for being super inactive. As long as sports were not happening, we had tough time with looking for a new job, I did not come for a while. What advice u r looking for?
  3. Well, unfortunately not yet any. Sunweb has been offering some tickets, wanna buy Jumping team Quali and Final. But when I proceeded all the steps, before the payment the website got stuck. And it happened to me several times in the row. It is nice that I can pick the tickets and give them my address but cannot finalize my order. So no tix yet. Will let you know if I succeed!
  4. Amazing achievement for our horse riding events. Last years, we had nobody or one horse rider. Now, we will have 5. We qualified jumping team first time after 84 years!!! This success made me decide to buy Equestrian Olympic tickets and go to cheer for these guys in Tokyo!
  5. "And now on the bench is getting ready six-year old mare Josie with her Polish jockey Kamil Stoch . Oh no. There is a little stronger back wind. But they got green. Take off..... nice timing..... a little messy flight but over construction point 120metres and beautiful telemark on all four. Judges are generous and Josie with Kamil Stoch in the saddle are taking the lead"
  6. Gentlemen, all are nice opinions. I agree with Russian way of thinking. Just like chinese. They will never change. I have been here for 5 years and I am afraid in the sports sphere there is something similar like in Russia. Well, let's wait what December 9th shows. WADA has the last word which must be respected by all other organisations including IOC. Of course, they can sue WADA and go to CAS. Not sure if that might help. But I suppose on December 9th we all might be surprised or shocked by the final decision.
  7. I suppose there will be some hard sanctions and we may face some Russia nominated athletes for Tokyo 2020 banned from the Games. Might be similar scenario like in Rio. Russian squad was cut by 111 names and it caused bunch of Olympic reallocation. I guess that Bach and the team around him will accept this way again. And I am afraid there will be many cuts again.
  8. Epee has absolutely insane ranking. If you realize there is 8th in Rank Kurbanov who has not secured the Olympic spot or on 10th place Minobe who is currently FIE Rank world No.3 .... Just proves it is getting more difficult to get to the Olympics than win a medal in there.
  9. Well, yeah, I was in Pyeongchang :-D .... Where we might have met?
  10. Asking for 8 years from WADA is insane. But they most know that. I guess they set such high limit cause they wanna get for him higher punishment even though they know he will surely not get 8 years ban. There are plenty of things to be considered. Firstly I would mention his 3-month ban back in 2014 that was given by "chinese government" so they made sure he will not miss the main part of the season. There should have been 2 year ban. Unfortunately with 2 year ban he would have missed Rio 2016 (not sure about the exact dates but if I remember correctly, i t was in winter so he would have) ....
  11. Hey I have not bought any but spotted few events. I will probably buy few next week and still have source that might provide me some tix next year after arrival. I already purchased an affordable hotel and going to buy tix and flight soon. Beijing is priority No. 1. I live in China, by 2022 it is gonna be 7 years and I wanna fight for being a torchbearer as I have strong connections to China right now.
  12. Guys, I am sorry I could not participate. I have been extremely busy within last month barely opening internet every day and login to totallympics after a month or so.... My apologizies and hope I can make it work next year.
  13. Guys, I am trying to go through the comments but I am not really sure what should I do now. As you mentioned I have not participated. I shared the song I picked and what now? Listen to all the song and pick my favourites? Sorry for silly questions but I haven't found the information what I am supposed to do. Sorry. Also been busy past few weeks and unable to follow all what was happening here.
  14. Sorry, been very. Am happy to add some comments every day. Will do tonight or tomorrow. Thanks.
  15. Would you please suggest me a way to purchase any Olympic tickets? Of course anything except those lotteries . Thank you!
  16. You are not. I am gonna spend in Japan about a month. Haven't bought flights neither Olympic tickets. As a Czech citizen I have pretty bad access to any Olympic tickets. I would like to buy any but it's getting quite difficult.
  17. Regarding his "English knowledge", it's gonna be fun
  18. I guess soon there will happen big retesting from London 2012. Cause the cases close 8 years after Olympics - no retesting later. So this or next year I expect big retesting from London and possible results changes again :-D :-D .... For Rio, still time, but I guess some time after Tokyo, maybe 2021, non -Olympic year.
  19. Totally agree with this opinion. If there is for example Italian judge and Italian race walker has chance to win medal, he might try to rule out the medal opponents of the Italian ...... And shoe chips would definitely help from cheating, no doubt. But I see the bigger problem in race walk in doping. Such as marathon runners. Similar situation
  20. I am thinking of the same thing, as David Jessen is first alternative in all-around.
  21. Guys, FIG does not broadcast on youtube the evening groups? Do you have any other sources? Thanks.
  22. Unofficial information that I discussed with some people from Czech media..... For Olympic Quota in relay you MUST BE CLASIFIED. So I made a mistake before in my statement. If anybody saw the final 4x100m women, chinese went crazy on the last exchange in order to be clasified. It did not help them. They got DSQ and lost Tokyo quota. Such as other relays who got DNF or DSQ in the final... So frankly should be like this ... 4x100m Men: No ... Instead qualified and 4x100m Women: No Instead qualified 4x400m Men: No instead qualified 4x400m Women:
  23. Well, we have many hopes, you don't have to worry. Javelin Throwers, Hejnova 400m hurdles, Stanek in shot put, Drahotova in 20km walk ..... Will see. Olympics are always unpredictable and you never know what can happen in many events.
  24. Very first time in the history of the whole country CZECH REPUBLIC - We are leaving WCH without any medal. Last time it happened in 1991 when we were still Czechoslovakia. On one side it is dissapointment but on the other side, there are many athletes who have been running their Olympic run quite well and I truly believe that athletics will bring several medals to
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