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  1. Yeah, also some bad luck here and some mistakes. She got a penalty in the 500m, and was drawn with two Koreans in the semi of the 1.500m and the 1.000m quarter finals.
  2. And during the first ever race for a skater from in the A division, he skated another national record (34.50), finishing just outside of the top 10 (#11)! Behind two Dutch skaters (#8 and #10), the third-highest European skater in the results today. He also got quite a lot of attention on the Dutch tv with an interview before the race. Wondering if he will skate the European Sprint Championships in Hamar next month, because he also keeps improving his 1.000m week after week. Stolz finishing 2nd on the 500m, improving his junior WR to 34.08. He's not on the 10k starting list anymore btw.
  3. No, not really. Nuis missed the World Cup qualification tournament 3 weeks ago, because he got a groin injury a couple days before. So Nuis couldn't compete and therefore didn't qualify for these World Cups. However, the national skating federation decided to give him a chance this week over a skater who qualified. Some analysts and journalists were questioning publicly if Nuis would have the level to compete against the best here, only a couple of weeks after his injury. Guess this was a sign to them to shut up.
  4. Yesterday Marten Liiv won bronze on the men’s 1.000m in Heerenveen
  5. Schouten lost her winning streak on the 3.000m as the home favorite WIklund wins with yet again a convincing margin over the #2.
  6. And another very convincing win, this time for Kim, with a 0.51 lead over 500 meters.
  7. What a win from the 18 year old. A margin of 1.76 seconds to the number 2 is insane.
  8. I posted about it a few weeks ago in the World Cup thread. Seeing the website I found the article on, I would have expected that more sources reported on it in China.
  9. By the way, Anna Seidel also skated faster (1:26.162) than the old record in the same heat as Schulting.
  10. Schulting also improved her own WR on the 1.000m. She improved it from 1:26,514 to 1:25,958.
  11. Overall World Cup standings after 1/6 World Cup events: 01. Steven Dubois (180) 02. Hong Kyung Hwan (150) 03. Pascal Dion (144) 03. Park Ji Won (144) 05. Roberts Kruzbergs (136) 06. Jordan Pierre-Gilles (120) 07. Teun Boer (114) 07. Kim Tae Sung (114) 09. Pietro Sighel (102) 10. Maxime Laoun (96)
  12. Final results men's 1.000m (2): Pascal Dion Hong Kyung Hwan Kim Tae Sung Reinis Berzins (Penalty in A-Final) Maxime Laoun (Penalty in A-Final) Park Ji Won Andrea Cassinelli Sebastien Lepape Friso Emons Andrew Heo
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