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  1. I am still in the process of collecting the stats from the most recent edition of the contest and will update all of the individual nation pages as soon as I have it. However, in the meantime if anyone would like me to research any particular stat about TISC, feel free to post your request here in this thread and I will have a look into it for you . You can even post a list if you want and I will check them out one by one
  2. Azerbaijan also got 0 points in the televote in their semi-final but still qualified thanks to 96 jury votes..... I didn't realise the AIBA were in the juries
  3. Errrmm, yes..... not the best but I'm still glad for Ukraine
  4. This is my first listen to the Ukraine song so I'm interested to hear what the quality is like
  5. People always complain about jury voting but the televoting is far more of a shambles
  6. This is true as well I need to begin a new contest and start over
  7. Ireland in 1996 after their seventh Eurovision victory..... Ireland in 2022.... holding onto the crown but it's rusted and decayed and all signs of life are deader than dead
  8. No set date as of yet but it typically begins late September and runs for six weeks until end of October or start of November. In the meantime you could re-live the very first edition which was won by Sweden
  9. I know it's late replying to this now but I am just going through the thread to gather stats for the TISC history thread and I thought this would be an interesting one to check out: Having 8 nations still pointless after 6 rounds of jury voting is on the upper end of the negative scale, but it isn't in fact the record. TISC Open 2015 takes that unhappy crown with a whopping 10 nations still pointless by that stage in the voting! TISC Open 2016 on the otherhand was very generous in its points distribution as every single nation was off the mark by the time jury 6 finished voting! Edition Nations Still Without Points After 6 Juries Voted TISC Open 2013 6 TISC Annual 2014 4 TISC Open 2014 9 TISC Annual 2015 3 TISC Open 2015 10 TISC Annual 2016 2 TISC Open 2016 0 TISC Annual 2017 4 TISC Open 2017 6 TISC Annual 2018 6 TISC Open 2018 4 TISC Annual 2019 4 TISC Open 2019 3 TISC Annual 2020 3 TISC Open 2020 5 TISC Annual 2021 4 TISC Open 2021 6 TISC Annual 2022 8 Also @Vektor you asked after 5 rounds of jury voting if: At this point, Ireland only had 3 points and as the stats below show, this was indeed the worst start for Ireland both in terms of points scored and point-per-jury average (PPJ): Edition Number of Points for Ireland after Jury 5 P.P.J. for Ireland after Jury 5 TISC Open 2013 20 4.00 TISC Annual 2014 18 3.60 TISC Open 2014 31 6.20 TISC Annual 2015 29 5.80 TISC Open 2015 14 2.80 TISC Annual 2016 26 5.20 TISC Open 2016 40 8.00 TISC Annual 2017 12 3.00 TISC Open 2017 24 6.00 TISC Annual 2018 9 1.80 TISC Open 2018 23 4.60 TISC Annual 2019 47 9.40 TISC Open 2019 14 2.80 TISC Annual 2020 16 3.20 TISC Open 2020 30 6.00 TISC Annual 2021 20 5.00 TISC Open 2021 15 3.00 TISC Annual 2022 3 0.60
  10. Nice to see we are not completely in the ice hockey oblivion
  11. I posted the final shortlist of songs for the Irish national selection over in the music thread:
  12. Here are the 12 songs that made the final shortlist for for the Irish national selection for TISC Annual 2022. Éire National Final TAISC 2022 A Westlife - Starlight B FLAVIA - Ripe C Martin Garrix ft. Bono and The Edge - We Are The People D modernlove. - Come Over E JC Stewart - Don't Say You Love Me F CMAT - 2 Wrecked 2 Care G Inhaler - It Won't Always Be Like This H Rain Radio & DJ Craig Gorman - Talk About I Gavin James - Greatest Hits J Cian Ducrot - Blue K Anne-Marie & Niall Horan - Our Song L Michael Patrick Kelly - Blurry Eyes
  13. Congratulations to @Cobi and Spain for a magnificent victory, a first TISC title for the nation, very special moment I also want to congratulate @Cinnamon Bun @Quasit on taking the bronze medal, a 5th TISC podium for Great Britain Thank you so much to everyone who voted for Ireland and pushed us towards a wonderful silver medal. I’m so happy with this medal, finally we complete the set of medals after many years I just want to give special thanks once again to @dcro, @intoronto and @Bohemia @Benolympique for awarding their 12 points to Gavin James, I was honoured. And last but no means least I need to give a huge thanks to @Vektor who has been an outstanding host throughout this entire edition of TISC. He has given us a fantastic Grand Final, a beautiful ceremony, entertainment throughout the thread and has been a total professional in his hosting duties. You have taken such good care of TISC and it has been a pleasure to come on this journey to Hungary. Look forward to seeing you all again soon in Czech Republic for the 19th edition of TISC. Thanks to all who contribute to making this a fun experience each time.
  14. He’s making his way to you now, he can’t turn down some free booze
  15. It’s the battle of the gingers now…. no not Séamus! I mean Gavin James vs Ed Sheeran for a potential silver. No pressure @hckošice
  16. Croatian song was very underrated. I loved it. And I really thought this was going to be a big breakthrough for Croatia. But as usual my medal winners are often cursed
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