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  1. From a totally objective point of view, I think this one sound fair.
  2. I'm not Vektor, but I don't think it really is. Though it makes no difference. Only the medallists qualify directly, so only Clouvel and Gulyas. Langrehr will however qualify through the world ranking, so they are all qualified in the end.
  3. Men's 400m Hurdles Constantin Preis 48,60 seconds Source: - SELTEC Sports LA-Portal (
  4. No, all four of them will fight for the three quotas in a final round robin.
  5. Thanks. So that means the winner of the group will make it to the final round/top 4, and the bronze medal matches are 2nd versus 3rd of each group?
  6. How does this work. I guess top 4 will make it to the next round and then top two per group to the final round? But what exactly are these bronze medal matches that are listed on the schedule?
  7. I'm afraid I will never understand Kata, but I just saw that Jasmin Jüttner from Germany got highest marks in her qualification group. So great, I guess.
  8. I guess it is possible. But Horne in Karate is a big medal contender, we won several medals at the last Wrestling World Championships and have chances at least in Judo and Taekwondo as well. I just don't think that out of all of these chances we won't win anything.
  9. I didn't forget Karate, I counted it with Boxing etc. I just didn't mention it. Golf has only two events and basically everything is possible. So I wanted to combine it with some other sports. Tennis and Table Tennis seemed to fit, because all of them are sports involving balls but no team sports.
  10. Let's try this again: Germany Shooting (including Archery) : 1-4 Swimming, including Open Water: 1-3 Athletics: 2-7 Diving: 0-2 Team Sports (including Beach Volleyball): 1-5 Boxing, Judo, Taekwondo, Wrestling etc.: 2-7 Fencing: 0-1 Cyling (all disciplines): 2-7 Equestrian: 4-7 Tennis/Golf/Table Tennis: 0-5 Gymnastics: 0-1 Pentathlon/Triathlon: 0-3 Canoe (Slalom and Sprint): 4-11 Rowing: 2-4 Rest: 0 Worst Case: 19 Best Case: 67 67+19 makes 86. 86/2 makes an average of 43
  11. It's not a really fitting comparison, though. China still does have at least two Table tennis players in the single events.
  12. If Michelle Finn from didn't have the standard in 3000m steeplechase already, she does now: Paavo Nurmi Games 7-8.6.2021 Turku, Finland - LIVE-results (
  13. 400m hurdles, women Carolina Krafzik 54,89 seconds at the National German Championships
  14. I think only the better one counts. " To avoid overweighting, competitions in the OW and DF Categories, and for all Event Groups, will only be included once in any edition of the Rankings, regardless of the 12 or 18 months rule." Source: 1. Basics of the Rankings (
  15. German National Championships 100m women Alexandra Burghardt 11,14 She's the fifth German with the standard, but she has secured her place, because she's National Champion and ran the standard.
  16. Men's Pole Vault Oleg Zernikel 5,80 metres at the National Championships in Braunschweig
  17. Mete Gazoz was not eliminated in the Olympic Qualifier. He's still in the tournament: IANSEO - Integrated Result System - Version 2020-11-10 ( (rev 233)) - Release TESTING
  18. Women's tournament has secured their quota place, because two Turkish women face each other in quarter finals Other quarterfinals are: vs. vs. vs. Meaning 3 out of , , and will qualify. Men's Tournament Quarterfinals are vs. vs. vs. vs. So six nations for four quota places.
  19. What happens, if two from the same country finish in the top 4? It's still possible for several nations. Will there be a shoot-out for 5th, 6th etc. place, or what will happen?
  20. Italy could still give the quota to de Filippis.
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