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  1. Good choices the only I disagree with is Best Team. That needs to be the Swedish Men’s Handball National Team. After 20 years Sweden finally won European Championships. I love Team Edin but I would be disappointed if the handball team doesn’t win it
  2. The nominations to The Swedish Sport Awards: From up to down: The Male Athlete of the year, The Female Athlete of the year, The Performance of the Year, The Team of the year, The Newcomer of the year and The Coach of the year.
  3. Why I feel no team really impress me?
  4. Ah I understand. Yes it’s always fun when small nations can upset the favorites. I see Neymar getting much hate. But why? Yes he’s acting as a dying animal sometimes but he’s not the only one?
  5. Is it now I should be happy that Sweden isn’t in these World Cup? Actually I just want good games. Enjoy it much more without Sweden
  6. I predicted Argentina-Brazil in the final. Any chance that will happen?
  7. Has LDOG killed bestmen’s dog or something like that?
  8. Toronto Maple Leafs to play in special jerseys next game in a tribute to their legend Börje Salming. He passed away last Thursday in the horrific disease ALS.
  9. So I’m the only one to actually cheer for Brazil? I like Serbia too. May the best team win
  10. RIP SWEDISH ICE HOCKEY LEGEND BÖRJE SALMING. He passed away in the terrible disease ALS. He was 71 years old
  11. RIP SWEDISH ICE HOCKEY LEGEND BÖRJE SALMING. He passed away in the terrible disease ALS. He was 71 years old
  12. Thank you so much for the answer. I totally missed this .
  13. @Swewi where’s Niklas Edin? Do you know anyhing about him?
  14. Now I completely died of excitement. Is Queen Loreen back in Melodifestivalen 2023? OMG!!!
  15. I’m sure Czechia can win soon. They are getting closer and closer. I really want them to win because it would be good for the sport. Soon Czechia soon. With that said congratulations Sweden for the 10th title.
  16. I think I have the song for TAISC 2023 in Spain selected already. Surprise it’s not in English
  17. Congrats France @Bohemia and @Benolympique so happy for you. So proud of Sweden’s 2nd place. I thought “Big Big World” was little too girlish. So happy for this success. Thank you for all juries who voted for Sweden. Thank you @Hipoooand Czechia for being a wonderful host. Thank you all
  18. Seems the fight for the win will not be that close after all. I mean in points France is clearly ahead
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