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  1. In a parallel universe these were Ballon d'or choices from Sri Lanka journalist
  2. the Iranian goalkeeper made 18 saves today , that's really impressive
  3. meanwhile Egypt doing its best to participate in WCH and they finally registered 7 lifters to participate here including Mohamed Ihab
  4. Konta annouces her retirement
  5. biggest victory in English history
  6. mix of all of this , no defenders in top 10 is another weirdo thing especially when u have players like Rudiger , Tiago Silva and Ruben Dias who made an extraordinary season , but it looks like only la liga player have the right to win something
  7. i can't remember a player that his team got eliminated from UCL R16 and won Ballon d'or at the end , and for Copa America Suarez won it in Argentina with full attendance in 2011 and with much better quality of football than last tournament and didn't win ballon d'or , nor Sanchez or Vidal won it when they won Copa America in 2016 with full attendance also and with more teams and much better quality despite the face they were on fire also with their teams , neither Alisson or Fabinho in 2019 when they were champions of Europe , Copa America wasn't always a tournament that decides ballon d'or winner , it became of this importance this year just because Messi won it
  8. what did he do throughout the year , his team conceded 4 from Paris and 8 from Bayern in UCL last 2 seasons , he barely scored his 1st goal in ligue 1 on GW 12 , no la liga , are Copa del rey and Copa America enough for Ballon d'or ? i don't think so , if it's by trophies then no one deserve it more than Jorginho , if it's by stats and trophies also no one is better than Liwa , with all due respect to Messi but this's one of the biggest thefts in history of football and i really lost trust in this prize more than even in the past
  9. I don't put Messi even as the 5 th best player this season
  10. Again a Bayern star has been robbed what a shame
  11. I just hope they'll defeat Al Ahly this time :D
  12. Timo Boll to Semis after defeating jha kanak 4-2
  13. hopefully they have a better outcome in WC this time
  14. CAF unanimously supports holding WC every 2 years
  15. Semi Final of Women's +73 kg 11 - 0 vs
  16. anyway this's the Semi final of women's -62 kg 20 - 3 6 - 7
  17. this WT or WTF is the most annoying international federation on earth , as always live stream without results and even it's in Arabic commentating , so if you're not arab u won't understand anything
  19. Italian players having their Arabian night before start of women's WCH
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