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  1. Not sure where to post this, so I'll post it here. Some curiosities about the gymnastics events at the Junior Pan American Games: 1) and earned their first-ever medals in any gymnastics discipline at the Pan American Games. 2) earned their first medals in artistic gymnastics since 1979. 3) got their first gold medal in gymnastics since 1999. Also, their first-ever medal in trampoline, if you don't count a medal in tumbling in 1955. 4) and got their first-ever gold medals in trampoline. 5) got their first gold medals in individual rhythmic gymnastics. 6) walked away without a medal in any gymnastics discipline for the first time. 7) This marks the first time that gets a medal in women's trampoline.
  2. In my opinion, the biggest surprises were: winning the most medals overall. and especially winning gold medals. with a medal. in the top 10. My biggest disappointments: not winning a gold medal. This was their chance. placing way lower than I expected. with only two medals in gymnastics. They could have won 2 or 3 gold medals here. not in the top 10, but of course that was to be expected.
  3. Not only that: a medal in every discipline in gymnastics and cycling. And for the fist time ever, we have one gold medal for each discipline in gymnastics! Seriously, a gold medal in trampoline is something I would never expect, especially because and sent their best gymnasts to the Games!
  4. Both trampoline gymnasts from Canada fell off the apparatus after performing only 2 skills. Unbelievable. I know Canada is not taking this event seriously, but this is tragic.
  5. Very questionable gold medal for Mexico in group rhythmic gymnastics. One of the throws went straight to the carpet, with no catch at all.
  6. Yup. Maria Eduarda is great, but beating the Americans even with lots of mistakes? That's really surprising! And I'm very happy with a gold medal for Argentina in gymnastics! Last time this happened at the Pan American Games was in 1999. Last century! Amazing result for the country!
  7. The sheer lack of competence on all fronts in organization and broadcast of events is baffling. This is how scores were displayed after group presentations in rhythmic gymnastics: These were the actual scores, published HOURS later on the official website: I've never seen anything like that in my life.
  8. It took Bolivia and Paraguay 68 years to get a gold medal at the senior Pan American Games. Now both got gold medals in the inaugural edition of the Junior Pan American Games. Amazing!
  9. I didn't expect a gold medal for Brazil in artistic gymnastics, so it was a nice surprise. We have basically zero chances of a gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline, so this gold medal was literally the best thing that could have happened to Brazilian gymnastics in this competition. I'm very disappointed with the overall level of the girls. Even the US girls are nothing to write home about. They're marginally decent, but given how bad everyone else is -- except for Tran who unfortunately got injured -- the US girls had an almost perfect run here. Brazil had a terrible group of girls, with only Andreza Lima with slight chances of reaching our senior team. Mexico and especially Argentina had lots and lots of mistakes, but at least the Mexican girls seem promising. Argentina has bad luck, unfortunately, because their best gymnasts are all 13 years old and they will only be able to become "adults" in 2024. The problem is that the qualifying period for the Olympics will end in 2023...
  10. Not bad considering Cuba is trying hard here and Colombia is heavily boosted by home soil advantage. Seriously, any place in the top 10 is respectable since , and are always eager for medals, and is starting to wake up and investing more in sports.
  11. Yaaay, a bronze medal in Archery! Now we got medals in all of my favorite sports! Amazing!
  12. Medals for and in artistic gymnastics. Now, that's not something you see every day. First medal ever for Costa Rica and first medal since 1979 for Peru. That's impressive!
  13. Peru was robbed of a gold medal in gymnastics. There's no way the US gymnast deserved first place after almost falling off the pommel horse on his dismount.
  14. LOL. There's a very small group of dedicated fans who gather information about these young gymnasts. Junior women compete from 13 to 15 years of age, and we get to see them at the continental events. For example, the 13 yo Argentinians competed at the Pan American Championships. I'm surprised that they were not allowed to compete here because they are much better than the rest of the Argentinian, Brazilian and Mexican girls who did compete here. But, to be honest, Brazil's best junior gymnast is Helen who is also 13, and is much better than any of the 14 and 15 yo girls who represented Brazil here.
  15. Argentina, Brazil and Mexico all had terrible performances in women's artistic gymnastics. Argentina had the worst day of them all, though. It's going to be USA for the gold medal, Brazil with the silver medal and Mexico with the bronze medal. It's a little unfair because 13 year-old girls were not allowed in this competition, and Argentina's best girls are all 13 years old. Bummer.
  16. The streaming was terrible and I barely was able to watch more than 5 minutes of the men's artistic gymnastics competition, but it was exciting following the scores alone. Silver is a better result than what I expected for Brazil, and it looks like without Richard the US is not really the favorite for all the gold medals in the event finals, after all.
  17. The commentators on Brazilian TV were rooting for the Peruvian for the silver medal in skateboarding. LOL, he's a STAR here in Brazil.
  18. LOL, she's 22. Rebeca Andrade is also 22 and it would be completely CRAZY to even think about her competing at the "junior" Pan Ams.
  19. I'm very disappointed with artistic gymnastics apparatus finals on Sunday and Monday. Seriously, who in their right minds thinks it's okay to host AG finals on MONDAY?
  20. Aurélie Tran in women's artistic gymnastics. Now, that's impressive. It's going to be gold, silver and bronze to the USA and Canada in all of the individual events. For the team event, I predict USA with the gold medal, Argentina in a comfortable position for the silver medal and either Mexico or Brazil with the bronze medal.
  21. Boa. Não entendo nada da modalidade, por isso pergunto algo bem básico mesmo: o que conta pra que a pessoa faça uma boa série? Como os movimentos são julgados? Existe uma espécie de código de pontuação, como nas ginásticas artística e rítmica? As séries precisam ser no ritmo da música ou vale qualquer coisa? Existem movimentos proibidos?
  22. It's still not as bad as I thought. I mean, he mentioned in his defense that he has an adenoma, a tumor which produces cortisol, and he has never taken any forbidden substances. If he proves his point, and this is a big if, I can see his ban being reduced or even maybe nullified. I have no idea if there were similar cases before and how these were judged, but in my mind if it's proved that it was a tumor with no fault whatsoever of the lifter himself, then banning him would be pretty harsh. Anyway, a different point is that, if he ever returns to weightlifting, I don't think he's going to represent Brazil again. He lives in the USA, he doesn't plan to come back to Brazil and the only reason he represented Brazil is because the government paid him lots of money. When he was provisionally suspended, the funding was cut and it would be hard for him to get it back until everything has been proved.
  23. I think this is the best place for me to ask this question, instead of posting on the retirements thread. According to Brazilian news, Fernando Reis informed the IWF that he will retire from the sport. The news mention that this will exempt him from taking any more anti-doping tests but, and that this is not set in stone because he can still revert this decision and resume training. My question is: is this a common "tactic" for lifters to skip being tested? Is this something that other lifters usually do when they want to take a break and resume training later? I don't think Reis will be back, especially because he's 31 now and I expect his ban to last for at least 4 years, and I simply don't see how he could go back to the sport at 35/36. But I'm still curious about whether this is commonly used by athletes for not being tested or not.
  24. Rebeca foi a primeira mulher a conseguir mais de uma medalha numa mesma edição dos Jogos Olímpicos. Primeira pessoa, entre homens e mulheres, a conseguir mais de uma medalha numa mesma edição do campeonato mundial. Campeã olímpica e campeã mundial no mesmo ano. Infelizmente a Rayssa "falhou" no momento mais importante da carreira. Pra mim, nem deveria ter sido indicada. Martine/Kahena mereciam mais a indicação. O prêmio feminino é da Rebeca sem sombra de dúvidas. Agora, o prêmio de Atleta da Torcida vai fácil, fácil pra Rayssa. A popularidade dela é incontestável. No masculino, pra mim, é empate técnico. Eu não daria o prêmio pro Isaquias porque ele decidiu não ir pro mundial. Ítalo merece mais pela expressividade em ser o primeiro campeão olímpico do surfe na história e por ter seguido firme na WSL, apesar de ter perdido pro Medina.
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