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  1. I'm not old enough to have seen Pele playing, so I was only able to follow the non-player Pele. Not my favorite person. He always denied and undermined racism in Brazil, he apparently denied the recognition of one of his kids, he never stood against the military dictatorship in Brazil, and more recently he was neutral in a very tumultuous election for president, not standing against Bolsonaro. He might have been a great player, but not the kind of person I would like to have around and chat for a while. Still, may he rest in peace.
  2. Messi deserved this so much! But since Argentina is Brazil's biggest rival in the continent, I'm a little bummed. LOL.
  3. Oh, what a heartbreak. I wanted Morocco to win so bad. To make things worse, all that's left is for Argentina to win tomorrow.
  4. I have nothing against Croatia, of course, but I've been against this Croatian team way before they tied and eventually defeated Brazil in a penalty shootout. I really dislike the way they are playing, their lack of ambition, the way they spend most of the matches defending and just waiting for a chance to score. Of course it must be thrilling for Croatians, but I really hate it. Also, I hate to admit it, but France is the only team that proved their worth for me, since losing with the reserve team is way more acceptable than what happened to Argentina: suffering a defeat with the main team. I am happy for Morocco, but I can't see they beating France. Besides, now they seem to be more confident, but they used the "let's defend and hope for the best" tactic way too often, which is not great.
  5. I have no doubts Argentina will win the tournament now. It will be very interesting to see which team will advance tomorrow, but I believe it will only be a formality to see which one will finish second or third, at this point, since neither look good enough to beat Argentina, but also not bad enough to lose to Croatia.
  6. I'm surprised he sounds nothing like someone from Portugal. I thought he would have at least a hint of Portuguese accent, but nope. Brazilian Portuguese through and through.
  7. He's not that bad. He's been criticized here by people from nations which have not even qualified, or left much earlier than Brazil. He has amazing qualities as a coach, and he is human, so he has the right to be pissed off with that team that has not been accurate when shooting to the goal. Questionable substitutions aside, he's been a very good coach and even gathering together a team with people who think so differently (i.e., douchebag Neymar and Richarlison) without internal fights is nothing short of a miracle.
  8. National identity is indeed extremely complex. We can see some Portuguese flags on balconies and windows in Rio de Janeiro, but if you ask most people how they feel about Portugal, most would say they'd rather want Portugal to lose. Same thing with Latin Americans when Spain was defeated; I saw lots of posts on social media mocking Spain coming from Latin Americans. Funny thing is that Portugal apparently has a large number of people who support Brazil, watch Brazilian soaps and TV series, but everything that comes from Portugal is virtually unknown in Brazil. And God forbid you mention to a Brazilian that Portuguese spoken in Portugal is the "correct" way to speak.
  9. I heard my neighbors screaming in joy and I was wondering what the hell was going on. Then I turned the TV on and I saw that tied the match.
  10. You mean Argentina losing to Saudi Arabia is less surprising than this?
  11. Ugh, I really can't stand this Croatian team. Morocco has no chance to take the World Cup, and I'll never root for Argentina and Portugal, so... I guess I'll support the Netherlands now?
  12. His substitutions were nonsense. Morocco has shown that a defensive team can get lucky, and here we are. The referee being the 12th man for Croatia of course didn't help.
  13. Horrible match so far. If they can't beat this boring, unimaginative Croatian team, I wonder how they would perform against Portugal or France.
  14. O conjunto de rítmica, sem a menor dúvida. A equipe feminina na GA pode conquistar medalha já em 2023. Saltos Ornamentais acho que não é impossível. Mas rítmica? Nunca mais. Como é meu esporte preferido, eu fiquei arrasado. Mas vida que segue.
  15. Is there a website where we can follow live results, at least?
  16. This is the most convincing performance of a team so far. I still think Portugal will have a very hard time against France, or hopefully against Brazil or Argentina, but now Portugal has a reason to believe they can win the trophy.
  17. Just one more and we'll have another 7 x 1.
  18. getting absolutely thrashed was not in my bingo card.
  19. I expected to put up a good fight against . Boy, was I wrong.
  20. I am super stoked! First, a gymnast from an Arab nation wins a medal at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, now an Arab nation beats former world champion Spain. Yes! We need more diversity in sports. I hope Morocco at least wins a medal here. It will be difficult, but nothing is impossible now.
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