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  1. I’ll send my votes on Friday evening (my timezone) Good level, but first time there is more than 6 songs I know from the start there won’t be receiving points, plus a tough decision for first place.
  2. Wow, I’m not an expert but I guess Wales caused an upset there.
  3. No way, there’s more attractive, humble & interesting people out there.
  4. Why? Am I like Pita? Anyway, I’m glad this time Jonathan Soto did what he had to do in the snow, not on skates to qualify for the Olympics.
  5. The mascot has been revealed: Fiu, a sietecolores (many-colored rush tyrant) bird was the chosen design.
  6. Sorry to be that person this time, and noticing so late, but again this song was only released in 2019. So @titicow and the rest of the Brazilian jury will need to chose a tune released in 2016 or before.
  7. I'm again very sorry to do this, but this song was released this year, and as such, I'll be glad to consider it for 2021 Annual Contest. You need to provide a song released in 2016 or before to enter this particular edition
  8. Sorry to be a party pooper, but this was actually the first entry ever for the Czech Republic. You'll need to change your pick.
  9. Great for Uruguay @NaBUru38 Let's see if Chile can best the odds and qualify for World Cup.
  10. MEXICO Emmanuel - La chica de humo This year Mexico's representative to Totallympics International Song Contest is Emmanuel, a singer with a 45 year career, performing one of his most iconic hits, La chica de humo (The smoke girl), a song written by Mauro Malavasi and Maria Lar. Included in his 1989 album Quisiera, the single was released in April 22, 1989 and hit the top of Billboard's Latin Chart by the end of the same year, and 3 years later a version in Italian, recorded by Gianni Morandi, called Ma tu chi sei was released. Lyrics in Spanish English translation
  11. If by next year they name their stadium “1976 Gold Medalist, fencing, Dr Thomas Bach” complete with a 24 karat 30+ meters statue, Doha will get it
  12. From the above list, I'd love to see the Olympics in Berlin (without Tel Aviv, the political debate would be unbearable), Budapest, Istanbul, Madrid, Toronto (no Montreal), Rhine Rhur. I'd love the see my own city hosting, but let's face it: Mexico is going backwards economically and in terms of security.
  13. I hope not, and just be another victim of COVID/Japanese xenophobia.
  14. @Braulio al parecer ya le echaron el guante a Todorov por lavado de dinero: Esperemos sea su fin y el juicio concluya con el preso por un buen rato.
  15. What about Women's Nordic combined without cuting men's places? And yes, I'd like the athletes to have some rest, and maybe use that mixed curling preliminary rounds.
  16. Exactly. I'm thrilled for & competing, but for me is one of those events that doesn't anything new to the program, and due to it being held before the individual/pairs events, the smaller teams risk losing their athletes due to an injury. Plus, this is one where the final five will be the same for the next Olympic cycles, so cut this crap from the program and bring a new sport/discipline to the games.
  17. Disaster for France in figure skating, as they’ll likely miss two events On the other hand, very proud for Eugenia Garza’s performance, with a rather clean short program finishing mid table I’m beginning to see that we have some growing talents for the future in women’s skating and I wish private sponsorship help them reach their full potential for the next Olympics. That said, I think Mexican delegation for Beijing will be just 4 athletes, as I doubt we have a contender for a ticket in any other sport. What do you think @Braulio?
  18. Another good day for Mexico, moving 3 archers into quarterfinals: Miguel Becerra (Men’s Compound), Andrea Becerra (Women’s Compound) & Alejandra Valencia (Women’s Compound), who reached that stage beating two Mexican competitors Ana Vazquez in 1/16 and Gaby Schloesser (competing for the Netherlands) in 1/8. As usual, the weak link in the lineup is in men’s recurve. Tomorrow, two Mexican teams will shoot for gold, so I hope for the best. Also, another curiosity, as it seems some quotas for the World Games will be contested among quarterfinal losers in compound individual events for both genders.
  19. Sadly for the Brazilian men, they had to face South Korea and lost. Women on the other hand will fight for bronze Mexico secured two medals advancing to finals in men’s team compound and women’s team recurve, so a pretty decent result.
  20. I like it more, the venue is 3.5 k from my house
  21. Do the qualification systems has a release date yet?
  22. I’ll need to do a way back search in some Instagram posts, but during the 2018 CAC Games hosted in that city, Mexican athletes complained and took photos showing the roof of the village was made of tin sheets, with no isolation or covering whatsoever. And while the quality of the sports venues was OK for that event, Barranquilla will need to invest quite the money for most of the venues to reach a PanAm level. Not saying I hope they will fail, but definitely, the OC needs to step up to the task for 2027.
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