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  1. In fact, this is a tradition that has been maintained in Mexico, particularly in the city of Guanajuato, where one of its main attractions is to go around the many alleys and tunnels of the city singing along the tunas and estudiantinas.
  2. Another win for Checo A nice season for him, despite some setbacks and the tongues of his critics.
  3. Another strong quake (6.5) same epicenter as the one of Monday, just hit 10 minutes ago. I’m fine, just will be a little hard to get back to sleep.
  4. Update: First casualty has been confirmed in the port of Manzanillo, with some serious in localities damage close to the epicenter, including a hospital. Let's hope the count doesn't escalate.
  5. Yes, I'm fine. Thanks for the concern my friend. In fact, I was chatting with Sindo when it hit. The epicenter was relatively close to my city (just 3 hours or so, which is rather short for Mexican distances), but it was a big 7.4 in Richter scale, so still felt quite strong. So far, I haven't heard reports of massive damage or casualties yet, and I hope we won't heard. Still, what is curious is that this earthquake also happens on September 19th, after the disasters of 2017 and 1985 that struck Mexico City.
  6. I really don’t understand why people like Portugal entry. The song itself is not bad, but come on, Maro’s voice was practically “drowned” by the backup singers, and that itself is something that in my opinion should never happen on a live performance. Other than that, well done by Switzerland and Iceland entering the final against more favored songs.
  7. Second WTA 1000 for Giuliana Olmos Let’s see if she manages to be the first Mexican player Top 10 in more than 30 years.
  8. Congratulations to the podium winners: @Cobi, @OlympicIRL & @Cinnamon Bun@Quasit My deep appreciation to all users who enjoyed the Mexican entry, including @Werloc & @hckošice, who had it as reserve; this was one of the few good songs last year in my country. My greatest recognition to other deserving songs I wanted to award points, but sadly, had to cut this time: (R1), (R2), (R3), (R4), plus in no particular order: . This years entries were on a very similar level, so it was heartbreak everytime I had to cut one. Ona final note, Seamus and I will be enjoying our combo of Beer and Tequila, as I we enjoy our gyros.
  9. If Moldova or Hungary are there no more tequila for you @hckošice
  10. Where is he? I owe him a Tequila/Corona since Ireland was only my R2.
  11. Well it serms Mexico will again be left out of top 10 and just a few points away from the hundred mark
  12. So before anything else happens I want to give another big Thanks to: @NikolaB @Finnator123 @OlympicIRL and of course to @Vic Liu for giving me those 12 points
  13. Mexico 1st Poland Poland 12 Moldova 11 Germany 10 Italy 9 Israel 8 Hungary 7 Brazil 6 Great Britain 5 Lithuania 4 Spain 3 Croatia 2 Netherlands 1 Esto ha sido todo desde México. Agradecemos a nuestro gran anfitrión por su excelente trabajo y deseamos buena suerte a todos estos grandes participantes. That's all from Mexico. We thank our great host for his excellent job and wish good luck to every of these great contestants.
  14. So, as you know. Mexican jury has never awarded gold to the same nation. Could this be a first? Who do you think it will be the fortunate one this time?
  15. Mexico 2nd Moldova Moldova 11 Germany 10 Italy 9 Israel 8 Hungary 7 Brazil 6 Great Britain 5 Lithuania 4 Spain 3 Croatia 2 Netherlands 1
  16. Mexico ¡Hola Totallympics! Es un placer estar reunido con Ustedes una vez más en este evento. Ahora es tiempo de descubrir el voto del jurado mexicano Hello Totallympics! It is a pleasure to be reunited with you once more at this event. Now it time to discover the cote of the Mexican jury 3rd Germany 4th Italy 5th Israel Germany 10 Italy 9 Israel 8 Hungary 7 Brazil 6 Great Britain 5 Lithuania 4 Spain 3 Croatia 2 Netherlands 1
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