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  1. Nah, I live in the past. It's still October 11 here. (Don't ask me why I thought that today is Monday... )
  2. Yeah, the singer isn't always the main artist of a song. It's like if you wouldn't accept Get Lucky as a Daft Punk song. That wouldn't make much sense, right?
  3. If you like watching movies there's a good chance that you have already heard a song performed by the Hungarian artists who will represent my country in this year's contest. Their songs were featured in movies such as the Best Picture winning The English Patient, Isao Takahata's masterpiece Only Yesterday (seriously, watch this anime if like other, more well known Studio Ghibli features) and Costa-Gavras' Music Box. Muzsikás has been with us for almost half a century now, they established the group in 1973 and since then their mission was to keep Hungarian folk music alive and bring it to more people. Looking at the international movies that I mentioned earlier and at how they made some folk songs popular in Hungary (just this year one of those songs got a new cover version by a famous Hungarian singer), I think you can say that they achieved what they set out to do almost 50 years ago. So please enjoy their rendition of "Repülj madár, repülj", a Hungarian folk song from Székely Land, which was recorded in 1986. It's a collaboration between them and the wonderful Márta Sebestyén, one of the most beloved Hungarian folk singers of the last few decades. HUNGARY Muzsikás & Márta Sebestyén - Repülj madár, repülj Lyrics in English
  4. I think you can post it, the song selection should already be open.
  5. is in. I have actually changed my mind a couple of times in the last few months, I am still not 100% sure about what I will send.
  6. I would be really surprised if we won't have any bids, we had 3 the last time and now co-hosts are allowed.
  7. I didn't pay much attention to the Hungarian parasports, so I am not sure if this was expected, but we are having our second best Paralympics ever. To put into perspective, have won 5 gold medals between 2004 and 2016 at the Paralympics, and now we have 7 gold medals in Tokyo, which is a huge improvement in terms of gold medals.
  8. Considering the bad reputation of the 2017 Aquatics World Championships (it was 10 times more expensive than the other Aquatics WChs), I think at this point opposition voters would rather call off the ongoing construction than to let Orbán waste more money.
  9. Budapest is about to lose the 2023 Athletics World Championships hosting rights. The major of Budapest is the frontrunner to win the 2021 Hungarian opposition primary which will be held next month, so he's trying to pull the plug on the Athletics WCh now a major campaign move to show that he will fight against Orbán's corruption. It's part of his ongoing fight against the University of Fudan, or more like the fight for the student district that the goverment killed with Fudan. The mayor of Budapest is asking the opposition led General Assembly of Budapest to veto the Athletics World Championships if Fidesz/Orbán continues to back the Chinese university instead of the student district. The Athletics World Championships has been under attack by the opposition since Budapest won the bid and I think this time they will actually go for it, the mayor of Budapest needs this boost for the oppsition primary, which this would be because Budapest and the oppsition voters in general don't support the Athletics WCh or most sport events that have a high budget, which is why for example the 2024 Olympics bid was cancelled.
  10. I mean, you don't have to ignore OlympicsFan to have fun on this site. A person like this can't be taken seriously, his posts are r/iamverysmart material at this point. As long as you keep that in mind his posts shouldn't bother you that much. That doesn't mean he shouldn't be reported when he crosses the line (like in the athletics thread last week) or that people shouldn't call him out every time he reappers, that way I think he will be gone sooner rather than later, even if Sindo doesn't want to ban him, and we will have once less annoyance on this board.
  11. How many times will you write this down before you finally stop visiting this forum? We got it the first time you wrote it down, stop strocking your gargantuan ego and disappear already.
  12. payments for Top8 placements 1st - 50 000 000 HUF = 141 000 EUR 2nd - 35 700 000 HUF = 101 000 EUR 3rd - 28 500 000 HUF = 80 700 EUR 4th - 21 500 000 HUF = 60 900 EUR 5th - 14 300 000 HUF = 40 500 EUR 6th - 11 400 000 HUF = 32 300 EUR 7th - 5 700 000 HUF = 16 100 EUR 8th - 2 800 000 HUF = 7 900 EUR The sum of all the money earned by Hungarian athletes via Olympic placements in Tokyo: 2 390 000 000 HUF = 6 772 954 EUR
  13. 1. Rate the performance on a scale of 1-10 8/10 Obviously it wasn't perfect, but that almost never happens for any country, and I feel like 9 would be too high considering that our gold medal count is one of the lowest ever, even if that was to be expected. Still, great games for , highest number of total medals since 1996 and we won medals in 9 sports. 2. What were the suprises and heartbreaks ? Biggest surprise is Vas in women's mountain bike, that came out of literally nowhere. Our most surprising medal is in karate, and Hárspataki achieved it with a last second ippon. Thankfully we don't have many heartbreaks, most of the athletes who didn't deliver are the ones who either already had success previously at the Games or will most likely get another chance later on. The only exception is Dávid Verrasztó, this was his last chance to win an Olympic medal, so it was sad to see him finishing 4th. He's now the best Hungarian swimmer who never won an Olympic medal. 3.Was your country's goal achieved? According to our NOC the goal was to win at least 13 medals. We won 20 medals in Tokyo, so year, no complaints. 4. Which are the sports that will be invested more in future? Who knows? Maybe now that we won a medal in sailing something will start, but we are a landlocked country so I doubt that anything significant will happen in the future. The sport that will get more attention in the next cycle is going to be athletics because we will host the world championships in 2023 and oh boy, there definitely has to be some improvements because Hungarian athletics had an abysmal Olympic Games in Tokyo.
  14. I am not surprised about that, I think that was the most intense, entertaining final of the Olympic Games even for neutrals.
  15. Heh, I guess I avoided RG and got 5/5. Artistic Swimming always seemed like the sport where the gold is more set in stone until the end of time and I didn't want to have 4 gold medals as the safest.
  16. I wanted to see which disciplines were the most popular / had the most discussion on Totallympics during Tokyo2020, so here's the ranking based on the post count of their discussion threads (I guess this is the best thread to post this): Athletics - 2264 replies Swimming - 726 replies Track Cycling - 612 replies Artistic Gymnastics - 580 replies Equestrian - 579 replies Baseball/Softball - 439 replies (M: 69 / W: 370) Rowing - 409 replies Football - 396 replies (M: 139 / W: 257) Shooting - 364 replies Road Cycling - 321 replies Judo - 267 replies Canoe Sprint - 256 replies Volleyball - 243 replies (M: 160 / W: 83) Fencing - 234 replies Tennis - 231 replies Wrestling - 221 replies Weightlifting - 216 replies Sailing - 212 replies Archery - 199 replies Boxing - 190 replies Triathlon - 181 replies Taekwondo - 172 replies Modern Pentathlon - 168 replies Water Polo - 161 replies (M: 101 / W: 60) Badminton - 141 replies Basketball - 141 replies (M: 119 / W: 22) Skateboarding - 140 replies Canoe Slalom - 133 replies Golf - 130 replies Rhythmic Gymnastics - 127 replies Diving - 113 replies BMX - 107 replies Mountain Bike - 99 replies Field Hockey - 94 replies (M: 64 / W: 30) Surfing - 92 replies Table Tennis - 92 replies Rugby Sevens - 91 replies (M: 56 / W: 35) Karate - 88 replies Handball - 75 replies (M: 38 / W: 37) Sport Climbing - 64 replies Basketball 3x3 - 54 replies (M: 45 / W: 9) Beach Volleyball - 46 replies Artistic Swimming - 30 replies Trampoline Gymnastics - 28 replies
  17. Hungarian commentator said that the weather conditions didn't make it possible. I am guessing the wind was too strong.
  18. I didn't say that it's disappointing, on the contrary, I think what we have now in term of total medals (20) is the peak of what can be realistically achieved for us against nations who are far stronger economically.
  19. What I find interesting is that non-European nations climbed over us compared to Rio, but we have the same placement on the European ranking behind the "Big 5" of and the one mid-sized nation of . There's a big gap between these 6 European nations and the rest of Europe, is in the middle of that gap. The Dutch are now what countries like were not that long ago, they are now the country representing the mid-sized European nations (in terms of population) in the top10 of the medal table. The rise of Netherlands and fall of the Warsaw pact countries kinda represent how Western Europe has evolved over the years at the Summer Games while post-Soviet countries slowly lost their strength after the fall of communism. The Dutch are on the level in Tokyo where we were in Barcelona, for us that was the last time where we had a chance to realistically win 10+ gold and 30+ total medals, Tokyo might just be the start for Netherlands to win 30+ medals per SOG from now on.
  20. I also added the gold and the total medal differentials to get a sense of who are the biggest winners and losers overall compared to Rio: Biggest winners +32 diff +30 diff +26 diff +19 diff +16 diff +14 diff +10 diff +8 diff +7 diff +6 diff +5 diff +4 diff +3 diff Biggest losers -15 diff -13 diff -12 diff -9 diff -8 diff -7 diff -6 diff -5 diff -4 diff -3 diff
  21. Rio/Tokyo comparison Biggest winners in terms of gold medals: +15 gold +12 gold +9 gold +4 gold +3 gold +2 gold Biggest losers in terms of gold medals: -7 gold -5 gold -4 gold -3 gold -2 gold Biggest winners in terms of medals: +18 medals +17 medals +15 medals +12 medals +9 medals +8 medals +6 medals +5 medals +4 medals +3 medals Biggest losers in terms of medals -11 medals -10 medals -9 medals -8 medals -7 medals -5 medals -4 medals -3 medals
  22. Good effort from , they did everything they could. And congrats to , they can now try to repeat what we did between 2000 and 2008, hopefully we will stop them.
  23. lol, Serbians thought that the match is over, awful defensive work and Greece immediately punished them for it.
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