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  1. British Gymnastics is falling apart so not that surprising to get no medals. It be a big funding cut through if it does which might wel, wipe out the last twenty years of progress and the legacy of Beth, Louis and Max and all the other medalists.
  2. The Daily Telegraph say cancellation is still a possibility.
  3. I suspect the numbers will not be properly decided till a few days before the games start and might be amended as the Games go on if the situation improves or worsens.
  4. I presume it’s mostly the outdoor team sports that arrive in Japan a long time before so they can get used to the conditions
  5. And Japan is the oldest nation in the world meaning to get what the UK has classed as vunerable - all over 50’s plus those younger with health issues - they will need another five or six months.
  6. may not have local fans. In one way I think that’s good because it might ease concerns that a lot of Japanese people have about hosting the games if audiences are heavily limited or even banned.
  7. I wonder if individual sports could get cancelled. If Golf and Tennis have dreadful attendee rates will the events be called off to prevent them being seen as a joke - imagine if the Men’s tennis final is between world number 63 Alexei Popyrin and world number 86 Gianluca Mager
  8. With the latest lockdown in Melbourne are the Australian people really going to be happy seeing a lot of athletes and officials flying.To Japan and then having to quarantine on return . Wouldn’t be shocked to Australia talking about withdrawing soon.
  9. With the latest lockdown in Melbourne are the Australian people really going to be happy seeing a lot of athletes flying toJapan and then having to quarantine on return. Wouldn’t be shocked to Australia talking about withdrawing soon.
  10. Got to remember that Japan is a democracy. So it’s Government can’t just ignore the people like in China and most likely suffer no consequences.
  11. A major Japanese newspaper has called for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics, warning that the Games pose a threat to public health and will place additional strain on the country’s health service as it struggles to contain the latest wave of coronavirus. In an editorial on Wednesday, the liberal Asahi Shimbun – an official Olympic partner – urged the prime minister, Yoshihide Suga, “to calmly and objectively assess the situation and decide on t
  12. The Japanese are turning on the IOC
  13. It’s not impossible we will get riots outside the venues then.
  15. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) "must urgently guarantee world-class Covid-19 protections" if this year's Games are to be held safely, the World Players Association (WPA) says. IOC protocols "lack the same rigour and resources" seen in professional team sports, says the WPA, which represents athletes globally.
  16. And more high profile people in Japan are calling for the Games to be cancelled.
  17. of Japanese people do not want the games held this July. That is a very high figure for a Goverment not far from an election to completely ignore. The not holding percentages seem to be growing not declining.
  18. The BOA are still waiting for the Goverment to fast track vaccines for Team GB. If fastracking does not come soon as they hope it will they will have to use the Pfizer supplies the IOC providing to safely get both doses done in time for departure.
  19. An interesting article from the BBC with a rather poor headline through. I can see no crowds at any of the events being agreed by a Japanese Goverment prepared to lose money rather than get blamed for allowing the games to surge virus cases.
  20. Also Toyota are concerned about the public’s opposition to hosting the games. Not surprised sponsors are concerned because their brand would get damaged if the Games get seen as causing the virus to worsen.
  21. Japan is increasing lockdown restrictions in a bid to reduce the virus circulation before the games.
  22. Good news - Bad news -
  23. Might they also try and bring some nurses in from overseas and test them daily just like athletes and coaches etc.
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