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  1. They might be only ones there. UEFA will boycott.
  2. The new Covid variant could really mess up qualification for CAF and in a worse case situation the rest of the world.
  3. I imagine so if they refer to Canada as a Goverment. Through the Canadian Olympic Committee would come under a lot of pressure to boycott.
  4. She is still getting global press coverage that someone only famous in China would never get
  5. Sounds Djokovic is going to skip the Australian Open.
  6. Even North Korea wouldn’t have someone with global name disappear. They would pull the same stunt.
  7. The ATP seem to fear he will use it as an excuse to push for a breakaway tour.
  8. The thing is Djokovic has been hinting he might boycott it despite likely being personally vaccinated.
  9. What percentage of players will boycott the Australian Open due being mandated to be vaccinated. I doubt anywhere near as many as anti vaxers hope for.
  10. AstraZeneca in particular wears off pretty fast. The booster jabs seem to work very well through.
  11. There is speculation elsewhere on the internet that some European countries are considering withdrawing from the games. Once one does a lot will follow. Could then up being the China Dan those bribed by China games only.
  12. Have any athletes indicated they won’t be attending due to refusing to be vaccinated?
  13. The WTA can’t really row back now without it possibly leading to them getting sanctioned in the USA. Don’t rule out sporting bodies being sanctioned for dealing with China in the years to come.
  14. In terms of press coverage Osaka and Serena Williams are the famous players currently playing.
  15. Was it. I don’t remember the Us Congress passing bills calling for boycotts.
  16. And everyone the payroll or aspiring to be on the payroll. Plus a few of whom riding was their weakest skill.
  17. So a country is kidnapping Olympians and also committing genocide but the rest of the world should just be silent and let it get the rewards of the Olympics. The IOC is risking a lot of damage defending China here - I don’t think they will be a Winter Olympics in 2030 at this rate as no one will bid.
  18. She is an Olympian kidnapped by the host of the nest games. How can the IOC go there.
  19. I wonder if the Peng Shuai incident will increase the chances the games get boycotted at this near last moment.
  20. I think it be Russian Football federation. Which seems entirely bonkers.
  21. I feel that is more likely as the BBC article doesn’t have anyone that happy with the decision.
  22. I feel the tensions over the future of Catalonia would worry the IOC - it could all explode at some point.
  23. I think it’s inevitable UEFA countries will boycott any possible 2028 World Cup.
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