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  1. I found some full replays on youtube so it isn't so bad. I just wish I didn't have to go through so many hoops to see them.
  2. Really good day for Slovenia today. Lots of medals with a few golds. It's a shame there's no live streams here. We don't even get highlights.
  3. So apparently yesterdays handball game between Slovenia and Serbia was delayed by over 5 hours due to the fact that the referees went missing.
  4. Same thing happened to a lot of handball players during the Egypt world championships.
  5. The best volleyball players are currently participating in the nations league.
  6. Is really is. There's literally nowhere you can watch the events other than the broken live score system.
  7. Are these live results on the main page actually live or are they being updated a few times per day? Because the table tennis game between Slovenia and Greece has been shown as running for 5 hours now and the score is still 0-0.
  8. It's quite sad that the people in charge of this product don't do more to popularise it. The way things are going I recon by 2030 we might see the end of the games. Even the OG stream their stuff for free to those that don't have the option to watch on their tv or computer. They stream on youtube, facebook and other sites. I don't see any reason why Mediterranean Games couldn't do that as well. Especially considering their small stature to other events such as European championships, world championships and OG. In that light they should do everything possible to get the word out. For instance the only news about these games on out websites is about journalists getting denied entry due to visas. No mention of anything else. It's quite sad.
  9. Slovenian journalists were denied entry and had to return home. Source in slovene
  10. Will this be streamed or perhaps is there a list of channels which are showing this in their respected countries? I haven't found anything for Slovenia.
  11. Jakob kept looking back a lot in this race. Maybe he thought he would win it easily and didn't expect a late push. I hope this becomes a rivalry and they keep breaking eachothers records.
  12. Rojas next mark will be over 16m for sure.
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