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  1. Still got the big issue of Russia and Belarus and if they will be banned or not.
  2. It be popular among the public of many countries. A poll the ither showed the majority of Americans wanted a ban on Russian players at American tournaments.
  3. I think Wimbledon will be cancelled going by the ATP statement
  4. What’s the betting CAS makes a rapid decision if Russian and Belarusian tennis players go to court.
  5. Then accept you can’t play sport for a while because.
  6. All Russians who refuse to outright condemn Putin are scum. Refusing to ban scum is the disgrace.
  7. It’s not only that. Many countries won’t allow Russians into compete anyway.
  8. Oh sorry. hard to see many of the luge hosting countries letting Russian and Belarusian competitors in it will be a moot point anyway.
  9. It see sporting bodies simply withdrawing from CAS jurisdiction. I feel like CAS has decided to show it’s not biased by choosing a sport with no real activity until November instead of deciding on the many sports ongoing at the moment. But CAS knows it’s funding and backing would be gone if it made decisions many national governments would simply overturn at the border.
  10. Athletics suffers further reputation damage eveytime someone competes after returning from a doping ban
  11. I think the lack of medals will see athletes ordered to focus on the commonwealth instead of the worlds. In an attempt to be seen to be justifying the lottery money in a home event.
  12. Really our only realsltic medal hopeful. I don’t think there has been a world indoor with no British medalist in years but I am not sure we even in the relay with Keely out? Is there a reserve.
  13. I doubt it. Hungary are the signatory of the boycott letter and that would contradict that.
  14. Do you we know what her condition is. For her classification to change it must be something degenerative.
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