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  1. Very interesting. I think Wellbrock won’t swim this in Tokyo, so the other two should be safe. Very encouraging PB for Wellbrock by over a second though. The battle in the 800 and 1500 free could be more interesting. Märtens should definitely be able to reach the standard in the 1500 and Schwarz could also do it. The same is true in the 800 free, but I am not sure if Märtens will even swim that event. Mühlleitner could maybe achieve the 800 free standard as well if he tried. Hopefully this is also good news for the men’s 800 free relay. So far there were no promising times, but those 3 should
  2. If you are interested in a discussion, then quote me, otherwise no reason to spam this thread. The time is ok and the fact that both her and Herkle improved their PBs this year is encouraging. In the past more often than not German talents, especially on the women’s side, stopped progressing after their junior years. You still shouldn’t make exceptions or you might as well get rid of standards. Vogelmann can compete at the European championships (and „prove“ herself there) and she is young enough to make the next three olympics. I think it can be good to still have a longterm goal
  3. Hopefully she won’t be nominated with this time. She should try again next weekend.
  4. What is the point of a competition like this where most of the top nations (Italy, Hungary, Germany, Canada, Japan, China) don’t even compete?
  5. Could you maybe Name all the medalists (if you already know them)?
  6. Interesting statistic: This was only the third loss for Germany in World Cup qualification history. The previous two were against Portugal (0:1 in 1985) and England (1:5 in 2001). Both losses were at home too and both times (1986 and 2002) Germany made the World Cup Final afterwards.
  7. Nooooooooooo!? You obviously have gigantic balls to wear a mullet. Please teach me how to reach that level of not giving a fuck!
  8. Slightly off-topic: Is that you in your profile pic?
  9. I wish the German federation would take the same approach.
  10. He almost certainly will be the favorite for silver. Of all the „established“ guys I only see Dressel and maybe Minakov matching that time, so normally he should win bronze at worst, but in an Olympic year you never know. I don’t think anyone in 2016 predicted that Schooling would go that fast at the Olympics.
  11. Hard to imagine that this is true, but if it is, you certainly didn’t watch close enough (at least in Nemeth‘s case). In 2019 Nemeth went 48.17 at trials in March and then 48.10 at the world championships (but only in the final, in the heat and semifinal he was slower than at the trials). In 2017 he swam 48.64 at trials in April and then he went on to swim 48.82 at the European junior championships and 48.95 at the junior world championships. About Milak: I don’t think that he should/will race this event at the Olympics. Even if he improves by 0.5 seconds he would still only
  12. 1) Neither of them has gone sub 48 ever, unlike tons of other guys. 2) It is completely normal that times improve over the years. Just because those times were enough to make the final in the past doesn’t mean that they will be enough to make the final this year. Obviously you can think whatever you want, just wanted to put things into perspective since I had the impression that you don’t really know much about swimming. Objectively it isn’t realistic to expect both of them to make the final.
  13. Also very unrealistic ... I doubt that Milak will swim this event at the Olympics, at best he will have a super small chance to win bronze. 2 American guys, 2 Russian guys, Chalmers and Scott are almost guaranteed a spot in the final, which only leaves two open spots and guys like Miressi, Chierighini, Nakamura, Correia, He, Mignon or Metella are as fast as your guys or even faster. I think 1 guy in the final would be a very good result for you.
  14. Just because a sport was there since the beginning, doesn’t mean that it should have more Events today than it would normally deserve. Personally I believe that the number of events should at least somewhat reflect the importance of a sport/the number of people that actually are active in that sport.
  15. Certainly helped that tons of the best guys didn’t even bother to show up. Sadly the results of the junior world championships can’t be taken seriously this year thanks to most nations skipping it.
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