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  1. It is very easy to reduce costs. Either you build less expansive venues or you reuse venues. Building less expansive venues usually means less capacities which means less ticket revenue and less chances for the local population to watch, so this isn’t really a good option. This means that the best option would be to reuse venues. In this day and age it is impossible to build a swimming stadium or a ski jumping hill and to get back the costs later by constantly hosting competitions there. This means that only cities that already have most of the venues should host the Olympics. In most cases th
  2. Please try to state your point. Your comment is all over the place. There might be downsides to this concept, but it certainly would reduce costs, which is the main reason why less and less countries want to host the Olympics. The lack of an Olympic village is no problem in big cities, you can just use a hotel/multiple hotels or the athletes could for example live in student apartments that are usually empty during the summer anyways. In a better world countries would build a new apartment complex for the athletes and afterwards it would be used to fix homelessness in that city. I th
  3. Yes, modernizing venues is still normally (much) less expansive than building new venues. For example the Olympic stadium that was built for the 1936 Olympics in Berlin is still used today. The IOC would have to accept that not all the venues will look new and shiny, so this will never happen of course.
  4. Interesting article by The Ringer: I always thought that it might make sense to rotate the Olympics between maybe 10 to 15 cities. Summer: Moscow, Barcelona/Madrid, Rome, Paris, London, Berlin, Toronto, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam, Sydney Winter: Munich, Milan, Innsbruck/Salzburg, Oslo/Lillehammer, Stockholm, Helsinki, Lake Placid/Salt Lake City, Vancouver, Nagano/Sapporo, Albertville, St. Moritz/Lausanne
  5. I don’t really follow this tournament, but this sounds like a really optimistic take. I would be surprised to see Egypt beating Denmark, France, Spain or Norway in a do-or-die match. Let’s see what will happen from here on.
  6. Nice surprise for Germany. Not sure how much it means on a world stage. Still another interesting result for Germany this winter, after a medal in men’s snowboard slopestyle (first medal in that event in more than 10 years), a medal in women’s aerials (first medal in that event in 20 years) and 2 medals in men’s slalom by Strasser. I guess we’ll have to wait until next season to see if those results were just a fluke thanks to COVID. Sadly Germany is still trash in speed skating and cross-country.
  7. You can’t win everything ... You had some great results in ski-/snowboardcross.
  8. A lot of people in Silicon Valley like the idea of an universal basic income very much, so I think that Sanders becoming president wouldn’t be the worst thing in their own opinion.
  9. 1) Any source for that? 2) Why would it matter? 3) I think the same is true for Trump‘s grandchildren, so at least you would have some continuity there.
  10. This week there is a World Cup event in Laax taking place. From tomorrow on there will be live streams on their website for the half-pipe/slopestyle finals. From a German perspective it has already been a very good week. Both Vockensperger (in men’s slopestyle) and Ettle (in women’s halfpipe) already made the final and hopefully Höflich will follow in men’s halfpipe. Only Morgan in women’s slopestyle was disappointing. The new Slovenian coach Luka Gartner really has done a tremendous job so far.
  11. We‘ll see about that ... Also: Once again great job connecting unrelated things to support your narrative.
  12. I knew that Dagur Sigurdsson was a magician (after what he did with Germany in 2016), but this might be his new masterpiece. Going from Sigurdsson to Prokop was a huge downgrade for Germany, but luckily „we“ have a new coach from Iceland now.
  13. Cool ... why should we care about random rumors? Why not just wait until there is an official decision? Also I doubt that the 2026 olympics will take Place in Los Angeles and i don’t think anyone can say today whether the 2024 and 2028 olympics will take place as planned.
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