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  1. 20-22 for Germany I hope for some surprising medals in snowboard (men's halfpipe/big air/slopestyle, women's big air), cross-country skiing (women's skiathlon) or alpine skiing.
  2. You are old enough to have witnessed the first winter olympics? Of all the winter games i followed, Vancouver certainly were the best.
  3. This is sad to Hear, But not surprising. Meanwhile IOC Officials fly with private jets and demand the Most expansive hotel Rooms.
  4. Overall the List isn‘t Too Bad in my opinion, although i would have picked different Athletes in Some disciplines, for Example Stolz/Wiklund in Speed Skating or Vinatzer in men‘s alpine Skiing.
  5. I think there are many reasons why western countries MIGHT be doing worse than asian countries, for example: - More densely populated - More travelling - Older population - Lower vaccination rate? - More people using public transport every day? - More averse to wearing masks? Of course there are also western countries (New Zealand, Australia, some scandinavian countries?) that are doing at least as good as asian countries.
  6. Definitely. You only need to look at the current NBA rosters to answer your own question. You might want to start with the Detroit Pistons ... On another note: 1) Does anyone here have any thoughts about the NBA top 75 list? 2) Who do people on here pick for the NBA awards (MVP, DPOY, ROY, MIP, 6th man) this year?
  7. I think you are overestimating the time. Tia Clayton, who only ran 11.60 this year, was less than 0.3 slower. Also I doubt that „she“ will still be allowed to compete when „she“ is 26 years old.
  8. My guess would be around 13.30 s. He seems pretty small and that might be a disadvantage with higher hurdles. Belocian also looked like a sure thing at junior level, but never developed as expected.
  9. Yes. Worst ever winning height at U20 worlds: 4.20 m in 2000 and 1998 (the first two times this event was contested) Worst ever height needed for bronze at U20 worlds: 4.10 m in 2000 and 1998 For comparison the marks that won gold/bronze at the last 3 U20 worlds and the result you would have gotten with 4.15 m: 2018: 4.51 m, 4.35 m, 9th place 2016: 4.55 m, 4.40 m, 7th place 2014: 4.50 m, 4.45 m, 9th place At 2018 U18 Euros it took 4.26 m to win gold and 4.16 m to win silver. At 2021 U20 Euros it took 4.30 m to win gold, 4.20 m to win silver and 4.15 m to win bronze. I think this event clearly suffered from the absence of the german and american girls.
  10. The following are the most interesting athletes competing for me: Krzysztof Roznicki (men's 800 m) Sasha Zhoya (men's 110 m hurdles) Anthony Ammirati (men's pole vault) Matvei Volkov (men's pole vault) Mykolas Alekna (men's discus throw) Jente Hauttekeete (men's decathlon) Tina Clayton (women's 100 m) Favour Ofili (women's 200 m) Kornelia Lesiewicz (women's 400 m) Deribe Welteji (women's 1500 m) Prisca Chesang (women's 3000/5000 m) Zerfe Wondemagegn (women's 3000 m SC) Ackera Nugent (women's 100 m hurdles) Ditaji Kambundji (women's 100 m hurdles) Maja Askag (women's triple jump) Silja Kosonen (women's hammer throw) Rose Loga (women's hammer throw) Elina Tzengo (women's javelin throw) Adriana Vilagos (women's javelin throw) Saga Vanninen (women's heptathlon) I think almost all of them have medal potential at the 2024 olympics. On paper men's pole vault, women's 200 m, women's 100 m hurdles, women's hammer throw and women's javelin throw should be the most interesting competitions. List of some of the most promising athletes missing (for different reasons): Erriyon Knighton (men's 100/200 m) Sachin Dennis (men's 100 m) Jeriel Quainoo (men's 100 m) Jeff Erius (men's 100 m) Johnnie Blockburger (men's 400 m) Justin Robinson (men's 400 m) Sean Burrell (men's 400 m/400 m hurdles) Max Burgin (men's 800 m) Hobbs Kessler (men's 1500 m) Joel Ibler Lillesø (men's 5000 m) Axel Vang Christensen (men's 5000 m) Ryuji Mura (men's 3000 m SC) Matthew Sophia (men's 110 m hurdles) Oliver Koletzko (men's long jump) Brianna Williams (women's 100 m) Amy Hunt (women's 200 m) Athing Mu (women's 400/800 m) Keely Hodgkinson (women's 800 m) Andrea Rooth (women's 100/400 m hurdles) Mariya Kochanova (women's high jump) Johanna Göring (women's high jump) Mikaelle Assani (women's long jump) Larissa Iapichino (women's long jump) Laura Raquel Müller (women's long jump) Leyanis Perez Hernandez (women's triple jump) Henriette Jaeger (women's heptathlon)
  11. Too bad that Germany will miss this. I think it has been a long time since Germany last was this good at U20 level with 4 world leaders and multiple other medal contenders.
  12. Hodgkinson could have sleepwalked to a medal (Ojora in women's triple jump or your men's 4x100 m relay also would have had a good shot).
  13. Not quite two months ... (although even i thought that they would last a bit longer). Yesterday the afghan president announced that they would mobiize the forces now, which made you wonder what they have been doing so far ... Afghanistan is a made up country by the west, in reality it is just a bunch of tribes. The fact that roughly 60k not very well-equipped taliban can "beat" a very well-equipped/trained army of roughly 300k soldiers clearly shows you that most people don't really seem too willing to defend "western values". I feel sad for the afghan women, but in the end there never was a chance of a different outcome (something that most soldiers who came back from there even 10-15 years ago ... or history could/would have told you). I am not sure if western politicians actually had the goal/belief to achieve something else over there, personally i hope that they aren't really that naive. If afghan people want a different life, they can either leave the country of build a different country on their own. I hope that Europe won't again take on hundreds of thousands of refugees regardless of their "qualification". Nothing wrong with letting "qualified" refugees in, but no society is capable of integrating such a huge number of people from a completely different culture (if those people even would be willing) at the same time. This doesn't change anything about the fact that western countries should give humanitarian help (setting up camps in bordering countries). Also one of the biggest "miracles" for me is how the west never was able to effectively cut off the stream of weapons/money to the taliban (from Saudi Arabia/Pakistan?). I also fear that afghanistan will now become the "headquarters" of international terrorism again, but maybe this time the west will be able to fight that more effectively with drones.
  14. Congrats! I don't think that those athletes will be competitive by 2024, but maybe in 2028 they could do some damage.
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