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  1. Rikako Ikee winning a medal would be pretty cool, sadly this doesn’t seem very likely. Maybe she can make a final. Slovenia winning a medal in men’s basketball would be pretty nice as well. Pellegrini winning a medal would be pretty funny, but I don’t really see it happening. Another very cool medal winner would be Popovici from Romania in men’s 100 free.
  2. For me it would be a medal for Sarah Köhler, Florian Wellbrock, Philipp Heintz, Gesa Krause or Malaika Mihambo. I feel like they deserved this after their performances in recent years.
  3. No, the problem is that apparently you think (or at least make it sound that way that) discriminating people because of their sexuality (or other things) is a valid opinion. Western countries certainly aren’t morally perfect (or close to it) as we have for example seen during the Iraq war (or many other instances). Many times it is just about trying to cover up the fact that you are trying to make money by claiming pure Motives, although it has to be said that this is usually on the level of politicians/executives (and it is the fault of normal people to buy into it). Personally I don’t care w
  4. I see, you just want to have your beliefs confirmed. Just to clarify a few things (in case you are willing to reconsider your position): - It might surprise you to hear the mayor of Munich makes its own decision and he doesn’t even belong to the party that governs Bavaria. I wouldn’t be surprise to see a Hungarian person thinking that one party determines everything, but if I remember correctly you said something a while ago about the mayor of Budapest having beef with Orban, so I am bit surprised to hear the can’t fathom the idea of the mayor of a city having his own mind. Also if you th
  5. And when exactly did it become a disagreement between countries? Last time I checked Germany as a country wasn’t doing anything here, but maybe I missed something and Manuel Neuer became the spokesperson of the German government ... This is about people asking other people not to discriminate against certain people. If certain countries want to see it as a personal attack, then it is their problem. If those countries don’t feel addressed, then they should have no problem to ignore it, but for some reason those countries don’t seem to be able to do that. When German players want to
  6. In some way yes, but asking people not to discriminate against other people isn‘t political, it is about common decency. If certain countries see that as a personal attack, then it is their problem.
  7. Not sure what you mean ... Karl Marx spent most of his live in Paris/London ...
  8. No, but after reading your other comments, It doesn’t surprise me that you fail to understand even such a simple thing. This is not about country A vs. country B, this is about people who want to end the discrimination of certain people. Ukraine vs. Russia or Azerbaijan vs. Armenia is a completely different topic (geographical conflicts = political). It makes me sad to see how limited your understanding of the world is. Political = conflicts between countries or fight against a political institutation. This is about how people treat other people.
  9. I applaud your creativity (for connecting communism and equal rights for people of all sexual orientations). Don’t think I heard this one before ... now I get why people in former communist countries have such a big problem with this.
  10. Again: How is advocating equal rights political? Also if the west would dictate the terms, then UEFA probably would have told Russia to fuck off. UEFA really has to stop with the hate towards Hungary ... first they gave them two group matches and now they even consider handing them the final, this discrimination of Hungary has to stop ...
  11. Yes, the west is a big blob, everyone is the same and all people here have a Common Agenda. Baffling to see people with such a limited understanding of the world they live in. Also: 1) Not using rainbow colors for the arena would be better how? 2) You realize that people can do things in support of other people instead of only doing it to „punish“ someone else? Sometimes it helps not to be that self-centered. 3) People that feel the need to tell you that they don’t give a shit, usually give a shit ... 4) So what exactly are you doing apart from rambling on
  12. It’s gonna be gold for Australia (unless they drown) and USA/Canada/China/GB/Netherlands for the minor medals.
  13. I think she did that time in February, before the qualification period started. Anyways I don’t really see the sense of entering someone who can’t even break 4:10.
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