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  1. So? Could you maybe quote where I was talking about women’s sport in general?
  2. Who exactly said that? I think women’s (beach) volleyball, women’s athletics, women’s gymnastics (except for floor) or women’s swimming are interesting to watch (sometimes also women’s tennis).
  3. I guess once Evenepoel reaches his peak a lot of men’s race will also look like that ... One guy just randomly destroying the field by multiple minutes.
  4. Sagan style ... UCI should disqualify her and give the bronze to the other Dutch athlete ...
  5. This is the first time in years that I watched a women’s race and now I understand why women’s cycling doesn’t get more tv time. This was even worse than watching women’s football, the depth of talent is really poor. With more than 40 km to go it was already clear who would win the medals ... I hope and expect the men’s race to be a lot more interesting/competitive.
  6. Yeah, but none of them is remotely close to competing for a grand tour. It is much easier to just go for stage victories.
  7. Bernal and Pogacar both won it in the year they turned 20, this Norwegian guy was already 22 when he won it ... I think the 2nd place for Aleotti (Born in 1999) and the 3rd place for Van Wilder (Born in 2000) were more impressive, not to mention that Pidcock and Evenepoel are much more likely to „challenge“ Pogacar anyways.
  8. This might have been the best Diamond League Meeting of the year. Now there is one more African guy Ingebrigtsen has to worry about. The development of Ugandan runners recently has been very „impressive“.
  9. Has anyone heard anything about Porte joining Ineos? I think they will come back really strong next year with Bernal, Carapaz, Yates and maybe Porte, but I am not sure who will be the leader. Also not sure if Bernal can beat Pogacar in the future. Maybe they should try to go with some young British guy like Hayter or Pidcock.
  10. I understand your reasoning, but then you should also criticize players like Zverev or Djokovic.
  11. It was a very low quality match, but very entertaining/unpredictable for me. Thiem choked away the first two sets and Zverev choked away the fifth set. The pressure of being the Favorit obviously got to Thiem, but I think in the future he will be more relaxed in slam finals.
  12. I think they have a bunch of medal chances in sports like athletics, sailing or Mountainbike. I also don’t see why he shouldn’t skip the Olympics if he can earn more money/ranking points somewhere else.
  13. I think it is pretty accurate to say that the polka dot jersey is for the French what the team classification is for the Spanish teams (Movistar). They are the only ones to care about it, but they are still super thrilled to win it each year.
  14. Maybe Sagan should go for the polka dot in the future? At this point it seems like a more realistic goal for him ...
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