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  1. win their first ever medal!! Thought we were gonna have a games with no new medalists but have come to save the day.
  2. Still have a shot at one in boxing on Wednesday, albeit an outside one.
  3. Judo draw out, one of or guaranteed a medal.
  4. Off to Coventry to watch the 1st sessions of Rugby Sevens, this'll be my first major games so very excited.
  5. In the same category are 1 win away from winning a medal if they can spring a surprise and beat the boxer.
  6. 2 of them countries have never won a medal at CWG. Big opportunity for and , they may never get one like it for a long time.
  7. Trains are on strike this week in UK, will affect a lot of people travelling to Birmingham for the games so attendance will be hit massively.
  8. I expect that to change this year, someone like Anomah or Prescod will go under 10.
  9. In the 100m I can see someone medalling with a time over 10 seconds, so if he can reach anywhere near his PB and SB he'll medal. The long jumper seems to pull it out the bag when it comes to these games so if he does the same again he stands a chance. Due to lack of numbers in Wrestling and other combat sports, might be able to medal if they pick up a sneaky win or 2.
  10. medal hopes in athletics are dropping by the day as Max Burgin and Dina Asher-Smith have both had to withdraw due to injuries suffered at World Athletics Championship.
  11. I think have a decent chance of nicking one in men's 100 and 200 with Cejhae Greene. are the other ones I had down in Beach Volleyball, Wrestling and Athletics (Men's Long Jump) respectively.
  12. 14 countries have never won a medal at these games. They are: Can see a couple of these winning their first medals this week.
  13. The commonwealth games is a great place to develop up and coming athletes, not just from smaller nations but bigger ones too. While some events lack quality, others still have the best in the world competing against one another. It's also a great place for sports like Squash and Netball to put a case forward for Olympic inclusion.
  14. Excited for 400s tonight, a lot of British interest. Also kicking myself that I didn't stay up for Jake Wightman's 1500m win last night. Stayed up till 3:28 GMT and didn't bother watching the final, which started at 3:30 GMT, as I didn't expect us to win anyway.
  15. Good to see countries like Dominican Republic and Guatemala challenging for qualification (and in case actually qualifying), the Olympic scene is changing and a lot more smaller nations are qualifying for these sort of events.
  16. The team ranked 151 in the world are going to the Olympics.
  17. Guatemala 2-0 up on Dominican Republic after 1st half.
  18. I'd bring in all of the above, the more the merrier! When you say other sports, if you mean a new sport being brought in altogether then I'd like to see Darts and Squash in there, their tournament style formats lend themselvles to the Olympics. If you mean a new discipline in an existing sport that hasn't already been mentioned then I think they should add team events to the golf programme, whether it be Men's, women's and/or mixed.
  19. I'm not bothered who wins between Guatemala and Dominican Republic, as long as Honduras beat USA.
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