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    maestro reacted to Hipooo in Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022   
    Introducing text about  No. 1c
    map of our tour
    PILSEN (Plzeň)
    Population: 168 449 p.
    The 4th biggest town in The Czech Republic.
    The city was founded in 976 as a fortress of the Přemysl princes. It was considered one of the three most important trade centers of the Czech lands (during the 14th century). In the 19th century, industry developed intensively here, there was created automobile brand Škoda or the famous brewery with beer brand Pilsner Urquell.
    Pilsen is located on undulating terrain, where the Berounka river is formed by the confluence of four smaller rivers (Mže, Radbuza, Úhlava and Úslava). The city is overflowing with beautiful architecture, I will only introduce you to the very basics.
    You can't miss St. Bartholomew's Cathedral because it has the highest church tower in the Czech Republic (102.26 m). Cathedral is in the Gothic style and it's located in the center of the city.
    The Franciscan monastery was founded in 1300. It is built mainly in the Renaissance style. The Franciscans were representatives of a minority order under the Roman Catholic Church. The monastery was heavily damaged during the Hussite siege (1433).
    The Great Synagogue is also located in Pilsen, which is the largest building of this type in the Czech Republic and the third largest in the world (after the ones in Jerusalem and Budapest). Before the start of the Second World War, the Nazis tried to bomb the synagogue, but the action failed.
    In 2014, the modern New Theater building was opened, which was built according to the design of Portuguese architects. The building is located near the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew.
    Although Pilsen is a culturally rich city, no significant sporting events are held here. However, the best Czech football team - FC Viktoria Plzeň - is based here.
    OLOMOUC (Olomouc)
    Population: 99 564 p.
    The 6th biggest town in The Czech Republic. An university town with great history.
    The city lies on the Morava River in an elongated fertile valley. It is the center of the cultural area of Haná. As early as 1253, it was declared a royal trading town, but continuous settlement of the area appeared as early as the beginning of the 11th century. The city is known for its archbishopric and the second oldest Czech university (Palacký's University) is also located here.
    The historical core of the city is made up of a former fortress, the foundations of which are still preserved today. It is the largest fortress in the Czech Republic, which was in operation from the end of the 13th century until 1886. Most of the city's monuments can be found on the territory of the fortress.
    In the middle of Upper Square there is a town hall with an astronomical clock. While the current form of the town hall was created in 1474, the astronomical clock was damaged during the Second World War. The new clock was created in 1955 with the theme of socialist realism.
    On the same square we can also find the Column of the Holy Trinity - the only UNESCO monument in Olomouc. The column was built by a group of Czech Baroque sculptors. It is so large and tall that you can go inside, where is a small chapel. This unique baroque work is the largest column and at the same time the largest sculpture in the Czech Republic.
    České Budějovice (České Budějovice)
    Population: 93 083 p.
    The 7th biggest town in The Czech Republic.
    King Přemysl Otakar II. founded the city in 1265. The city firstly fulfilled the function of diplomatic meetings between the House of Luxembourg and other families, then due to religious changes, the city became the target of conflicts. Today, the city is very interesting, especially from the architectural side.
    The Black Tower is originally a guard and signal tower from the 16th century. Today it is open to the public, above the clock there is a walkway with a view of the entire city.
    The Salt House is a smaller building that dates back to the Renaissance. It served as a warehouse for grain and later salt.
    The Rabenstein tower is one of the two preserved fortification towers from the 14th century. The tower was primarily used as a warehouse for weapons and gunpowder, then as a prison. Today you will find an exhibition of armor and historical weapons there.
    A representative of modern architecture is, for example, the Piano administrative center, built between 2016 and 2018.
    Hradec Králové (Hradec Králové)
    Population: 90 679 p.
    The 8th biggest town in The Czech Republic and also residence of @Hipooo!!!
    This city was originally a royal city, but king Wenceslas II. dedicated it to the Czech queens. It functioned as the commercial center of Eastern Bohemia and today it is also an important cultural and university center. The city is nicknamed the Salon of the Republic because the city center is filled with many buildings from the 20th century. Today, the city is world famous for its Petrof brand pianos.
    The White Tower is very similar to the Black Tower in České Budejovice because it was designed by the same person. You can also climb the White Tower and observe the view not only of the city, but with good visibility you can also see the highest point of the Czech Republic - Sněžka, which is almost 60 km from the city.
    The Museum of Eastern Bohemia is an Art Nouveau brick building with various permanent and seasonal exhibitions.
    Adalbertinum is a social house built at the end of the 19th century in a style with elements of Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Baroque. The building is used for social and cultural activities.
    The Ulrich Square is a place lined with functionalist buildings. Today, the Regional Directorate of the Police and ČSOB bank are located here.
    The Hučák hydroelectric power plant is located in the city center on the Elbe River. This Art Nouveau building has been in operation since 1912 and is supposed to protect the city from floods.
    Pardubice (Pardubice)
    Population: 88 188 p.
    The 10th biggest town in The Czech Republic with an important railway junction.
    The first mention of the town dates back to 1295, but it flourished only in the 19th century, when the town was connected to the railway. Since then there has been intensive industrial development and the population has rapidly doubled. Nowadays, Pardubice is famous for Pardubice gingerbread and the Velká Pardubická horse race.
    The Pardubice Castle is located in the city center and dates back to the Renaissance in 1491.
    The Municipal Theater is an Art Nouveau building built at the beginning of the 20th century. It is probably the most important theater in Eastern Bohemia.
    Karlovy Vary (Karlovy Vary)
    Population: 45 605 p.
    The 22nd biggest town in The Czech Republic and the biggest czech spa town.
    Karlovy Vary is not one of the largest cities in the Czech Republic, but it is nevertheless a regional capital and is known worldwide for its spa treatments. The town was founded in 1370 and is located in a relatively steep valley of the Ohře river. The hottest spring Vřídlo (72 °C) is located there. It also hosts an international film festival every year.
    The list of monuments is really wide. There are four spa buildings in the city (two of which are still spas today) and five colonnades. Since the city has been visited by a number of important figures throughout history, there are a large number of monuments and statues. On the outskirts of the city there are architecturally interesting lookouts, e.g. Goethe's viewpoint. There are a large number of hotels in the city, almost every one of them is in magnificent buildings of art nouveau and romantic style.
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    maestro reacted to Hipooo in Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022   
    Introducing text about  No. 1b
    map of our tour
    BRNO (Brno)
    Population: 378 424 p.
    Main center of Moravia and the 2nd biggest town in The Czech Republic.
    The first written mention of Brno comes from the year 1091 (from the oldest Czech chronicle - Kosmo's Chronicle). The origin of the city was mainly connected with the minting of coins.
    Probably the biggest landmark is Špilberk Castle. It is located on a hill on the west side of the city. The castle was founded in the second half of the 13th century by the then king Přemysl Otakar II. In the 18th century, part of the space was transformed into a dreaded prison. Today, the castle is home to the Brno City Museum.
    In the city center is located the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. Construction began in the 11th century and was completed in 1908. The outline of the cathedral is shown on a Czech 10 CZK coin.
    Last but not least, it is good to mention the only UNESCO monument in Brno – Villa Tugendhat. This building was built between 1929 and 1930. The villa is in a functionalist style.
    From the point of view of sport, Moto GP Brno was recently held here, Fed Cup matches were also often held here.
    OSTRAVA (Ostrava)
    Population: 280 718 p.
    The 3rd biggest town in The Czech Republic located on the border of Moravia and Silesia.
    The first settlement here was in the mid-13th century. The city was located on an important trade route, after the siege of the Swedes (1621–1645) the importance of the city declined. The great prosperity of the city was during the 18th century, when extensive deposits of high-quality black coal appeared here. The city thus began to grow rapidly. Today, the area around Ostrava is one of the most polluted areas of the Czech Republic, which is a consequence of intensive coal mining. Nowadays, most of the mines have already closed.
    The most famous monuments of Ostrava are of a technical nature. The mining area of Vítkovice is today often visited by tourists. Today, the former ironworks is one of the cultural destinations, there are regularly held music festivals (e.g. Colors of Ostrava), as well as sports events (a beach volleyball tournament within the Elite 16 circuit).
    To the west of the center of Ostrava, a large district was built in the style of socialist realism during the 20th century. Its area is over 13 square kilometers and its name is Poruba.
    Other international events held in Ostrava: Golden Spike (an athletic meeting), WTA tournament series 500, co-hosting of the Ice Hockey World Championships (2004, 2015, 2024).
    To be honest, I don't like towns Prague, Brno and Ostrava  Next towns (on my opinion) are cleaner and more beautiful and their land is more interesting.  
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    maestro reacted to Hipooo in Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022   
    Introducing text about  No. 1a
    map of our tour
    In the beggining, I would like to introduce you nine czech towns. We are starting our pilgrimage of my homeland in Prague.
    PRAGUE (Praha)
    Population: 1 267 173 p.
    Capital and the biggest city of The Czech Republic.
    According to legend, Prague was founded in the 8th century by the czech princess Libuše and her husband Přemysl (the founder of the Přemysl dynasty). The legend has it that Libuše climbed of a rocky cliff above the Vltava river and prophersied:
    "I see a great city whose glory will touch the stars."
    She ordered a castle to the built on the spot and named the city Prague.
    In Prague, you can visit many monuments of different architectural styles. Prague Castle is considered the most valuable monument in Prague. Its construction began in the 9th century and ended only in the 20th century. It's a complex of various temples, churches, palaces and buildings in different styles, but the dominant one is the St. Vitus Church. Whole complex is also a UNESCO monument.
    Another prominent monument is the Charles Bridge, which is the oldest standing bridge over the Vltava River (opened in 1402). There are 30 baroque sculptures on the bridge and it is only for pedestrians.
    The Old Town Hall was founded in 1338, it is mainly known for its astronomical clock - the best-preserved medieval clock in the world. At noon, the astronomical clock is very often visited by tourists. In May 1945, the town hall caught fire (due to the fight between the insurgents and the German army) and part of the building was irretrievably destroyed. Today, only fragments of the original building can be seen.
    Vyšehrad is a castle and fortress on a rock above the Vltava River. It was the former residence of Czech kings. Part of the fortress is also a large cemetery where a large number of famous Czech personalities are buried.
    Other no less important monuments include the National Theatre, the Bethlehem Chapel (in which Jan Hus preached his ideas, for which he was later burned), the National Museum or the Rudolfinum concert palace.

    The most interesting modern building can be considered the Dancing House (the building is inspired by the interwar dancing couple Astair – Rogers).
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    maestro reacted to Hipooo in Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022   
    Hello my TOICS friends,
    Lenny (our last year winner) wants to show herself in another song called Figure It Out.
    The music clip contains autenthic shots from her growing up.

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    maestro reacted to Makedonas in Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022   
    I'm in for Greece
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    maestro reacted to dcro in Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022   
    Rumor has it if it stays at 22 then the United States will enter Taylor Swift.
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    maestro reacted to hckošice in Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022   
    Obviously Slovensko can not miss the TISC especially when its organized by our beloved neighbors/friends/brothers "west coast" , so officially is in   

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    maestro reacted to Yannakis in Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022   
    I'm in. 
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    maestro reacted to Hipooo in Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022   
    I'm planning to introduce you with The Czech Republic. I don't know, who of us have already been in , I think not many of you  
    Every week I want post some education text about my country to know or convince to come to us.
     is small but beautiful country and I want to try to prove you that it's true  
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    maestro reacted to Vektor in Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022   
    Everyone here:

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    maestro reacted to hckošice in Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022   
    You guys realize it is not 19th September yet, right ?
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    maestro reacted to OlympicIRL in Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022   
    In the previous edition of the contest it was discussed that multi jury members sometimes missed the boat before an entry was already chosen for their nation by another member of their national jury. In light of this, to allow fair time for multi jury members to see the thread and register their interest, we have decided that the song selection window won’t open until this Friday, September 23rd.
    There is also new guidance for multi juries in the rules about allowing some time as a form of courtesy to other member of their national jury to help select their song. 

    3. (b) In cases where 2 or more members from the same nation register to participate in the contest, they must work together by private message to agree upon the song and artist they wish to represent their nation in the contest.

    If one of those members already chose the song and artist for their nation before the other members registered for the contest, the newly registered members have the right to re-visit the selection made for their nation. All members from that nation should work together to agree on the chosen representative. This must be completed before the official song entry registration deadline. Any outstanding concerns can be brought to the attention of the organising committee by private message to seek a fair solution if needed.

    For these reasons, it is recommended that users from nations that often have multiple jury members to give a reasonable amount of time to allow their fellow jury members to register, as a form of courtesy for their fellow jury members. This may help to avoid situations where there is a disagreement in the chosen representative and reduce the amount of occasions when the chosen song / artist needs to be changed.
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    maestro reacted to hckošice in Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022   
    Great timing from Czech Organizing Committee. My this years birthday will not be famous only by the Queen´s funeral but also with the Czech Rep. TOISC start
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    maestro reacted to Hipooo in Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022   
    Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022      Totallympics Forum - 23 September 2022 - 5 November 2022   

    Official Schedule
    Until Saturday, October 29th: Central European Summer Time (GMT +2)
    From Sunday, October 30th: Central European Time (GMT +1)
    Monday, September 19th
    10:00 National Jury Registration Window Open
    Friday, September 23rd
    10:00 National Jury Registration and Entries Selection Window Open
    Friday, October 7th
    23:59 National Jury Registration and Entries Selection Window Closed
    Saturday, October 8th
    00:00 Host Jury Voting Window Open
    Wednesday, October 12th
    17:59 Host Jury Voting Window Closed
    18:00 National Jury Voting Window Open
    Saturday, October 22nd
    23:59 National Jury Voting Window Closed
    Sunday, October 23rd
    13:00 Festival of Music Begins
    Monday, October 24th
    19:00 Voting Order Draw / Team Allocation Draw
    Friday, November 4th
    TBD  Opening Ceremony 
    Saturday, November 5th
    TBD Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022 Grand Final
    Sunday, November 6th
    TBD Closing Ceremony
    Participating Nations
    ARGENTINA @konig AUSTRALIA @KingOfTheRhinos BRAZIL @brunamoura@titicow@vinipereira BULGARIA @Federer91 CHINA @Vic Liu CROATIA @dcro CZECH REPUBLIC @Hipooo DENMARK @Agger @Wumo FRANCE  @Benolympique @Bohemia GREAT BRITAIN @Dragon GREECE @maestro @Makedonas @Yannakis HUNGARY @Vektor INDIA @Fly_like_a_don INDONESIA @Griff88 IRELAND @OlympicIRL ISRAEL @Dnl ITALY @Gianlu33 @Henry_Leon @Pablita @SteveParker KAZAKHSTAN @Ruslan LITHUANIA @Werloc MEXICO @mrv86 MOLDOVA @Ionoutz24 NETHERLANDS @heywoodu NEW ZEALAND @Wanderer POLAND @rybak PORTUGAL @kungshamra71 SERBIA @NikolaB SLOVAKIA @hckošice SLOVENIA @justony SWEDEN @Belle TUNISIA @amen09 UKRAINE @Illya USA @dezbee2008@Olympian1010 VIETNAM @dophuquy 33 nations   43 participants  
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    maestro reacted to Makedonas in Κωπηλασία (Rowing)   
    2022 European U23 Rowing Championships
    Christina Bourmpou and Evangelia Fragkou (women's pair)
    Petros Gkaidatzis (men's lightweight single sculls)
    Dimitra Kontou and Styliani Natsioula (women's double sculls)
    Evangelia Anastasiadou (women's lightweight single sculls)
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    maestro reacted to Makedonas in Κωπηλασία (Rowing)   
    2022 World Rowing Championships
    Antonios Papakonstantinou (men's lightweight single sculls)
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    maestro reacted to George_D in Στίβος (Athletics)   
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    maestro reacted to George_D in Πόλο (Water Polo)   
    Πέμπτη θέση για την Εθνική, νίκη και «έκδίκηση» επί της Γαλλίας με 10-8
    Έκανε το καλύτερο που έπρεπε η ανανεωμένη Εθνική μας ομάδα υδατοσφαίρισης των Ανδρών, μετά τον αποκλεισμό της από την 4άδα, στο Ευρωπαϊκό πρωτάθλημα στο Σπλιτ και στρέφει ήδη το βλέμμα της στις επόμενες μεγάλες διοργανώσεις που έχουν φόντο το Παρίσι 2024. Νίκησε τη Γαλλία με 10-8 στον τελευταίο αγώνα κατάταξης, κατέλαβε την 5η θέση στη διοργάνωση και πήρε ένα είδος εκδίκησης επί των «τρικολόρ», που με την ισοπαλία στην οποία της είχε αναγκάσει στην πρεμιέρα την είχε βγάλει από το βολικότερο μονοπάτι των μεταλλίων.
      ΕΛΛΑΔΑ – ΓΑΛΛΙΑ 10-8
    Οκτάλεπτα: 3-2, 4-1, 2-2, 1-3.
    ΕΛΛΑΔΑ (Θοδωρής Βλάχος): Λιμαράκης, Γενηδουνιάς, Σκουμπάκης, Γκιουβέτσης 1, Αργυρόπουλος – Κανακάκης 1, Παπαναστασίου 2, Δερβίσης 2, Αλαφραγκής, Γκίλλας, Κάκαρης 2, Νικολαΐδης 1, Βλαχόπουλος 1, Τζωρτζάτος.
    ΓΑΛΛΙΑ (Φλοριάν Μπρουζό): Ντουμπουά, Σονταντιέ, Κρουσιγιά 1, Μπουέ, Κχαζ 3, Βερνού 1, Μαριόν-Βερνού 2, Μπιορχ 1, Μαρζούκι, Κανόν, Βενπεπερστάτε, Ντε Νάρντι, Φοντανί.
    Διαιτητές: Γκόμεζ (Ιταλία), Πουτνίκοβιτς (Σερβία)
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    maestro reacted to George_D in Πόλο (Water Polo)   
    Δευτεραθλήτρια Ευρώπης η Ελλάδα, έχασε από την Ισπανία στον τελικό (9-6)
      Όχι δάκρυα για αυτή την ομάδα. Η Εθνική μας, ηττήθηκε 9-6 από την Ισπανία στον μεγάλο τελικό του ευρωπαϊκού πρωταθλήματος Υδατοσφαίρισης στο Σπλιτ. Κατέκτησε το ασημένιο μετάλλιο για τέταρτη φορά στην ιστορία της. Ανέβηκε και πάλι στο βάθρο. Η Εθνική μας ομάδα, πάλεψε μέχρι το τέλος, βρέθηκε να χάνει με ένα γκολ στα 3.26 από τη λήξη, δεν τα κατάφερε. Πραγματοποίησε ένα καταπληκτικό τουρνουά, με μεγάλες εμφανίσεις. Οι διεθνείς μας έκλαψαν για το χαμένο χρυσό. Να ξέρουν όμως ότι και σήμερα το βράδυ, έγραψαν ιστορία. Και είναι σίγουρο ότι θα γράφουν πάντα ιστορία.
    Οκτάλεπτα: 0-3, 3-1, 0-1, 3-4
    ΕΛΛΑΔΑ (Αλεξία Καμμένου): Σταματοπούλου, Ελ. Πλευρίτου 1, Χυδηριώτη 2, Τριχά, Μ. Πλευρίτου 1, Ξενάκη 1, Νίνου, Πάτρα, Σιούτη 1, Β. Πλευρίτου, Γιαννοπούλου, Μυριοκεφαλιτάκη, Σωτηρέλη.
    ΙΣΠΑΝΙΑ (Άνχελ Μιγκέλ Γκαϊα Όκα): Έστερ Ράμος, Νόγκε, Εσπάρ 2, Ορτίζ 1, Πέρεζ 1, Πρατς, Ρουίζ 2, Πένια, Φόρκα, Καμούς, Γκαρσία 2, Λέιτον 1, Τέρε.
    Διαιτητές: Φεράρι (Ιταλία), Πέρις (Κροατία).
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    maestro reacted to George_D in Πόλο (Water Polo)   
    Νίκη γοήτρου και ψυχολογίας η Εθνική, 14-12 το Μαυροβούνιο, παίζει για 5η θέση
    Με ανατροπή στο δεύτερο ημίχρονο, η Εθνική μας ομάδα υδατοσφαίρισης των Ανδρών επιβλήθηκε με 14-12 επί του Μαυροβουνίου στον πρώτο αγώνα για της θέσεις 5η-8η του Ευρωπαϊκού πρωταθλήματος, στο Σπλιτ και θα διεκδικήσει την 5η θέση στη διοργάνωση.
      Η Εθνική έφτασε στην τελική επικράτηση με 14-12 και θα διεκδικήσει την πέμπτη θέση κόντρα στη Γαλλία. Πρώτος σκόρερ για την γαλανόλευκη ήταν ο Ντίνος Γενηδουνιάς με πέντε γκολ.
    Ο αγώνας για την 5η θέση είναι προγραμματισμένος για το Σάββατο (10/9) στις 16:30.
    Η Ελλάδα είχε πολύ καλό ποσοστό στον παίκτη παραπάνω 6/8 και 2.3 πέναλτι. Το Μαυροβούνιο είχε 7/15 π.π. και 1/1 πέναλτι.
    Οκτάλεπτα: 2-1, 3-2, 2-6, 5-5.
    ΜΑΥΡΟΒΟΥΝΙΟ (Βλάντιμιρ Γκοΐκοβιτς): Λάζοβιτς, Μούρισιτς, Ράντοβιτς, Αβέρκα 2, Μίρσιτς, Πόπαντιτς, Πέρκοβιτς, Ντούρντιτς 2, Ουκρόπινα 2, Σπάιτς 1, Μάτκοβιτς 2, Πέτκοβιτς 3, Τεσάνοβιτς.
    ΕΛΛΑΔΑ (Θοδωρής Βλάχος): Λιμαράκης, Γενηδουνιάς 5, Σκουμπάκης, Γκιουβέτσης 1, Αργυρόπουλος - Κανακάκης 2, Παπαναστασίου 2, Δερβίσης, Αλαφραγκής 1, Γκίλλας, Κάκαρης 1, Νικολαΐδης 1, Βλαχόπουλος 1, Τζωρτζάτος.
    Διαιτητές: Σβαρτζ (Ισραήλ), Όχμε (Ερμανία)
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    maestro reacted to George_D in Πόλο (Water Polo)   
    ΘΡΙΑΜΒΟΣ: Η Ελλάδα στον τελικό, 12- 9 την Ιταλία
    ΕΛΛΑΔΑ – ΙΤΑΛΙΑ 12-9
    Οκτάλεπτα: 2-2, 4-2, 4-3, 2-2
    ΕΛΛΑΔΑ (Αλεξία Καμμένου): Σταματοπούλου, Ελ. Πλευρίτου 2, Χυδηριώτη 1, Τριχά, Μ. Πλευρίτου, Ξενάκη 2, Νίνου 3, Πάτρα 1, Σιούτη 1, Β. Πλευρίτου 2, Γιαννοπούλου, Μυριοκεφαλιτάκη, Σωτηρέλη.
    ΙΤΑΛΙΑ (Κάρλο Σίλιπο): Κοντορέλι, Ταμπάνι 2, Γκαλάρντι, Αβένιο 3, Γκιουστίνι, Μπετίνι, Πικότζι 1, Μπιανκόνι 1, Παλμιέρι 1, Μαρλέτα 1, Κοκιέρε, Βιακάβα, Μπανκέλι.
    Διαιτητές: Αλεξαντρέσκου (Ρουμανία), Σβαρτζ (Ισραήλ)
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    maestro reacted to Makedonas in Πόλο (Water Polo)   
    Η εθνική γυναικών νίκησε την Ιταλία με 12-9 και πέρασε στον τελικό!
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    maestro reacted to Makedonas in Rowing FISA World Championships 2022   
    I'm copying @OlympicIRLhere and doing the same for the Greek team 
    Overall picture:
    3 A-Finals in Olympic class events
    1 silver and 1 5th place in non-Olympic class events
    If we were to project forward 12 months, 3 boats would qualify to Paris 2024 if they replicate these results at the next World Championships. It's also important to note that our men's lightweight double sculls and women's pair would have very good chances as well in my opinion (we did not send crews to Racice for those boats).
    As I mentioned before Fragkou/Natsioula are super young and for various reasons were not well-prepared for these Championships. If they stick together I think they'll improve a lot over the next 12-18 months and qualify for Paris. Fragkou won gold this year in the women's pair at both the World U23s and European U23s, while Natsioula won gold in the women's double at the European U19s, World U19s (with a world's best time), and European U23s. Together they rowed twice in the past, winning bronze in 2020 at the European U19s, and gold in 2021 at the European U19s, so this was actually the first time they didn't win a medal together.
    Papakonstantinou won silver in the men's lightweight single and also won gold in that event last month at the European Championships. He is only 23 yo and has a lot of experience and has won a lot of medals at the U23 level. For example, last year he won gold in the men's lightweight single at the World U23s. Obviously he needs a good partner to compete in the lightweight double as the lightweight single is not an Olympic event. 21 yo Petros Gkaidatzis won gold three weeks ago in the men's lightweight single at the European U23s. Him and Papakonstantinou have rowed together in the past, winning gold in the men's lightweight double at the 2019 European U23s.
    I think we'll qualify in the women's pair. In Tokyo we had 20 yos Christina Bourmpou and Maria Kyridou finish 5th in the A Final. Neither competed here in Racice as they both study in the United States and had to go back. Bourmpou won gold this summer at the World U23s and European U23s, but had a disappointing European Championships where she finished 6th (with Kyridou they won bronze in 2020 and got 4th in 2021). Kyridou did not compete for the national team this year as her and her sister Anneta (who finished 10th in the women's single in Tokyo as a 22 yo) were suspended from the national team for one year. They are actually training to compete together in the pair...
    ...which means we have 3 girls but only two spots, which opens up the door for a possible women's four as well...perhaps Fragkou can join them and then Dalidou (gold in W2X at European U19s and World U19s this year) or Gkogkou (gold in W1X at European U19s and World U19s this year) could join Natsioula in the double (and the other can try in the single perhaps)...or we can have both a pair and a four, we also have Argyraki/Asvesta who together in the women's pair won gold at both the European U19s and World U19s this we have Aspasia Christodoulidis who just won her second consecutive NCAA Championships and recently graduated, or Dimitra Tsamopoulou who has also won an NCAA Championship and will be graduating this year and previously won gold for us at the World U23s with Kyridou in 2019.
    We could also try to see if the lightweight rower Zoi Fitsiou (who was silver in LW1X at the Europeans and 5th here in Racice) can qualify in W1X...
    We have a lot of options and need to figure out crews so that next year we can get as many Olympic quotas as possible. Of course a lot can change, for example last year we were not talking about Dalidou or Kontou and now both are on our radar, we'll probably have another one or two teenagers next year who we can consider.
    I think we should aim to qualify M1X, M2X, W1X, LM2X, W2-, W2X, LW2X, W4-. Then we can also try another men's boat (maybe M2- or M4X) and if we can then W4X but I don't think we have enough athletes for that. It might even be more realistic to try to have some girls double up and qualify the W8+ which is something we have never attempted but seeing Romania and the Netherlands double up, it could be an option for us (though probably an unrealistic dream).
     Event  Athlete(s) Final Place in Final Overall Rank  Men's Single Sculls  Stefanos Ntouskos (25)
    A 6th  
    Top 9 next year Worlds qualify for Paris 2024
     Men's Double Sculls  Ioannis Kalandaridis (24)
     Athanasios Palaiopanos (23)
    A 6th  
    Top 11 next year Worlds qualify for Paris 2024
     Women's Lightweight Double Sculls  Evangelia Anastasiadou (20)
     Dimitra-Eleni Kontou (17)
    A 6th  
    Top 7 next year Worlds qualify for Paris 2024
     Women's Double Sculls  Evangelia Fragkou (19)
     Styliani Natsioula (17)
    C 3rd  
    Top 11 next year Worlds qualify for Paris 2024
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    maestro reacted to Makedonas in Rowing FISA World Championships 2022   
    What an incredible regatta for the Dutch, wow! It's impressive how well they do when in U19 and U23 events they are rather average. Definitely they have a good system, the opposite of ours where we do so well at the U19 and U23 levels and not so well after that...
    Pretty disappointing day for us, two 6th place finishes in A Finals. So we had three A Finals here, and all finished in 6th place. For M2X and LW2X they are good results, but I was really hoping Ntouskos could get a medal.
    Fragkou/Natsioula coming in 15th place overall in W2X (out of 17 crews), once again leading the race at 1000m, this time in the C Final, only to have a poor second half of the race especially the last 500m. I won't be too harsh on them as they are both teenagers and were in different boats all year long and only trained about 10 days together, plus Fragkou was in sweep events all year long and Natsioula recently recovered from Covid which kept her out of training.
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