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  1. will be sending just 30~ athletes to these games
  2. Another Eastern European doping scandal?:
  3. Gold in 2010 to finishing below American Samoa... lol we are so doomed
  4. Alex Quinonez, Doha 2019 bronze medalist has been killed...
  5. What a disaster for Canada.... as expected. Jfc. Kazakhstan has 2 medals lol...Poland has one. This sport is super competitive.
  6. A lot of countries will only qualify one athlete.... so it defeats the purpose of dual flag bearers
  7. If you saw his results at the Challenge Cups after Tokyo, this score would not have been a surprise.
  8. Asia Pacific Championships teams: Men: Women: all skipping due to Covid 19. not here surprisingly, after competing at the WQT. That would have means 12! teams in the men's tournament alone. and women's team also missing after competing at the last held cycle. and (women) making their debuts. This is also the last ever championships
  9. Looking at previous Wc and World cup results is not promising. Ofc they could have improved in the mean time, but with the rising of other countries....this sport has gotten super competitive.
  10. Canada has a very young an inexperienced team. I honestly don't think we will qualify all the relays, yet alone multiple skaters in each individual race.
  11. Interesting article:
  12. Canada is sending its A team in sprint and developmental/B team in Endurance Women’s Sprint Kelsey Mitchell – Sherwood Park, AB [Team Sprint, Keirin, Sprint] Lauriane Genest – Lévis, QC [Team Sprint, Keirin, Sprint] Sarah Orban – [Team Sprint, Sprint] Men’s Sprint Hugo Barrette – Iles-de-la-Madeleine, QC [Team Sprint, Keirin] Ryan Dodyk – Edmonton, AB [Team Sprint] Nick Wammes – Bothwell, ON [Team Sprint, Sprint] Women’s Endurance Erin Attwell – Victoria, BC [Team Pursuit] Ngaire Barraclough – Edmonton, AB [Team Pursuit] Maggie Coles-Lyster – Maple Ridge, BC [Team Pursuit] Devaney Collier – Edmonton, AB [Team Pursuit] Sarah Van Dam – Victoria, BC [Team Pursuit] Men’s Endurance Michael Foley – Milton, ON [Team Pursuit] Derek Gee – Ottawa, ON [Team Pursuit] Mathias Guillemette – Trois-Rivières, QC [Team Pursuit] Jackson Kinniburgh – Calgary, AB [Team Pursuit] Ethan Ogrodniczuk – Vancouver, BC [Team Pursuit] Source:
  13. None of those times are personal bests except McDougall... so there is room for improvement.
  14. Canada just upset Malaysia at the Uber Cup! Even without its best player.
  15. Canada I had no idea what to submit, but this is a Canadian "classic" Audio Version
  16. All of Canada's entries have been in English iirc... maybe I should submit something in French....but tbh I'm like most of the country (those who can't speak French)
  17. Canada drew Mexico at Azteca, first draw since 1980! (no wins however)
  18. Fis website has a story and the details are buried there... on mobile so hard to link atm
  19. Fis will be introducing mixed team sprint and relays soon...
  20. Can't wait for the mixed team super g to replace the super g proper.
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