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  1. What a sh*t show Bobsleigh Canada is becoming:
  2. Canada's team for the CAT Championships: Performance/CAT Games Team Announcement.docx.pdf No realistic expectation of any quotas. Greg Sych, Lynda Kiejko, Tugrul Ozer, Madelene Scola, Jason Caswell and Madeleine Boyd all have outside shots of qualifying. So fingers crossed. Unfortunately no Rajpreet Singh.
  3. IIya Kharun, a breakout Swimmer who was named to USA's Junior Pan pac team and was removed later, was just named to Canada's short course worlds team! This is a very promising Swimmer btw!
  4. Canada is about to finish 4th place... oh vey
  5. So it seems like we will get upto 47!! NOCS competing in hockey if I am reading this correctly? Also of note all the other sports except biathlon have published their systems.
  6. Not sure if this has been brought up: Anytime I come into the forum, I see the latest replies from a while ago. Only when I refresh the newer replies will show up on the front page. Not sure why this is happening.
  7. They want to be Urban like Judo wrestling etc. Jk
  8. B division teams: Men: Women: I believe this is the first ever tournament for , and , with having only competed in mixed doubles before. All I can say is wow! The growth of curling has been crazy
  9. I also noticed in the technical manual file, roller sports has been removed.
  10. I don't have the systems, but yesterday PanamSports released a list of sports with qualifiers (and now it has been deleted), which said the winner of each event in boxing, and the winner/silver medalists in Tennis would qualify directly.
  11. The 2027 World's will be hosted in either or
  12. What a disaster for Canadian rowing. Only good thing is the revival of the men's eights.
  13. Canada starts the tournament with a comfortable win over Serbia
  14. Panamsports has introduced this for the 2023 Pan Am Games, part of me wonders whose idea this was
  15. Or worse, the IOC drops both and adds a mixed eights
  16. Also another big name in Hockey, Sochi 2014 gold medalist PK Subban also announced his retirement
  17. Canada is sending a random bunch of athletes to the Shotgun worlds. Lindsey Boddez, fifth at Nationals in the women's trap in qualification, bronze overall (only one going) Vadiim Zevlever, second in qualification and fourth overall in men's trap Jason Caswell is not going ... but 2/4/7 in qualification are going. Also like to point out Maddy Boyd finished fifth in Skeet nationals (competed with the men), with very decent scores. She also happens to have formerly competed for GBR
  18. Canada's women win the world series final stop in Romania!
  19. Morais is a former World Champion in the 59 kg category
  20. unreal. I hope the UWW doesn't do what the IJF did for the sake of the athletes.
  21. The taekwondo one exists, taekwondo Canada has it their selection criteria. Weird it wasn't included. Maybe changes are ongoing. Boxing is a mess so not surprised there. Tennis and racquetball no clue.
  22. This confirms the information I listed above. There is no tennis listed. Weird. Roller speed skating has 8 events now. Extra 2 gold to Colombia. Golf mixed team appears to have been dropped.
  23. Artistic Skating quotas: Men: +1 unused spot Women: qualifies in both events as hosts Men's qualification tournament results Women's qualification tournament results
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