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  1. Unbelievable Historic achievement for women Table Tennis for sure. Not sure if it will be enough to qualify the team for the European Games though
  2. Meanwhile in Bratislava Slovak Police fb : "A Transformer spotted in Bratislava"
  3. The game will not be played. The Czech team could not fly to Finland because of a plane malfunction.
  4. Womens Team qualified to the Last 16 ! what a nice surprise
  5. and a Football player. 22 years old player of the High Tatras club who only yesterday afternoon played in the VI. league (his team won 3-0) then returned to Bratislava where he attended the university to just be killed a couple of hours after his last match in his life...
  6. [hide] Second Round October 4th- October 9th, 2022 16 Nations, The Top 4 Nations from each Pool will qualify for the Quarterfinals. Group E Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 October 4th 2022, h. 14:15 Japan 2 3 Belgium October 4th 2022, h. 17:15 Italy 3 2 Brazil October 4th 2022, h. 20:15 Netherlands 3 0 Argentina October 5th 2022, h. 14:15 Italy 3 1 Japan October 5th 2022, h. 17:15 China 3 0 Puerto Rico October 5th 2022, h. 20:15 Belgium 3 1 Argentina October 6th 2022, h. 16:00 Brazil 3 0 Puerto Rico October 6th 2022, h. 20:00 China 3 1 Netherlands October 7th 2022, h. 14:15 Japan 3 0 Puerto Rico October 7th 2022, h. 17:15 Italy 3 0 Argentina October 7th 2022, h. 20:15 Brazil 3 1 Netherlands October 8th 2022, h. 13:30 Italy 3 2 China October 8th 2022, h. 17:00 Brazil 3 0 Belgium October 9th 2022, h. 12:30 China 3 1 Belgium October 9th 2022, h. 15:30 Japan 2 3 Netherlands October 9th 2022, h. 18:30 Puerto Rico 3 2 Argentina Group F Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 October 4th 2022, h. 15:00 Thailand 0 3 Canada October 4th 2022, h. 17:30 United States 3 0 Dominican Republic October 4th 2022, h. 19:00 Turkey 3 1 Germany October 4th 2022, h. 20:30 Serbia 3 1 Poland October 5th 2022, h. 15:00 Thailand 0 3 Germany October 5th 2022, h. 17:30 Turkey 3 2 Canada October 5th 2022, h. 19:00 Serbia 3 0 Dominican Republic October 5th 2022, h. 20:30 United States 3 1 Poland October 7th 2022, h. 15:00 Serbia 3 0 Thailand October 7th 2022, h. 17:30 United States 3 1 Turkey October 7th 2022, h. 19:00 Dominican Republic 1 3 Germany October 7th 2022, h. 20:30 Poland 3 2 Canada October 8th 2022, h. 15:00 United States 3 0 Thailand October 8th 2022, h. 17:30 Serbia 3 2 Turkey October 8th 2022, h. 19:00 Dominican Republic 0 3 Canada October 8th 2022, h. 20:30 Poland 3 0 Germany [/hide]
  7. the number of victims increased to 5. A 21-year-old university student succumbed to her injuries in the hospital. She was returning to the campus after a weekend with her parents in the east of the country. The madia informed that among the last night 4 victims were two other young university students
  8. man this escalated quickly ! the government announces that it will propose to the coalition council on Monday that the vehicles of drivers with one or more blood alcohol levels will be forfeited to the state To the question of a journalist "And what if he has a rent car?" "The same. Let the affected person claim compensation from the drunkard. The impounded cars will then be put up for public auction , and the proceeds will be used to finance the compensation of the victims and their relatives," Do not mess with slovak politicians
  9. The driver was allegedly the general secretary of Slovak Deaflympics committee, they measured 1.6 permille of alcohol in his blood ... Remember Slovakia has zero alcohol tolerance for driving, plus until now 4 killed young students, the guy not going to leave prison anytime soon Updated article with pictures and video from the place
  10. Four people die after car hits bus stop in Bratislava
  11. Yeah, I still think these threats are just screams in the dark. Firstly as we know the Russians, their nuclear weapons are likely out of order and rusty for like 30 years or so, or pieces of them just stolen and taken to nearest pawn shop 5 straight meters from Kremlin. Probably also the so famous Putin´s push button doesn't work either, the cables were likely stolen too or more likely never actually been working ever. Secondly, Putin may be dangerous and stubborn obsessed maniac, but I doubt he´s that crazy. He know very well, this may very likely be the last think he did in his life and all that just for some kms of land whom still nobody outside of him will ever recognize
  12. well, the good news is that I am not so vain, since I am not the only one who could not find it then.
  13. He clearly deserves the title of Olympic Champion, 1976, Fencing. from now on
  14. do you know where I can find the current teams ranking ?
  15. How many teams will qualify for the European Games ?
  16. No worries dude, If there is anything what Slovakia has enough, it is wood We have wood even for heywoodu for centuries... but, yeah, it is also true we sell and export our woods abroad maybe too much than it would be necessary, much more than I would like myself though, but it is an another story... however we have enough firewood. Majority of Slovakia (basically all rural places) still heat with wood
  17. and decided to reinstal temporarily (for 10 days) the borders controls with Slovakia... and already after 2 days they caught more than 200 Syrians... Yeah we probably won´t get much praise for our work in protecting the union´s external borders. In one case, a smuggler who was driving a mini-van full of migrants was stopped by border police gunshots, the guy left them in the closed van and run to the woods...
  18. Yeah, I can not even imagine how any Russian athlete would compete in the Olympics as long as Putin will keep to rules Russia as the new Mordor.
  19. Sounds like a good plan to me. More Cycling champions for Nederlanden
  20. No. 27 For example, KOR will pick the Boys Ice Hockey Team (6 Boys Tournament (one of them KOR) + 6 Girls Tournament) and (8 Boys 3-on-3 Tournament + 7 Girls 3-on-3 Tournament (+ KOR team))
  21. You mean Belgiumsk People´s Republic
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