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  1. On October 28, 1918, Czechoslovakia was established. A state that unfortunately no longer exists. Neverthless, Happy 103rd anniversary Československo
  2. Matúš Strnisko won in -86kg 3:2 against Rogerio Romero of Mexico. The next day arrived a letter to our team that after Mexican protest AIBA changed the result 2:3 in favor of the Mexican without possibility of another appeal Our team only after asking AIBA why we were not informed about the Mexican appeal and the subsequent "investigations" at all, only then received just a official paper stating only sternly that two of the three investigating judges had changed the result of second round in favor of the Mexican. Interestingly enough the judges viewed only the 2nd round not the entire match Oh man, I love this sport
  3. Oskars Melbardis one of the most successful Winter Olympians and Latvian Bobsleigh legend.
  4. Well, may be true but you must also look at this case from different perspective as a classic dual citizen. Czech mom German father. ok, living in GER since her childhood, learnt the sport there competed for Germany until PC 2018, but she never denied her czech origins. In opposite she was always proud of it.
  5. As usual we do not mess around at the EXPO
  6. First playbook released
  7. "Bandi" Csemez forced to pull out due injury just before the tournament so we paticipate with 5 athletes, without Bandi the goal is now to win a bout or two...
  8. Stage 1 in Sölden (AUT) Men´s Giant Slalom: 1. Marco Odermatt 2:05.94 2. Roland Leitinger 2:06.01 3. Zan Kranjec 2:06.04 Full Final Results HERE
  9. Adam with first 3 points of the season... not great, not terrible Win for Odermatt in a borrowed bib number, he lost the original one somewhere over the lunch, so he had to write the number seven with a marker. Happy for Kranjec and his podium after the family tragedy. All in all nice opening race, already looking forward for the rest of the season
  10. Stage 1 in Chur (SUI) Men´s Big Air: 1. Jonas Boesiger 162.00 2. Rene Rinnekangas 141.00 3. Sven Thorgren 134.00 Full Final Results HERE
  11. Stage 1 in Chur (SUI) Women´s Big Air: 1. Kokomo Murase 173.75 2. Anna Gasser 150.00 3. Jasmine Baird 148.75 Full Final Results HERE
  12. Great, so our police is in the right track... Anyway, they could rather go to visit the Tatras and jump together from a hill hands in hands ..
  13. Stage 1 in Sölden (AUT) Women´s Giant Slalom: 1. Mikaela Shiffrin 2:07.22 2. Lara Gut-Behrami 2:07.36 3. Petra Vlhova 2:08.52 Full Final Results HERE Petra Vlhová 45th careers WC Podium, 11th Bronze (20-14-11), Season 2021/22 WC 1st Podium (0-0-1) 10th Careers WC Giant Slalom Podium, 4th Bronze (5-1-4), Season 2021/22 WC Giant Slalom 1st Podium (0-0-1)
  14. Well, that is a bit too more complicated in fact 1) he was born in the Czech Republic to Czech parents, but to be fair, he lived in Austria since his childhood. There he learned to ski. As he said he has not so many relations to czechia now anymore, he barely remember last time he was there and he basically said he has no friends anymore there at all for example. 2) The Austrian Federation offered him before this season better conditions, which he obviously took advantage of. Possibilities and condittions he would never had the chance to receive in CZE.
  15. Petra super happy with her 3rd place in SVK TV interview, all smiling, super cool, jumping and huging all around...what a change Maybe that "divorce" with Magoni was a good thing at the end, hmm
  16. how is possible yo could not notice that ? There was almost nothing else this summer in the Alpine Skiing gossip world
  17. Podium Congrats to Shiffrin, I´ll take her this one rather than next February and also Nice to see Lara Gut finishing a GS for once
  18. Czech commentator: Surprising that still nobody DNF in the 2nd run, quite impressive, right ? ...literally 5 seconds later. Brignone DNF
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