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  1. How about Ludo King... It's a childish board game maybe but it's easy to play just share the code and up-to 4 can play once
  2. Since everyone are taking a sport I'd like to take one to host myself. Sport or maybe even a song contest....
  3. No one expected Britain to medal in 2016 but they did. Indonesia will definitely not be 1-2 . The chinese pair is so awful that they have lost to most of the top pairing. I see Japan winning a gold here. Again Indian pair is not like favourite to medal but if they play their game they can win a medal.
  4. That won't happen ofc Because randomly 2 pairs are not selected from Indonesia. Top 2 ranked are preffered. So it's Wno 1 Marcus Gideon and Sanjaya who make it through the selection. Also the chinese pair is no good. I can expect Japan or India to medal in this event. Indonesia anyhow will.
  5. How about Snooker Billiards Archery If I am not wrong there should be a random draw or group stage and knockout. One of two users in match has to send the link to invite the other and screenshot the result and send it here. This will be followed for all matches
  6. YES YES I'd go with my schedule... In TISC page. As long as we get hosts we can have multiple competitions Like not burdening anyone with extra work, 1 host will be in entire charge of only ceremonies unless you wish to do more .only if we have a lot of events it feels like Olympics imo. Along with song, photography, real running races, themed music, esports, dance, short movie, themed contests and maybe town planning if @dcro or anyone else Can host...
  7. Wasn't it Rudy Rinaldi who won a Bronze in 2012 in Bobsleigh at the YOG
  8. My answer would be 1a 2a 3a-h With h : Socially relevant song Dance Personal photography posting pics on twitter page of Totallympics media sending them Something like knock out for short film contest works because not many will participate. Maybe 12-16 active users usually. And the success can be seen Last but not the least even the winners of prediction contests can be medalled. It would be quite a amazing festival at the forum. By having just top 3 for songs and dance even decreases load on host Even there can be a
  9. My question is will 1 event replace 16 days. Can't it be multi event with multi hosts? Because according to history there have been a lot of song contests so this time it should be not just song but also dance and many others. More over having knockout is nice but how the draws be made like all good ones can go one half and if someone decides it's not right because everyone has different taste of music. + too difficult to expect all juries vote on knockout. We'll surely end up losing few or postpone voting time
  10. I believe we require multiple hosts but it's possible I believe . Now plans in detail... Day 1 and 2 Song with a socially relevant topic Unlike top 12 voting done prior here only top 3 + 2reserves is enough because we need to know who wins medals. Each Day can have like 2 sessions like morning/afternoon and evening /night or both at evening with 1 hour break. The top 3 of contest get an extra 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze respectively extra as added to team competition . Day 2 and 3
  11. How about something like this.. Name of games can be decided later Opening Ceremony first Day 1 and 2 - A song contest representing your nation (2 days grand finale) Maybe song should be like all songs to have 1 socially relevant mesaage released on any date. (voting done prior top 3 ) Day 3 Painting Contest All paintings original to nation (top 5 voting) Day 4 - Online gaming contest game 1 Day 5 and 6- Dance video contest top 12 voting Day 7 - Online gaming contest game 2
  12. Luckily I have no relatives in US. One of my Aunt's son is working in Australian Navy and has dual citizenship. His family is living there but they didn't return even though Australia got covid 19 before India. Maybe a good decision I feel as Australia is doing well.
  13. That doesn't seem too appealing. Again shows money can buy you things but not everything.
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