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  1. Needed 5 runs from last 2 overs with 3 wickets in hand . Over 19 - 1wicket, 2 runs It came to 3 runs required of 6 balls with 2 wickets in hand. Ayu Kurnia who had bowled just 1 over in the match until then was given the responsibility of the final over. First ball LBW, 2nd ball bowled and Indonesia were into the World Cup.
  2. Historic scenes in Bali as Indonesia have qualified for the first ever ICC WC in any format having won the ICC U19 WOMEN'S WORLD CUP EAP QUALIFIERS. @Griff88 Here's the scorecard
  3. There were a lot of memes about this here about how Stuart Board hasn't changed in so many years. He conceded 6 sixes in 2007 T20 WC now 35 runs 😂
  4. That's really bad to know. Incidents like these don't really motivate me to watch a lot of these games.
  5. ICC U19 Women's Cricket WC Qualifiers V @Griff88Perhaps you should look into this. P. S : Indonesia have never qualified for any ICC WC at any level .
  6. Is this fake . Why is the top danish pair here of all places?
  7. Can't find that channel. Anyhow without the scoring I find it difficult to follow.
  8. Oh well I think I never watched this before. I checked on panam sports can't find any stream though
  9. Of the 6 shown badminton and baseball had live scoreboards updated at each point/run. Beach volleyball and tennis had scoreboards shown once in a while . Athletics especially and weightlifting (at least redirected to scoreboards placed in hall) weren't particularly good with the former giving no clue on the results. Of all 9 sports beach volleyball was the most competitive and hence for me the sport of the games !
  10. So I must appreciate the Northern Mariana Islands for a great games! 9 sports we all knew VA'a golf and triathlon wouldn't be broadcasted but was secretly hoping for 1 of those at least maybe golf fuelled by the sea games broadcast like at least for 1 or 2 hours last 7-8 holes of leaders.. But nonetheless it's still fine
  11. Will continue with the pacific games the last day it was told half marathon will be live and it's just the best thing in the world to watch considering I don't have an idea about Northern Mariana Islands. Even if it isn't shown there will be badminton finals shown tomorrow. Also have the beach volleyball finals left. Then we'll move to Oran.
  12. If the company gets info by any chance on streaming do tell us here
  13. This was India's debut at world handball championship in any category. Today midnight 12am
  14. Don't mind asking Are you a judge or a member of organizing committee
  15. Any idea about streaming in non Mediterranean nations like India?
  16. Oran looks beautiful in the videos I saw.
  17. Here are the sportwise sections
  18. seemed to have bought some americans but it's fine
  19. I found baseball and tennis boring. Badminton and Beach volleyball had close games. But is athletics or other sport started?
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