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  1. No prediction contest for Artistics Gymnastics World Championship?
  2. Argentina is defending champions, and they have only the last obstacle - Portugal
  3. VIETNAM BỐNG BỐNG BANG BANG - 365 DABAND The song is from a story/tale, the tale is about a young girl and her sister, one day the young girl who is called Cám, Cám once sang a song for the fish and every time she sings, the fish became more interested in here, so the fish would come out if she kept on singing. She also fed them too, the oldest girl Tấm is her sister and she disliked her very much. One day Tấm went to the place where Cám sang to the fish and tried to copy her singing. She had a plan where she would copy Cám's singing and the fish would get out of the water where she could catch them, and then she would eat them. She successfully did it and ate the fish. When Cám came to sing to the fish and feed them, the fish weren't there. She realized that the fish were gone and she cried. An angel came and asked her what was wrong and why she had started crying. She told the angel everything and the angel was fed up with Tấm, so the angel brought back the fish in a way and they had come back to life. And Tấm had a huge punishment, she couldn't find anything to eat for 1 day and she couldn't get any new year's clothes. The story is different in most ways but it is famous in Vietnamese culture. Here is English lyric version
  4. [hide] Knockout Round Third-Place Match Date & Time (GMT +3) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 October 3rd 2021, h. 18:00 Brazil 3 1 Kazakhstan Final Date & Time (GMT +3) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 October 3rd 2021, h. 20:00 Argentina 2 1 Portugal [/hide]
  5. Semi-finals: Italy vs Poland Russia vs Argentina
  6. Cypriot football league rank is higher than Moldovan.
  7. They can make more surprises like Greece did in Euro 2004 😀
  8. Oh no! Milano's clubs have no win in 2 first games.
  9. Argentina are leading 2-1, they are probably the last team qualifies for Semifinals
  10. Waiting the super match between Manchester City and PSG
  11. I don't know why they put 2 teams in 1st round to the same pool again, they against each other twice in just group phase.
  12. [hide] Knockout Round September 22nd - Ocotber 3rd, 2021 4 Nations, the Winners of each Semifinal will qualify for the Final, the Losers will play the Third-place Match Semifinals Date & Time (GMT +3) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 September 29th 2021, h. 20:00 Brazil 3 2 Argentina September 30th 2021, h. 20:00 Kazakhstan 2 3 Portugal [/hide]
  13. Korean archers are too strong. They earned all golds in Recurve events again
  14. Wow, Thai girls were in round of 16, and will face Brazil.
  15. Argentina vs Russia: the final match 2016 FFWC Portugal vs Spain: the final match 2018 Futsal Euro Petitioners in the narrow lane!!
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